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R.P Chapter 389: The Horror of True Damage

Lust knew that she couldn’t cut off the Metal Wire, but it didn’t mean that she can’t pierce it.

She was called the Ultimate Spear for a reason.

Su Xiao retracted the wire as he also knew that she could pierce it.

Lust regained her freedom and proceeded to escape.

Su Xiao knew that he couldn’t use Alchemy Bombs here, so he just rushed forward and slashed Lust’s Back with his sword.

Although Lust was a Homunculus, her body still responded like a human, and when her spine is hit, she lost her ability to move.

She fell and looked at Su Xiao.

“Your aura is very strange. Have we met before?”

Su Xiao didn’t say a word as he moved forward.

Lust’s complexion was pale. She lived for more than 100 years, which is the first time she encountered such a terrifying enemy.

Cold, Fierce, and ruthless, that was the person she was facing.

“You forced me to do this.”

Lust pressed her hand on the ground.


Su Xiao heard a faint sound on the ground and felt danger.


A large number of thorns broke the ground and enveloped the whole church.

Each thorn was sharp, and if one managed to touch Su Xiao, he would be dead.

Lust already escaped, leaving a puddle of blood on the ground.

Su Xiao didn’t panic. He just launched a hook toward the ceiling and climbed to the roof.

He closed his eyes, expended his senses, and opened them when he sensed Lust moving to the west.

Su Xiao returned to the ground and vanished in the dim light of the night.

Lust was still running in a black alley without fully healing herself, and blood was still flowing out of her wound. She didn’t have much energy in the Philosopher’s Stone to use.

Suddenly, Lust heard the rapid footsteps and saw a stupidly plump guy.

“Lust, what happened?”

The young fatty is Gluttony.

“Gluttony, escape, quickly.”

Lust kneeled on the ground, and her hair was dripping with blood.


Although Gluttony was confused, he wanted to protect Lust.

Between the Seven Sins, Gluttony and Lust always worked together and got along pretty well.

Gluttony always asks before he eats: “Can I eat him, Lust?”

If Lust agreed, he would immediately eat. If she didn’t reply, he would stay put and maintain restraint.

“Lust, I will help you.”

Gluttony took half a step forward.

“Don’t come. This is a trap. There is a monster here. Escape quickly.”

Lust shouted in despair.

Su Xiao appeared from the shadow behind Lust with Dragon Flash in hand-coated in blue energy.

He waved his sword and cut off Lust’s head, and instantly, Lust’s Philosopher’s Stone shattered.

Su Xiao already used Azure Steel Shadow for 10 Minutes, so he acquired Mana Combustion.

Hint: If The Hunter uses Azure Steel Shadow at its maximum for ten minutes, The Hunter will acquire Mana Combustion: Next attack will cause 60% of the target’s consumed MP as a true Damage. (Example: if target consumed 100 MP, he would receive 60 true damage.)

Hint: Mana Combustion Cooldown is 48 hours.

The last attack caused 408 true damage.

And it seems that True damage is effective on Philosopher’s Stones.

[You killed Lust]

[Lust is a crucial character in the plot. You gained 5.3% World’s Source (World’s Origin), your total world Origin: 6.5%]

[You obtained Treasure Chest (Purple)]

Su Xiao picked up the treasure chest and looked at Gluttony.

“Little Fatty, your next.”

Su Xiao slowly approached Gluttony, who knew that Su Xiao was dangerous.

Lust didn’t have any defense. She had pure attack power.

It would cause a headache if any contractor encountered her, but for Su Xiao, it was lucky for him to confront her.

Even if she was skilled, she was like a child holding a gun in front of Su Xiao.

But the fatty ahead of him was different, his attack power wasn’t that much, his defense was not great, and he was that resilient, but if Su Xiao gets hit by his ability, he would either die or wait for the mission to fail.

Gluttony was the Dwarf in the Flask’s attempt to create a new Gate of Truth, but it failed. Even so, he had a space behind the gate in his belly that has no exit.

Edward Elric was once swallowed into this guy’s gate, but he escapes by using a human transmutation in that space, entered the real gate of truth, and then got transmitted back into the real world.

But Su Xiao can’t use that method.

He wasn’t an alchemist or wasn’t an alchemist like the ones in this world. He can’t use their concept of alchemy. As such, he won’t have any way of escape if he enters Gluttony’s gate of truth.

Furthermore, if he was to be swallowed by Gluttony and survives, all of his attributes will be lowered by 10 points.

His luck will literally fall to -9.