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R.P Chapter 381: The Secret

The sword seemed to awaken when blood covered it and slid down its blade.


Statham opened his mouth slightly as the cigarette in his fingers dropped down with no sound.

Su Xiao looked at the two in the room, one black and one white. The black man was Samuel, while the white man should be Samuel’s partner.

“I don’t know who you are, but…”

Statham didn’t finish his words, and a bullet pierced his head. Su Xiao didn’t want to hear his voice now.

Samuel looked at the fallen Statham and sighed.

“If I guessed correctly, then you are surnamed Su.”

Samuel’s Chinese was standard, two people in this whole place can speak Chinese, and Samuel is one of them.

“Yes, it seems that you do have something to do with what happened that year.”

Su Xiao dropped the gun from his hand as he walked toward Samuel with his sword. His foe was just an ordinary person. Su Xiao imagined that Samuel would be a contractor since it was so complicated, but it didn’t seem to the case.

“I’m related, but I only had a small role.”

Samuel sat down without moving.

“If I remember correctly, your name should be Su Xiao.”


With his enemy in front of him, Su Xiao’s hand clenched tightly on the sword.

“If I told you that none of the people you’ve met killed your parents, would you believe me?”

“What do you mean?”

Samuel pulled his shirt to reveal a crisscross shaped scar on his chest.

“This is a wound your father left on my body, at a distance of half a Kilometer. If he wanted, I wouldn’t have survived.”

Su Xiao was stunned seeing the injury on Samuel’s body.

“That’s impossible. My father is just an ordinary man.”

Samuel smiled mockingly.

“An ordinary man? He is just a good father in your eyes. The Blood Eagle is an ordinary man? This is the funniest joke I heard in a long time. We should’ve killed you back then, the son of the blood eagle and poison Orchid. It’s a pity that you were rescued. But compared to them, you’re too weak to be qualified to hear about them.”

Samuel spat black blood with a smiling face.

“I’m just a person who had a small part in it. To investigate that accident as you are now would be helpless. You’re this weak and dared to go abroad. You’re not ready yet.”

Samuel’s body dropped down. He didn’t think about escaping at all, because since Su Xiao’s could find him, then it means that those people abandoned him.

Su Xiao confirmed that Samuel was dead and directly rushed out of the castle.

Su Xiao rode on Bob’s back toward the airport.

He confirmed one thing: his parent may not be ordinary people.

He was investigating in the real world for many years without any result. But he wasn’t discouraged, at least right now, the cloud that covered this was lifted a bit. The clues he needed should be in The Reincarnation Paradise.

Blood Eagle, Poison Orchid, those kinds of nicknames used in The Reincarnation Paradise, no one would use aliases like that in the real world.

He must get stronger; he wasn’t strong enough.

Samuel didn’t seem to fear death, and since he killed himself, it means that most of his words were true. Su Xiao had to get stronger in the Reincarnation Paradise and get closer to his parent’s killer.

He needed to calm down and deal with the situation calmly.

Bob dashed, and in a short while, they reached the airport without any accident.

Samuel revealed a message for Su Xiao; it was safe at home but dangerous to go abroad.

Regardless of whether he was telling the truth or not, Su Xiao didn’t ignore his words.

After getting on the plane, Su Xiao went back home a day later.

Back to the villa, Su Xiao leaned on the Sofa.

“It turned out more complicated than I thought, but the path is clear now.”

If his enemy is in the Reincarnation Paradise, no matter how strong he is, Su Xiao will catch up to him, even if he had to work ten times harder or even a hundred times.

Compared to finding a wife and living his life, getting old, and have kids, he preferred fighting in the Reincarnation paradise.

The reason he was given a choice to be a Hunter at first is clear. It was because of his special talent (ability), Devourer.

As for the origin of that ability, Su Xiao knew it was not inherited from his parents.

It’s because if his parents had that same ability, he would’ve noticed it when he was younger.

Su Xiao becoming a hunter had nothing to do with his parents, and he believed that his parents wanted to prevent that no matter what because The Reincarnation Paradise was a place where the strong eats the weak.

A few days later, Su Xiao calmed down and got ready for the next world.

The next derivative world is critical; it is where he would get his rank up.

If he passes the test, Su Xiao will be promoted to the second rank, and he will be able to level up beyond level 10.

If he failed the promotion three times, he would be changed from hunter to contractor directly.

[The next Derivative world is about to open, The Hunter will be teleported to the Reincarnation Paradise, please make sure there are no witnesses.]

[Teleporting… Teleportation Complete.]

Su Xiao appeared in his Exclusive room and immediately opened his Alchemy skill. He was ready to Manufacture his first potion.

After paying 800 Paradise Coins, Su Xiao’s hand flashed, and a bottle appeared in it.

[Low-Level Alchemy Potion]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: White

Type: Potion

Effect: Recover 19% HP after drinking.

Rate: 9

Description: A product of Alchemy. The Reincarnation Paradise checked the Quality.

After seeing the properties of the potion, Su Xiao nodded.

It wasn’t that great, but it was just level 1, after all.

If he wanted to improve his potion-making, he can’t just manufacture potion by himself. He needed the backing of a prominent force in the derivative world. The best example was his Bomb manufacturing that leveled up in just a day previously.

Su Xiao made some alchemy bombs and kept his mana above 60%, which is enough for emergencies.

He had 4,000 Paradise Coins left, so he directly headed toward the Market to get some healing potions and products; as soon as he purchased them, the notification of The Reincarnation Paradise Appeared.

[Ten Minute before The Hunter will enter the Derivative World: Full Metal Alchemist]

(End Of One Piece Volume)