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R.P Chapter 387: No Matter How Many Times

Su Xiao closed his eyes inside the train as it moved toward his destination.

He didn’t fall asleep but looked at his Alchemy Potion Manufacture experience.

It already met the upgrade requirement (143/10), but there was an issue, he didn’t have sufficient Paradise Coins.

Su Xiao anticipated what he would gain in the next upgrade of the potions, but he needed Philosopher’s Stones.

The train started stopping slowly as it reached a close town to Resembool.

Su Xiao exited the train and started taking a stroll around the town. Soon enough, he felt that the atmosphere around him was weird.

Su Xiao could tell the this was the effect of the Riot in Resembool appearing here.

Riding Bob, Su Xiao rushed toward Resembool.

After half an hour, Su Xiao arriving in the town and heard war cries all over the place.

Entering the small town, Su Xiao saw several corpses on the ground that reeked. The Corpses were rotten to some degree due to them staying like that for a long time.

Several vultures were roaming around, preparing for their lunch.

Su Xiao could hear the sound of a middle-aged woman weeping and wailing, praying for someone to rescue her from the villains holding sharp blades.

This small town is about to fall.

Even If Su Xiao successfully suppressed the Riot, the spark of the rebellion was already ignited.

But this Riot shouldn’t have started like this. There should be a mastermind behind it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been this big. Moreover, the Military seemed to disappear without a trace, as well.

Homunculi wouldn’t do this no matter what because this wasn’t necessary.

Bob started running with Su Xiao leading him to a nearby store.

“Die, you Amestrian.”

The Youngster blocked Su Xiao’s path, hoping to perish together.


The hair color and pupil color spoke volumes of the Youngster’s identity. And although Ishval wasn’t far from here, Ishvalan weren’t permitted to leave their country.

Suddenly an intermediate Alchemy Bob appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

“An Alchemist.”

The hatred in the Youngster’s eyes disappeared, and fear replaced it.

“I will allow you to tell me why is there a riot here?”

“The holy war started, only death awaits you…”


The Intermediate Alchemy Bomb detonated in the Youngster’s face, directly killing him.

Su Xiao determined that this Riot was related to Ishval in some way.

Su Xiao started strolling in the small town and could tell that not many people remained, besides the Ishvalan.

The Amestris Military were such worthless fellows indeed. They were pursuing Eternal Life and abandoned everything else.

Su Xiao started making Top Grade Alchemy Bombs and arranged them around the town.

He didn’t know what the Ishval Holy War was, but he wasn’t interested.

Su Xiao left the small town and detonated the alchemy bomb.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Explosions transmitted one after the other as flames rose to the sky and buildings fell.

Since there were no civilians in the town, Su Xiao chose the quickest method to deal with the situation.

Moreover, by doing this, he now had three days to do whatever he wanted.

Bob rode on Bob and made him activate his charge.

Skill 1: Full speed charge (Active): Using this skill, Bobtney’s speed increase by 150%. Consume 12 MP per minute. Bob can carry heavy items.

Su Xiao put out the map in front of him as Bob ran faster than a train. He already determined his next destination, which he was sure had two Homunculi there.

After four hours, Bob laid on the ground, exhausted as he consumed too much Mana.

“Let’s walk.”

Su Xiao started walking toward his destination.

Bob looked pitifully at Su Xiao and seemed to say: ‘If I don’t get ten meaty bones, I won’t get up from here today.’

Bob used his Puppy Eye skill, which made Su Xiao’s complexion dark, but he didn’t stop.

He knew Bob too well and knew that in five seconds, Bob would follow.

Bob looked at Su Xiao walk away. When there were ten meters between them, he got up and started running toward Su Xiao.

In front of them appeared a city built in a desert situated in the east of Amestris. This city is named Reole, and if they continue walking to the east, they will find a huge and powerful country.

Powerful enemies surrounded Amestris, but they didn’t attack all because of their relation to the Dwarf in the Flask.

They knew that they would win if they attack with their powerhouses, but they will pay a hefty price.

Amestris’ current power is linked to the Dwarf in the Flask.

The city of Reole has a large-scale Alchemy chart. Therefore, a riot will soon appear here, and some people won’t try and prevent it.

Reole is already in the control of a cult; they have Alchemists who pretend to be gods just because they have Philosopher’s Stones and mislead the Civilians, and Military, with a Homunculus’s support.

Su Xiao entered Reole as he put on a mast and changed his clothes. He instructed Bob to wait for him outside.

Entering the city, Su Xiao carefully spread his senses looking for the Homunculi’s Aura, which was ominous and felt slightly dark.

Su Xiao breathed in before he started walked toward that Aura.

Inside a church, a beautiful woman with long black hair and black clothes sat casually.

Su Xiao entered the search and saw the woman. The woman noticed him and smiled at him.

This was Lust.

“How long has it been since someone came here wanting to kill me? Do you have any last words?”

Lust lazily said from the chair.


Suddenly, Lust’s arm flew in the air.

Dragon flash was already in Su Xiao’s hand as he used Azure Steel Shadow and slashed her arms off.

“You’re indeed resilient, but it doesn’t matter, let’s experiment how many times I have to kill you before you die.”