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R.P Chapter 383: Great Evil

The Dwarf in the Flask’ is the boss in this world.

It is named simply “Dwarf in the Flask” or “Homunculus” by the people of Xerxes.

Van Hohenheim wanted to obtain Eternal Life; therefore, he created The Dwarf in the Flask.

The Dwarf in the Flask is something stronger than a philosopher stone, and it can create Homunculus.

So, as long as the Dwarf in the flask doesn’t die, Van Hoenheim can live.

After 380 years, Van Hohenheim ran into a woman and thought, why not start a family.

That female gave birth to two boys, Edward and Alphonse.

The mother died afterward due to an illness, and Edward blamed his father for it, so he changed his name to Elric along with his little brother.

The two brothers started to dabble in alchemy techniques since young and finally committed a taboo.

They tried to bring back the dead and resurrect their mother.

The brothers couldn’t resurrect their mother since she returned as a zombie, while Edward lost a leg and Alphonse lost his entire body.

It seems that their little experiment did succeed, but it not on their mother, but on Alphonse.

At the time, if Edward doesn’t find a body for his brother, the latter will die, so he paid an arm to make his brother’s soul enter an armor.

The two brothers grew up and became the Fullmetal alchemist. Edward replaced his arm and leg with mechanical limbs while looking for a way to make his brother regain his body.

In this world, the taboo can’t be touched, and anyone who does can only have a bad ending.

Opposing the will of the world will result in your death.

“Human transmutation…”

Su Xiao laid on the bed as he inquired from the Reincarnation Paradise whether it can revive people or not, and the answer he received was It can’t because he was a Hunter.

“It seems like I’m still too weak.”

While deep a thought, Su Xiao heard a dog’s voice from his neighboring cell.

Bob barked very angrily as if he was saying: ‘Give me food!’

“Bob, calm down.”

Su Xiao was waiting for the Quest to start in two days.

Suddenly a series of footsteps echoed from the prison’s entrance.

Su Xiao looked up and saw a military officer standing in front of his cell.

“This aura…”

Su Xiao looked at the officer and knew that he wasn’t human. He can feel that this person wasn’t a human being.

“Open the Door.”

The officer said, and the guards reluctantly opened the door.

“Explosive Flame Alchemist, we are giving you a new opportunity. Are you willing to join the military again?”

Su Xiao narrowed his eyes. He felt that because the Quest’s difficulty was too high, he was given special treatment.

“It seems that you are going to let me out and provide the ‘stones’.”

He didn’t mind joining them, but he wants to use any Alchemy Bomb unless they give him the Philosopher’s Stone.

“Of course.”

“That’s good.”

Su Xiao sat up, and the guard suddenly walked forward, holding a key in his hand, but he didn’t open the shackles.

“You bastard…”

The guard gritted his teeth, and his hands trembled.

“Obey the Order.”

The officer said sternly as he looked coldly at the guard.

As soon as the shackles were open, the guard felt guilty because the alchemist before him killed many people before.

“By the way, that is my dog.”

Bon eyes were filled with anticipation waiting for his master as if saying: ‘Master must get me out, it not because I’m hungry, okay?’

Bob was quickly released, and the guards looked at him and couldn’t help touching his head. His 43 Charm points were working alright.

The procedure was smoothly taken care of as Su Xiao changed his clothes to the usual ones. And since it was night, the Windbreaker effect increased his attribute and stealth.

In an old jeep, Su Xiao sat on the back with bob while the officer drove.

“This time, I asked you to come out to deal with someone. We are short on manpower. Although it doesn’t matter if some people are dead from the army, please don’t kill them too often.”

The officer’s voice and appearance changed rapidly as he changed into a boy with black hair.