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R.P Chapter 391: On the Way


Difficulty Level: Lv.12

Quest Details: Eliminate the Seven Sins, causing the Dwarf In The Flask to lose most of its emotion

Quest Progress: 2/7

Time Limit: 20 Days

Quest Reward: The Reward is corresponding to the completion rate of the Quest. If The Hunter Kills the seven sins, you will get a premium reward.

Quest Failure Penalty: There is no Penalty

After seeing the Quest’s details, Su Xiao nodded. Although he didn’t know the Quest’s reward, he knew that completing it will weaken the Dwarf In The Flask.

Su Xiao had to clean the bloodstains as not to be found out.

After cleaning up, Su Xiao rode on Bob for three hours and Resembool. Although he was gone for eight hours, the fire caused by his bombs still danced through the town.

No one was left in the town, as the flames swallowed the whole place.

Su Xiao wandered around the town edge for two hours before finally meeting whoever he had to meet.

It was an army of 300 from a nearby town that was tasked to clean the place.

“Explosive Flame Master, you’ve worked hard. We will handle the rest.”

The captain of the army looked at Su Xiao with lingering fear.

“The mastermind behind the riot are Ishvalans. When the bombs went off, they tried to escape, but I cleaned them up. Do you want to search the bodies?”

Su Xiao looked at the leader and showed him the bodies. When the leader checked, he noticed that they were indeed Ishvalans.

“No, as long as we know the mastermind. Good Work.”

After saying this, the leader led his army into the town. Su Xiao walked toward a nearby town as he planned to return to the central city by train.

His mission was investigating the town, arranging bombs, and detonating them. His story will be, fighting the Ishvalans and getting slightly injured fighting them when they tried to escape, before returning to town.

All of this took 9 hours and 12 minutes.

As long as people typically think about this, Su Xiao won’t be involved in the deaths of the Humonculi.

Reole city was quite far away, and if not for Bob’s running speed, Su Xiao wouldn’t have finished in 9 hours.

Moreover, there is evidence that he wasn’t there in the past nine hours.

Su Xiao sat inside the train as he started planning how to kill the other five sins.

Lust and Gluttony are dead. Now he needed to deal with the rest.

The order should be Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, and Wrath.

Su Xiao arranged them by their importance to the Dwarf in the Flask.

Greed should be the easiest to deal with since he was away for many years, and his death won’t attract any attention.

The train traveled steadily and stopped a few times in other stations in the middle.

“Guest, we are about to arrive in Dublith town.”

Su Xiao, who was slightly drowsy, was fully awake as he heard this name.


Su Xiao found the name familiar, but he didn’t remember it well.

“Dublith, Dublith, Dublith…”

Suddenly, the information seemed to flash in Su Xiao’s brain.

“I’m unexpectedly here. It seems like Divine intervention.”

Su Xiao pushed Bob into a nearby seat as its saliva was still coming out of its mouth.

“Get up, prepare to get out.”


Bob didn’t wake up at all.

Su Xiao pulled out a piece of boney meat and waved it in front of Bob’s nose and suddenly, he was wide awake and seemed to say: ‘Who am I? Where am I? I must eat meat.’

Su Xiao went down off the train with Bob. He paid attention to Fullmetal Alchemist and knew this place.

Dublith was where the main character’s master lived.

If he knew the timeline well, then Greed will be here in two days.

“What the matter, it’s already past departure time.”

“Yes, I’m in a hurry. I need to return to the central city.”

The conductor was sweating.

“Guests, please listen to me. There are some problems with the train. Please take the next train.”

Some passengers started to shout, but Su Xiao ignored everyone.

Under was a normal circumstance, he should’ve returned to Central City because even though they released him from prison, he wasn’t exactly free.

Su Xiao didn’t want to incur the Homunculi ire, so he directly went to a telephone booth and said the code word.

The line directly connected to the military, and he directly dialed Envy’s number.

“Hello, who is it?”

Envy’s tone was always provocative and filled with jealousy.

“I’m Explosive Flame.”

“Oh, it you, I heard what happened over there, you blew the whole town. How ruthless. Haha.”

“I can’t go back to the central city for the time being.”

Su Xiao was really starting to think of a way to deal with Envy sooner because the latter is his watcher.

“Can’t come back. Are you going to escape?”

Envy’s tone was slightly serious.

“The train is broken, and I’m injured. I’m going to recover in Dublith before going back.”

“Is that so, good then. Come back as soon as possible. If you not back in three days ~!”

Envy left the threat hanging before he ended the call.

Su Xiao’s eyes flickered as his desire to take out Envy soon got stronger.

“I will deal with you after greed.”

Su Xiao left the public telephone booth as he went to find someone. Yes, he went to see the master of the Protagonist.

Su Xiao knew he wasn’t prepared to communicate with the Protagonist’s master. If that master belongs to the lawful good camp, Su Xiao belongs to the Lawful Evil or chaotic neutral camp.

Both sides can’t look eye to eye.

The Master of the Protagonist is a powerful female Alchemist with quite the fame.

After some inquiries, Su Xiao learned her address. Her name is Izumi Curtis, running a butcher shop with her husband, Sig.

Su Xiao looked at Bob beside him and said: “Bob, it’s time for you to show your charm.”