Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 388: Are you a Human?

A small arm fell to the ground as Lust just stayed in her place, stunned.


Lust concentrated and could vaguely see a metal wire in the air.

Her forearm that Su Xiao cut quickly decomposed before it turned to ashes.

A red light flashed as her arm was restored in less than two seconds.

The Homunculi were too resilient. As long they had Philosopher’s Stone and energy, they can always recover.

They are two way to kill them. The first is to destroy the Philosopher’s Stone in their bodies, which was difficult. Although the Philosopher’s Stone seemed fragile, it was harder than diamond.

The other method is damaging their bodies so much that they will use up all of the Philosopher’s stone’s energy.

Su Xiao wanted to try destroying the Philosopher’s Stone before using the second method if he failed.

As he stepped on the ground, it cracked in a spiderweb pattern as he rushed forward with Dragon Flash whizzing in the air.

Suddenly, Lust’s eyes glazed as she felt her neck turn numb, and her view started to spin.

Su Xiao slashed Lust’s head off before stepping forward and thrust his hand into Lust’s chest.

As Su Xiao pierced her heart, Lust’s head already regenerated.


A pitiful yell echoed around the church as Lust felt pain.

“You bastard!”

Lust’s arms turned into the sharp spear as she thrust it at Su Xiao.

That is the ultimate spear, her ability to turn her arm into a spear that can pierce any material.

In an instant, Su Xiao quickly moved his head to the side, and a wound appeared on his cheek.

The moment he was hit, the Reincarnation Paradise gave him a warning in the form of judgment.

[You were attacked by the Ultimate Spear, Judgement in progress]

[The attack only grazed your skin, death judgment fails.]

Those two notifications made Su Xiao determined not to get hit by Lust’s attacks.

Su Xiao grabbed the Philosopher’s stone from her chest and pulled it out.

Suddenly, Lust’s body turned to ashes, but flesh started forming and wrapping around Su Xiao’s hand.

“Suddenly grabbing a lady’s chest, that not very gentlemanly, now is it?”

Lust looked at Su Xiao with a smile as her arm turned into a spear once again and thrust toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao leaped backward as he created some distance.

Suddenly, Lust found herself being pulled and looked down.

“You wrapped the wire around the Philosopher’s Stone.”

The Metal wire was submerged into Lust’s chest as it was wrapped around the Philosopher’s stone.

Su Xiao tightened the wires making Lust stagger.

Once again, Su Xiao moved forward and cut Lust’s hand, and without stopping, he cut off her other hand.

In the end, ahead flew into the air.

Su Xiao didn’t stop there. He cut off her legs as well.

The more tissues she needed to restore, the more energy she will consume.

Azure Steel Shadow was fully activated, which consumed 30 MP per minute, and he currently had 750 MP, which means he can only keep Azure Steel Shadow for 25 minutes.

Each slash would burn 50 Mana and apply 50 True Damage, which will speed up Lust’s death.

Lust’s body started regenerating, and Su Xiao was not far away waiting for her to regenerate to cut her off again.

This was his first time facing such an opponent, so he maintained his vigilance.

As soon as Lust’s arms regenerated, Su Xiao’s sword flashed and cut it off again.

Suddenly, Lust stopped recovering, it wasn’t that the Philosopher’s stone lost its energy, but she was sure she’d die if this continued.

The man in front of her reminded her of someone… Wrath!

Su Xiao stood in the same place without moving. Since his enemy wasn’t moving, he won’t either.

He didn’t want to risk anything. If Lust regenerated her arms suddenly, he would be hard-pressed to defend against her attacks from a closer distance.

Lust’s body shivered, and Su Xiao knew he had to retreat.

Lust’s cut off limbs were all regenerated in less than a second.

“Ten Thousand Spear.”

The Ultimate spear moved forward toward Su Xiao. Even though he already sensed the danger, he can’t avoid it now.

Su Xiao tried to lean his head back as the ultimate spear was about to pierce his head, but it was too late.

Suddenly, a protective barrier appeared in front of Su Xiao, protecting him for a few seconds.

But even that shield couldn’t hold off the attack for too long, and Su Xiao’s temple bled as bones became visible.

The protective shield was Mikasa’s Regard (T/N: Previously Mikasa’s mind) +5. It granted Su Xiao a shield with 80% of his HP for 30 seconds.

With his current Vitality, Su Xiao had at least 274 HP, and even then, the spear decimated the shield with 80% of that HP in a second. If Su Xiao received the full attack, he wouldn’t have survived.

Su Xiao tightened the metal Wire around Lust’s core.

Lust knew that if she wanted to survive, she needed to cut off this metal wire, and so she directly changed her arms and hit the wire.

Sparks flew in the air, but the Metal Wire was damaged. Instead, her chest was full of blood.

Lust spat blood as her eyes widened.

“At this rate, I will die. Is this guy really human? I must escape immediately.”