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R.P Chapter 384: Explosive Flame

The Youngster’s name is Envy, a Homunculus made by the Dwarf in the Flask.

The Dwarf in the Flask made a few Homunculus with various sins.

Lust, a pretty young girl that is more than 200 years old.

Gluttony, a young fatty that is over 100 years old.

Envy, a youngster over 100 years old.

Greed, an adult male over 100 years old.

Sloth, a robust man over 100 years old.

Pride, a child that is 343 years old.

Wrath looks like an average human and can change his age at will. He is currently a 60 years old man and current commander in chief of Amestris. His alias is King Bradley.

From the seven Homunculus, Wrath was capable of aging, which allowed him to pass off as an average human.

Wrath is a unique creation because the Philosopher stone that made him inhuman comprised only one soul, making him very strong and agile, but this didn’t give him the ability to be as resilient as his brethren.

If Su Xiao fought one on one against him, he didn’t if he can win or not, but the fight will be interesting.

As for the other Homunculus, Su Xiao was pretty confident in defeating them.

The strongest Homunculus is Wrath, then Pride, and Gluttony.

As for the others, Su Xiao can kill them if he had a Philosopher’s stone, he can kill them easily.

No matter how resilient they were, if you kill them ten times, hundred times, they will die in the end.

Envy stopped the car on the roadside as he heard someone fighting.

“Your pocket watch.”

Envy took a silver pocket watch and threw it at Su Xiao. As soon as he touched it, a Notification appeared in front of him.

[You have joined the Homunculus camp. Intimacy Level: Cold (0/200)]

After receiving this notification, Su Xiao tried to maintain his composure and plan for the future.

Infiltrating their base will be difficult with the current intimacy level.

“This is the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Envy threw a few Philosopher’s Stones toward Su Xiao.

The Philosopher’s Stones was red, and its surface was smooth.

“Only a few.”

Su Xiao examined the Property of the Philosopher’s Stone directly.

[Philosopher’s Stone]

Quality: Blue (Quality increase with the size of the Philosopher’s Stone.)

Type: Consumable

Effect: May replace any kind of Material, excess energy (30/30)

Rate: 70

Description: Created using souls, the efficiency is low and a little unstable.

“Those are enough for your current mission. After winning, you can look for me and will provide more.”

Envy turned around to leave. Su Xiao looked at him going away with the car, as he thought about a way to snatch his Philosopher’s Stone.

Su Xiao didn’t care about the way to make a Philosopher’s Stone; he didn’t want to create one. He just wanted to use them.


An ice wall suddenly rose as Su Xiao evaded to the side.

“It seems like you are the target.”

Su Xiao saw a tall man with a ponytail and wearing a blue military uniform.

His name is Issac McDougal. His Alchemy is all about Ice, and he participated in several wars.

“Explosive flame, the military will stop at nothing to kill you for what you did.”

Su Xiao took a Philosopher’s stone in his right hand and consumed 30 Mana, directly making a Top Grade Alchemy Bomb.

He usually needed 80 Mana points to make Top Grade Alchemy bomb, but it only took 30 points this time.

The Alchemy bomb suddenly turned into a lance.

Su Xiao threw the lance, and Issac directly jumped down from the Ice Wall.


The bomb exploded toward the sky in a surge of flames.

Not far away, the main character, Edward, Elric, and his younger brother Alphonse and witnessed the explosion.

“Who is this? An Alchemist master?”

Edward and his brother wondered without approaching the explosion site.

The Flame Alchemist Roy Mustang walked forward with a hideous expression.

“Was he released? Impossible the Military isn’t that stupid.”

Roy Sighed.

“Fullmetal Alchemists, don’t go forward.”



Houses and many buildings were destroyed due to the explosion that started occurring in the city.

He was the Explosive Flame Alchemist.

Su Xiao stood in the fog as he couldn’t see anything.

“What are you doing in this city?”

Isaac has discovered this city’s secret, but he didn’t know who is pulling the string behind the scene. He is here to kill the Commander in Chief, King Bradley, the Homunculus of Wrath.

Well, he is naïve. He thought that he could kill him, but he is too weak to do so.

“At such a close distance, you can’t use your explosions, you lunatic.”

Isaac created a bloody Icicle from his blood.

Isaac can freeze any liquid.

“Yes, I can’t.”

The Philosopher’s stone didn’t have enough energy, and Su Xiao didn’t want to use it again for now.

Suddenly, Dragon Flash appeared in his hand as he stared at Isaac.

“A sword? You want to fight close and personal, Explosive flames, you’re looking down on me.”

Isaac grasped the Icicle and rushed toward Su Xiao, but he wasn’t an expert.

A bright light suddenly flashed, and Isaac fell with his body slashed.

“I miscalculated…”

Isaac breathed his last.

[You Killed Isaac]

[Isaac is an ordinary character; you obtained 1.2% source of the world, you currently have 1.2% source of the world.]

[Your talent is activated, your mana increased by 11 points permanently.]

Each time Su Xiao increases his Mana, his Hp will also increase due to Spirit Shadow Constitution.

Su Xiao checked if there is a treasure chest, but he didn’t find any.

Going out of the Alley, Su Xiao saw several people watching. They were the Main Characters of the story.

Edward, Alphonse, and Roy Mustang watched Su Xiao intently.

“Bob, come out.”

Bob barked as he suddenly appeared from god knows where.