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R.P Chapter 386: First Job

“If you want me to agree, show me your sincerity.”


Envy pulled out a nail Sized Philosopher’s Stone and threw it at Su Xiao.

“This is an Advance Payment.”

Su Xiao caught the Philosopher’s Stone and inspected it.

[You obtained a Philosopher’s Stone (Purple), 470/470 Energy.]

With this thing, Su Xiao can now increase his Medical Alchemy or Alchemy Potion Manufacture’s level.

However, the energy wasn’t endless, like in One Piece. He at least needed four of those Philosopher’s Stone.

“Each time you help us, we will provide a Philosopher’s Stone as Payment.”

Su Xiao smiled as he felt that the negotiation couldn’t end like this. He is an Alchemist Master who had a War Trauma. If he so willingly accepts, he will be suspected.

After all, he attacked an ordinary soldier because of that trauma and ended up in prison.

“Envy, I want to ask something.”


“If I didn’t guess wrongly, the energy you consume every day with Philosopher’s Stone should be huge.”

Although Envy seemed like a youngster, this wasn’t his true body.

“And you mean?”

Envy didn’t feel comfortable.

“Consuming so much energy and being so strong… I even saw you heal yourself before. This is really interesting.”

Su Xiao sized Envy up and down as if Envy was a test subject for him to dissect.

Envy thought of something, then he happily replied.

“You try, you die.”

Su Xiao hesitated for a few minutes, then turned around and left.

After Su Xiao left, a Shadow emerged from the basement.

“He wanted to dissect you a moment ago. Are you really sure that this person is okay?”

The shadow asked.

“It’s because he is like that we can cooperate. Do you think a normal Alchemist Master will cooperate with us? He is one, and Kimblee is another. Because of his unstable mind, he is sometimes very calm, and sometimes he becomes insane.”

Envy had a headache because they needed help as their human resources are scarce.

“That’s reasonable, it has its weakness and shortcoming as a plan, but he is a good human sacrifice.”

“Yes, and because of this, Father made look for him.”

“It’s Father’s Order? Got it.”

The shadow vanished. This was pride, who can integrate with Shadows and attack with them.

Su Xiao left the institute and strolled in the central city’s streets.

According to his memory, Su Xiao was close to his residence.

As he reached the door, he pulled a key and opened the door.

His residence was the same he remembered from the memories he received.

He went to the bathroom to clean the blood and return to bed to find Bob already sleeping there.

He laid down beside Bob and pulled out his PC to solve puzzles as he was thinking about something else.

He was wondering how to leave the city, as it was the domain of homunculi.

If he kills homunculus one by one, he would be discovered and hunted down by them.

Su Xiao slept that night without a certain plan.

The next morning, he got out of bed, washed up, and started making Primary Alchemy Potions.

Because he made them with the Philosopher’s Stone, he cannot take them out of the Fullmetal Alchemist’s world.

The Alchemy Potion is unexpectedly expensive, so if he were to take them with him, he would make a small fortune. Another problem was the Philosopher’s Stone. He can’t find any in the Reincarnation Paradise, even though it wasn’t hard to obtain one in Fullmetal Alchemist’s World.

But even if he obtained many of them, he can’t take them out of this world.

Quick enough, A Potion appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, then the second, third…

When Su Xiao’s Mana hit 400 Points mark, he stopped making the potions, leaving him with 15 bottles.

Looking at the Primary Alchemy potions, Su Xiao nodded in satisfaction. At least, he won’t lack Potions in this world.

Meanwhile, since he had no hunting Quest, he could sell the excess potions to other contractors.

However, he needs to confirm that the Quest of those contractors has no conflict with his own.

His Promotion Quest probably didn’t conflict much with the other contractors, as Su Xiao guessed that their Quest would be defeating the Dwarf in the Flask or King Bradley.

Although the Alchemy Potions can’t leave The Fullmetal Alchemist’s World, the contractors should have some use to them here.

Since The Reincarnation Paradise was being an a$$hole about it, he had to find a solution to the excess Potions.

And since the Fullmetal Alchemist’s world is level 10, many contractors should be here.

If he can mass-produce the potions, his income will be phenomenal.

“Ding Ding Ding~.”

The telephone in the room rang. It wasn’t strange for Su Xiao was a national Alchemist Master who is also a fighting class alchemist, to have a personal telephone line.

Answering the call, Su Xiao didn’t say a word.

“We have a mission for you. You need to suppress a riot in Resembool.”

Envy’s voice transmitted from the other side of the phone.

“Resembool? That small town close to Ishval?”

“Right. You must suppress the riot in three days. Moreover, you must not kill many people.”

The call ended, and Su Xiao’s index finger tapped on the desk.

“Unexpectedly, they want me to suppress a riot in that small town without killing many people. Does it mean that killing many of them will reduce the quality of the Philosopher’s Stone?”

If anyone was to look closely at the map of Amestris, you could see that the whole country seemed circular.

It was developed like this for the huge alchemy circle that will sacrifice all of its populace.

The chaos caused by war decreased the number of people, and alchemy can’t use ghosts as energy.

The Dwarf in the Flask + Massive Philosopher’s Stone + Five Human Sacrifices opened the Gate Of Truth + A countrywide Alchemy Circle + the Alchemy Nodes is all that is needed to activate that circle.