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R.P Chapter 393: Art is An Explosion…

Dublith Town, inside Devil’s Nest bar.

Alphonse, the protagonist’s brother, was tied up and sat against a wall.

Alphonse and Edward performed Transmutation in an attempt to bring back their mother, but while Edward lost an arm, Alphonse lost his entire body.

He was currently residing in an Armor, which was actually hollow inside.

Alphonse can perform the most common tasks, and he can even use Alchemy, which is proof that Alchemy only needed the soul to be conducted.

At this time, a woman was inside Alphonse’s Armor, and this woman wasn’t exactly human.

She is called Martel and is actually a Chimera beast. She is the fusion between a human and a snake. Although she looked human for the most part, she had a snake’s heat sense and her body almost without a bone if she wished it to be.

Greed was holding Alphonse’s helmet.

“Cool, so it really is hollow inside.”

Greed returned the helmed and pointed at himself.

“I’m called Greed. I hope you can cooperate with me.”

Greed was a young man who always had a smile on his face and wearing sunglasses.

Several Chimera beasts stood behind Greed, and most of them maintained their appearances as a human.

The three strongest Chimera beasts were Roa (male), a fusion between an Ox and a human, Dolcetto (male), a fusion between a dog and a human, and lastly, Martel (female), a fusion between a Snake and a human.

Those three were Greed’s closest subordinates.

After introducing himself, Greed introduced the Chimera beasts.

“Impossible, I have seen Chimera beasts before. Your subordinates look nothing like one.”

“A Surprise, I know, but it’s a fact.”

Greed didn’t explain anything else. Alphonse was now his captive, and it was not necessary to explain anything to him.

“Who performed the synthesizes?”

Alphonse remembered that father who performed a synthesis on his daughter and a dog turned her into some monster.

“The Army.”

“How is that possible?”

“In this world, there is always darkness that isn’t exposed to light. Moreover, I’m not a Chimera, I’m a homunculus, and I have a goal by getting you here.”

Greed looked at Alphonse greedily.

“How can you extract the soul and place it into something like? Your current situation is almost the same as Eternal Life.”

Greed’s goal was exactly what he said. He wanted to know how to extract his soul and perform soul transmutation.

“If you’re not honest, I will wipe the Blood Rune…”

The meaning of her words is obvious.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t the one who performed the Transmutation.”

Greed’s eyes narrowed.

“If you don’t want to say it, I will ask another way. I have to get Eternal Life.”

Eternal Life? Will Homunculus also die of old age?”

“Of course, although my body is stronger than ordinary people, it can last up to 200 years, but it will take Father to use Transmutation again to get more, and I don’t have much time, so don’t irritate me.”

Alphonse stayed silent as he didn’t want to betray his brother.

The door was pushed open as a man walked into the room.

“You don’t have to look for a method to Eternal Life anymore.” Su Xiao walked into the room, followed by Bob.

“Is this your masterpiece?”

Greed pointed at Alphonse.

“Yes, it is.”

Su Xiao’s hand suddenly flashed in light as a Top-Grade Alchemy Bomb appeared in his hand.

“This is the main material for Soul transmutation. In return, I want the method of how to make Homunculi.”

Su Xiao threw the Alchemy bomb and blocked the entrance.

“Don’t take me for a foul, Explosive Flame Alchemist.”

“You recognize me? Well, I will be straight forward. Kidnapping a family member of a national Alchemist isn’t something that I can overlook.”

It was only an excuse, but that reason enough for him to kill Greed.

“Mind your business.”

Greed said as he waked his hand.

“Kill him, be careful. That guy is a crazy bomber.”


Greed’s Chimera beasts closed up to Su Xiao slowly.

Su Xiao directly threw an Alchemy bomb and moved sideways to leave the room.


The sound of the explosion was transmitted an entire block away, and civilians started screaming in fright.

Su Xiao returned to the room after the bomb exploded and found several corps on the ground, but Greed and his three Subordinates weren’t amongst them.

He spread his senses and pinpointed Greed’s position that was underground.

Inside the sewer, Greed was carrying Alphonse. The latter’s armor seemed to be heavily damaged.

“Is this the Explosive Flame Alchemist? He is simply a crazy bomber.

Roa’s arm was missing along with Dolcetto’s.

“Stop rumbling and run. That fellow is a lunatic, in Ishval Extermination War, he killed countless people.”

The explosion didn’t injure Greed since he could harden his body, and he was also the most resilient amongst the Homunculi.


A big hole opened on top of the heads of Greed and the others.

Su Xiao jumped down and looked at them.

“Must we fight? You and the Full Metal Alchemist aren’t related. Why mind others business.”

Greed didn’t want to find Su Xiao, as he started talking. But Su Xiao stayed silent.

“It seems that the only way is to fight you.”

Greed’s skin turned black as he extracted C2 from his body and covering his body in a coal-like layer. As the C2 continues to concentrate, the layer of skin hardens beyond imagination.

“I didn’t use this shape for a long time because this shape is Ugly, now Explosive Flame Alchemist, your bombs can’t harm me.”

Greed sneered as he got closer to Su Xiao.

“Really? You think so?”

Su Xiao grabbed dozens of Top-Grade Alchemy bombs and scattered them around as they turned into small white snakes.

“Hey, are mistaken or something? What wrong with that amount?!”