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R.P Chapter 390: Bob Saves The Day

“You actually killed Lust!!”

Gluttony’s face showed how furious he was.

His stomach opened like a big mouth with sharp teeth, and inside it was an eye like the one behind the real Gate of Truth.

“I will eat you.”

Su Xiao looked at Gluttony’s true form without flinching.

“Eat, I will eat you!”

Gluttony’s stomach generated a vacuum that wanted to pull Su Xiao in.

Su Xiao jumped away to evade the vacuum, and it hit the ground where he stood, pulling tiles from the ground directly into Gluttony’s stomach.

Su Xiao analyzed the vacuum: “Area of effect is 2 meters, and distance is 10 meters.”

Su Xiao knew that he couldn’t let Gluttony swallow any of his equipment since anything he swallows will be locked into the other space.

Su Xiao took half a step back before charging forward.

He circled around Gluttony, as it was dangerous rushing in front of him, and attack his back.

Gluttony directly tried turning around, but he was too slow.

Dragon Flash pierced Gluttony’s back and came out from his chest, piercing the Eye on his chest.

The blue energy coursing through Dragon Flash made Gluttony scream.

“It hurts. What should I do?!”

The Fake Eye of the Gate of Truth seemed to closer, which made Su Xiao wanted to expand the wound, but he found that Gluttony took a deep breath.

Su Xiao’s pupil shrank as he pulled Dragon Flash and retreated as fast as he can.


Gluttony activated his ability to swallow anything, and if Dragon flash was still piercing him, it would’ve been eaten.

Su Xiao quickly checked the blame and breathed a sigh of relief. Dragon Flash wasn’t damaged.

Although it was dangerous, Su Xiao discovered something in the last exchange, when the Eye is damaged, it will start to close.

As the Eye closes, the range of his ability decreases.

A frontal attack is obviously not recommended at this point, but if he manages to attack his back, it will be another matter.

Su Xiao put away Dragon Flash and grabbed another sword. It was a white quality sword with a rate of 3.

He quickly activated Azure Steel Shadow on it, walked circled behind Gluttony again, and stabbed him.

The resistance was way stronger than last time, but since he enhanced the sword with Azure Steel Shadow, it pierced him nonetheless.


Gluttony screamed as the Azure Steel Shadow energy coursed through his body, increasing his pain.


Gluttony quickly used his ability again, and a third of the sword disappeared.

Su Xiao didn’t care about the sword at all.

He immediately took a spear out of the inventory, which was also a white quality item, and started his plan.

Each time he thrust a weapon on Gluttony, he would take another one out and continue, and the Eye continued to close each time of the process.

After piercing the Eye six times, it was almost closed.

The range of Gluttony’s ability dropped from ten meters to two, and the area of effect dropped from two meters to one meter.

Gluttony’s threat became smaller and smaller, and when that Eye closes completely, he won’t be a threat anymore.

“I can’t close my Eye. I need to avenge my big sister.”

Suddenly, he took out his tongue like a snake before shouting.

“Black Hole.”

Thousands of Eyes opened on Gluttony’s body ad waves of vacuum spread all around him.

Su Xiao’s face changed as he didn’t think Gluttony had something like this up his sleeves.

Gluttony can’t swallow so much at the same time, but his purpose wasn’t eating everything.

Su Xiao’s clothes fluttered as the suction force started dragging him toward Gluttony, so he took out Dragon Flash and inserted it on the ground, but he was still moving slowly toward Gluttony.

A tree suddenly flew toward Gluttony before it appeared in front of him and decomposed and disappeared.

Su Xiao wire that was still tied to the building was getting affected as well.

Su Xiao directly used Soru to get away, but he was still in the suction range.

Suddenly a building collapsed, and Gluttony’s main Eye turned into a black hole and swallowed anything in front of him.

Su Xiao was gradually being dragged toward Gluttony, and even though the situation was dire, he was calm. He pulled out Broken Elf and aimed at the Eye.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets didn’t reach the Eye as they decomposed before touching it.

Su Xiao was steadily being pulled… Five Meters… Three Meters, but suddenly, from the side, he saw a blur passing by.

He concentrated on it and saw Bob rush toward Gluttony from behind, bit his butt, and tried to drag him back.

As Bob let him go, Gluttony stumbled forward and fell, directly creating a big hole on the ground, and the eyes, along with the main one, closed.

The suction force vanished, and directly Su Xiao jumped into the hole to see Bob biting Gluttony’s head, making him yell pitifully.

Seeing Su Xiao, bob let go and looked at Su Xiao as if saying: ‘Master, aren’t I super brave?’

“Good job, Bob.”

Gluttony, without his suction, was like a paper tiger. He didn’t pose any threat.

After ten minutes, Gluttony’s Philosopher’s Stone shattered, killing him.

[You killed Gluttony.]

[Gluttony is a crucial character in the plot, you obtained 5.6% World’s Origin, you currently possess 12.1% World’s Origin.]

[Your Devourer Skill activated. Your maximum Mana increased by 15 points permanently, current Max MP 944.]

[You obtained Treasure Chest (purple)]

[Hint: You killed 2/7 of the sins, achievement unlocked: Quest: Conviction.]