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R.P Chapter 382: Entry

[Derivative World: Full Metal Alchemist. World coordinates are stable. Energy consumed: 0.021 Ounce of Space-Time energy.]

[According to the energy consumed, the contractor needs to reach Rank C in his evaluation to at least or he will fail.]

[The Hunter won’t have any main task in this World, and no hunting tasks, after finishing the promotion test, Hunter will leave the World.]

[Promotion Mission left (2/3), if the Hunter fails three times in his promotion test, he will become a worker.]

Su Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and found himself on a bed with loose clothing on his body.

He lowered his head to see and found himself shackled. He attempted to free himself, but he wasn’t strong enough.

He was in a prison cell with a bed and a toilet. On the wall, Su Xiao noticed bloodstains, and from the smell, it was fresh.

Bob wasn’t inside with him. Instead, he was in the nearby prison cell, and his body was also tied with iron chains.

Su Xiao noticed a guard wearing a blue military uniform outside his cell with his firearm ready in his hand.

“I’m a prisoner? What a special identity.”

Su Xiao said sarcastically as he stood up and walked toward the iron bars of his cell. The guard was surprised and directly aimed his rifle at Su Xiao.

“Don’t… Don’t move. Go back and sit down!” The guard said sternly with shaking hands.

“Come here. The Explosive flame is at it again.”

The guard roared at the guards to come over. Instantly dozen of guards hurried over toward the cell.

“hahaha, you’re going to kill them again.”

A chuckle came from the neighboring cell. Su Xiao somehow recognized the voice as Solf. J. Kimlee, The Red Lotus Alchemist.

Su Xiao was at a loss because he was sent into the prison to be a prisoner before he even got here.

Su Xiao could tell that there was no other contractor here and immediately concluded that since this was his promotion task, he would be here alone.

Suddenly, memories that didn’t belong to him appeared in his brain.

Byakuya (Explosive Flame Alchemist Master)

Ishval Extermination War participant.

An alchemist master that once participated in campaigns several times, causing his mentality to deteriorate and killing soldiers belonging to the same army.

After he received those memories, the Devil’s mark on his hand started changing as it turned into an Alchemy circle.

The Reincarnation Paradise faked his identity as an Alchemist master since he can alchemy bombs.

Moreover, Su Xiao obtained some information that can help him much in the future. If he obtains a Philosopher’s stone, he can disregard the Alchemy bomb’s material, but he still needed a soul crystal to make Sun God Wrath.

A Philosopher’s Stone was not as strong as a soul crystal, which is why it can’t disregard it.

Su Xiao directly inspected his Inventory and found 11 Alchemy bombs, which was enough for now.

“Don’t get anxious. I’m just moving around since it’s been a while since I walked.”

After hearing this, the guards relaxed.

After a while, some guards entered the cell to clean the bloodstains before leaving.

After the other guard left, someone said: “Explosive Flame, you used your Philosopher’s stone, and your opportunity to leave is now gone.”

Solf. J. Kimlee chuckled, making Su Xiao astonished. It seems his current identity was friends with the Mad Bomber.

“Who knows. Before being sarcastic, you should think more about what you did. After all, I only killed some nameless soldiers, but you killed some higher-ups.”

His current identity was a good cover, and his task is still unknown. He can only watch the situation for now.

“I have a premonition that we are about to go out. The country will need sacrifices for what they are planning, and we will probably make the killing. Well, it is better than rotting in a prison cell.”

After saying this, Kimblee stopped talking.

Su Xiao laid on the bed as he started thinking about his current situation.

He concluded that it is currently the beginning of the show because from what he heard from Kimblee, he has been here for a long time.

Since Kimblee was still here and wasn’t transported out yet, it means that the plot is still beginning or didn’t even start yet.

[World: Fullmetal Alchemist]

World difficulty: Lv.10 Difficult (Difficulty is based on The Hunter’s Rank.)

World’s source: 0% (The World source is calculated by how many missions and your interaction with plot character and each task’s difficulty.)

Description: Alchemist Master and Homunculus Showdown.

Alchemy Techniques: Alchemy is all about changing the material to another form. This is based on the equivalent exchange rule. The Raw Materials are exchanged for what you want to make.

The Transmutation process is divided into three steps: Comprehension, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction.

Alchemist Master abide by a single rule, which the equivalent exchange, and the only thing that can break this rule is the Philosopher’s stone.

Promotion Task: Steal the power of God (fake)

Main Task: N/A

Hunting Task: N/A

Warning: Please don’t mention [Reincarnation Paradise] in this World. If you ignore this warning, you will be executed.

Hint: The Hunter doesn’t have a good grasp on this World’s Language. Use 100 Paradise Coins to grasp the Language automatically.

The World starts.

After looking at the World’s description, Su Xiao hesitated slightly before looking at the Promotion Task and frowned.

[Promotion Task: Steal the Power of God (fake)]

Difficulty: Lv.14

Task Detail: Capture the power of God using the Devil’s Crystal Bottle.

Task Description: Power of God (fake) is attached to the “Dwarf In the Flask”.

Task Time Limit: One Month

Completion Reward: Qualification for the Promotion.

Failure Penalty: All Attributes -10.