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R.P Chapter 392: Acting Skill

It was late autumn ad the air was cold, preventing pedestrians from going outside, which explains the lack of them on the streets.

A big stray dog wandered the streets at this time, this stray dog looked sad, and his whole body was dirty, and his stomach grumbling.

This was Bob, who was walking with aggrieved eyes gaining the sympathy of anyone who saw it.

Bob whimpered as he looked at his Master, saying: ‘Even if I pretend to be a stray dog, I don’t have to be hungry as well.’

“Don’t worry, as soon as we finish this. I will give you a fancy meal.”

Hearing the word fancy meal lifted Bob’s spirit as he quickly ran toward the butcher shop.

Izumi Curtis wasn’t a weak Alchemist, and even though her husband wasn’t an Alchemist, he was as strong as one.

That man can face even a Homunculus up close.

At this time, Sig was standing in front of the butcher. He seemed somewhat fat, but he had the power of a bear.

Bob moved close to the shop but stayed wry as if humans always abuse it when it approaches them.

“A stray dog? He seems big, and I can’t tell which breed he is.”

“All right, here, eat this.”

Izumi’s husband shook his head and gave Bob some meat.

Bob looked at the meat before looking back at Sig as if asking: ‘Can I really eat?’

“Well, it seems like this dog is lost, as it seems really well trained, and its master should be really anxious about it.”

Although Sig doesn’t like dogs, this one gave him a favorable impression.

“it’s okay, eat it.”

Getting Sig’s consent, Bob started eating greedily.

Bob’s was almost crying in his heart. It was the first time since he was born that he ate raw meat, and it wasn’t delicious at all.

After wolfing down the meat, Bob licked its lips with satisfaction.

“Why is there a dog here?”

Izumi walked out of the butcher shop and noticed Bob.

“I don’t know, a stray dog, I guess, but it’s really smart.”


“Yes, it should be well trained. Maybe even a military dog.”

Izumi nodded and stopped looking at Bob.

The Butchershop is doing well, and giving some meat to the dog wouldn’t hurt. But after a while, Izumi noticed that Bob was squatting by the door as if guarding the place.

“Husband, this dog is really interesting. You feed it, and now it seems as if guarding the place.”

“Isn’t it better if we adopt it? If its owner A finds it, we can give it back to him.”

“Let’s do that.”

After an hour, Bob was properly bathed. He regained his shiny hair with a bright expression on his face.


Izumi had a headache. This dog seemed to be unusual, but she didn’t have the heart to throw it out.

“Let’s shelter it for now. There shouldn’t be any danger in that.”

“Un, that’s reasonable.”

The couple decided to keep Bob temporarily, which means Bob succeeded in its mission.

After the couple left, Bob’s eyes’ confusion disappeared, and, in its place, a wolf-like look appeared.

Bob moved his nose, and when he sensed that the couple wasn’t far away, he laid on the ground.

Su Xiao got a room in a hotel nearby and waited for news from Bob.

He thought he would wait for a day or two, but suddenly he heard Bob barking loudly.

“Wuff! Wuff! Wuff! Wuff!”

His meaning was simple; the Protagonist and his brother were here.

Su Xiao knew that it wasn’t time yet.

Izumi was lying on the bed as her health has deteriorated.

The reason for this was simple. She performed a transmutation.

The couple was very affectionate, but for some reason, they couldn’t bear children, until one day, she got pregnant.

But because of an accident, she had a miscarriage, which made her do something unreasonable. She performed transmutation in an attempt to revive her child.

After an unexpected failure, Izumi lost a part of her internal organs and lost the ability to be a parent forever.

As a result, Izumi was hit hard by this and moved to a remote and small town.

Edward Elric, along with Alphonse, stood outside the room looking nervous.

“Is master okay?”

Edward looked at Sig and asked, and as soon as he did, the door opened.

Edward’s mouth twitched as he turned his head stiffly.

A slipper hit him directly on the face and made him fly away, screaming.

“Unfilial Apprentice, I heard you became a dog for the army?”

Izumi glanced at Edward and then turned to look at Alphonse, who was frightened.

“Master… Master… That’s because…”

Hearing the familiar voice, Izumi’s anger disappeared, but she didn’t show it on her face.

“Al? You grew up like this.”

Izumi’s expression was gentle, and Alphonse quickly stepped forward.

“Master, you look well.”

Alphonse didn’t finish speaking as he was grabbed by the arm and thrown away.

“Your training is insufficient.”

Although the expression on Izumi’s face was calm, she knew that the armor was empty from the sound of its landing.

“Teacher, you’re in good health.”

Edward patted the dust away and stood up.

“What are you talking about, you brat! Just because you come back, don’t…”

Izumi suddenly vomited blood, making both brothers rush forward to her in shock.

“Master!!” x 2

One day later, Su Xiao sat on the roof of a building, while Izumi and her Husband were running quickly down the street with Bob in front of them.

Soon, the couple ran near Su Xiao and immediately noticed him.

“Did you remember their smell?”

Su Xiao asked if Bob remembered Alphonse’s smell.


Bob barked and leaped up the top of the building.

“Who are you?”

Izumi shouted.

“Who am I doesn’t matter. Thanks for taking care of my partner.” Said Su Xiao as he moved away.

Su Xiao and Bob jumped to another roof, which made Izumi and Sig dumbfounded.

The dog deceived them from the start.