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R.P Chapter 385: Hiring

“How were you released? Show me proof of that.”

Colonel Mustang questioned as he stood in front of Su Xiao.

“I was releasing very strangely, but you seem to forget that we have the same rank and that you can’t question me.”

Su Xiao said as he carried Isaac’s corpse.

There are many Alchemists globally, but those who participated in the Ishval Civil War were few and far between, and Roy Mustang is one of them.

The unusual situation is that Roy Mustang was left alone and granted the title of Colonel, which has only one meaning, the Dwarf in the Flask took a liking to his talent.

This wasn’t a good thing since the ultimate goal of the Dwarf in the Flask is the Transmutation Philosopher’s Stone.

The Dwarf in the Flask is helping Amestris expand for that exact purpose.

He wanted to use a nation-wide Alchemy circle to sacrifice the entire country into making the Transmutation Philosopher’s Stone, and this circle needs five sacrifices for it to work.

Those five can’t be chosen casually, as they need to be powerful alchemists who opened the Gate Of Truth before.

Those five are Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang, Izumi Curtis, and Von Hohenheim.

Edward was a little pitiful, since his brother, father and master were all chosen as a sacrifice along with him.

Roy Mustang must be alive as well. That’s why he was granted Colonel’s title and was left alone after Ishval’s Civil War.

Su Xiao’s goal was the Dwarf in the Flask, but he was very strong. In the original show, it was defeated only by everyone’s joined effort, and knowing this, Su Xiao decided not to make a move on those Characters.

He also decided to weaken the Dwarf in the Flask. He planned on getting rid of the six sins, who were initially seven, but Greed betrayed them.

The second group is the military leaders who wanted to obtain eternal life by helping the Dwarf in the Flask.

Su Xiao’s highest priority was the six Homunculus, the leaders of the Military leaders are easy to solve, and he didn’t want their enmity for now.

To deal with the Homunculus, he needs to infiltrate their lines and find their whereabouts. Otherwise, it will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But for the time being, there was no need for that as he knew the whereabouts of two Homunculi now.

“Dealing with the first one is easy, but the other one is a bit troublesome.”

Su Xiao walked down the street, still carrying the corpse of Isaac.

The two Homunculi he planned to hunt weren’t strong, but one of them had a troublesome ability, and if that ability hit him, he will have to pay a hefty price if doesn’t die directly.

Su Xiao took out a map and walked around searching for the institute.

Su Xiao walked toward the institute and was stopped in front of the main entrance by the guards.


“3 T 4 M, Fish, Candy, Lime.”

Hearing the strange code, the guard nodded. He didn’t know what the institute was doing and was only tasked to let anyone know the code.

Su Xiao entered the garden and looked at the abandoned buildings around with shattered windows and cracked walls.

Su Xiao walked toward the Alchemy base, which floor was stained by the blood that dried a long time ago.

“Very Punctual, is the job done?”

Envy said after seeing Su Xiao.

“It is.”

Su Xiao threw Isaac’s corpse at Envy, who kicked the corpse away after seeing the sword wound on his chest and belly, and he wrinkled his brow.

“Is this… a sword wound?”


“Did you do it?”

“No, when I saw him, he was already wounded. It could be those youngsters.”

Su Xiao won’t acknowledge that he wielded a sword.


“A blonde one should be in his teen and about 1.6 meters tall. His right hand is mechanical.”

“So it’s that fellow.”

Envy carefully looked at Su Xiao, searching for any deceit.

“Are you interested in obtaining eternal life?”

Envy asked.

“Eternal Life? Within the same body?”

“Yes, and no.”

“Not interested then.”

Envy was shocked by hearing Su Xiao’s response.

“Well, are you interested in obtaining Philosopher’s Stone then?”

“I’m naturally.”

Good, we can cooperate then, you help us, and we pay with Philosopher’s Stone.”

“I help you?”

“Right, we have our sources, as I said, you help us with some things, and we pay with Philosopher’s Stone.

Su Xiao knew that it is his chance. Envy released him from prison exactly to help him join their group.

“I must see King Bradley then, as he is your leader.”

“Ha, it doesn’t matter if you see him. If you are willing to help us, you can even see our true leader, but now isn’t a good time.”

Su Xiao showed intentional hesitation as if he was weighing the advantages and disadvantages, while Envy remained quiet, waiting for Su Xiao’s decision.