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R.P Chapter 394: Armor and Blood

Boom! Boom!

The Residents of Dublith felt the ground shake as the countless bombs exploded in the sewer.

Roa exploded, and only his head remained, as for Dolcetto, he completely disappeared.

Greed panted as his body was burned black and was full of cracks.

“You survived so many Bombs. You’re really tenacious.”

Su Xiao stood in the same place without moving even a step.

“You should be already out of…”

As Greed started speaking, he looked at Su Xiao’s palm only to see dozens of Alchemy Bombs.

Greed turned his head to look behind and saw Hundreds of White small frogs.

The place was filled with those frogs.

Greed didn’t have any escape route anymore.

“Big Brother Greed!”

Martel inside Alphonse’s armor wanted to come out, but Alphonse stopped her.

“Don’t come out, or you will die.”

Alphonse knew that if he were Su Xiao’s target, he would be already dead.

“Stop, let me out.”

“No, I can’t let you out.”

“I must help Big Brother Greed!”

“You will die.”

Martel made an effort, but Alphonse didn’t allow her to get out.

“Please, Let me out. I have to help him.”

Martel seemed almost crying.

“You can’t do anything; you will die if I let you go.”

Alphonse didn’t let her out.

“Alphonse, run away.”

Greed opened his mouth suddenly.


Alphonse was surprised.

“Runaway quickly. This fellow isn’t here to save you. It’s just an excuse.”

Alphonse looked at Su Xiao and saw him smoking leisurely. Su Xiao right now seemed like a villain to him.

White snakes crawled on the ground as Su Xiao controlled them mentally.

“Your resilience is something else. You already died 16 times.”

Su Xiao controlled the White Snakes as they crawled toward Greed.

Greed felt helpless. He didn’t dare attack those snakes as they would explode directly if he did.

He tried to endure the explosion to escape, but he died five times trying and still failed.

“There is no way out.”

Greed covered his head with his hands and rushed toward Su Xiao. He was trying to die with Su Xiao.

Boom! Boom!

The Bombs exploded one after the other while Greed rushed toward Su Xiao.


Greed leaped up and punched Su Xiao in the head.

Su Xiao easily avoided the punch by bending down and instantly elbowed Greed in the stomach.

Greed vomited as his body bend forward.

Su Xiao took a step back and swept Greed’s legs, taking him down.

Su Xiao then raised his leg and stamped it ruthlessly on Greed’s chest.

Greed’s ribs broke.

‘Why is he so strong.’

This is the only thought in Greed’s mind as blood gushed out of his mouth.

Without waiting for Greed to stand up, Su Xiao directly sent a knee toward Greed’s head.


Greed’s head was planted on the ground.

Su Xiao had 38 points of strength, while an average human only had 5 points, but it didn’t mean he was 7 times stronger than an average person because it wasn’t as easy as addition at this point.

10 points of strength isn’t just the power of two average humans. Instead, it is at least 10 times stronger. Su Xiao wasn’t sure how much 38 is, but it will cost him a lot to ask.

But now, Su Xiao was sure that he could punch through a wall without much effort.

Su Xiao put his hand on the hole in the ground and grabbed Greed’s head.

Greed was barely awake as he was getting weaker and weaker.

“You’re not… a human.”

Greed’s skull started cracking in Su Xiao’s hand as the former almost lost consciousness.


Su Xiao was slightly injured as Greed’s body was too hard, and his elbow was scraped.

“Hahhaha, your blood is unexpectedly red as well.”

Su Xiao didn’t say anything as he never talks nonsense in a fight unless he needed to make his enemy angry or provoke him.

Besides, Villain always dies because they talk too much. If he wanted to speak to an enemy, he would do it after killing him because nothing a corpse can do to him.

An alchemy bomb suddenly appeared in Su Xiao’s hand and turned into a white ball.

This ball was stuffed into Greed’s mouth as the latter trembled.

Su Xiao threw Greed away. Greed instantly reached into his throat as he wanted to take out the bomb.

“Wait, I can tell you a secret.”

“Not interested.”

There is a problem in this country. The mastermind of everything is…”


Greed’s chest suddenly swelled and returned to normal. Blood and pieces of his internal organs flowed from his mouth and nose.

[You Killed Greed.]

[Greed is a crucial character in the plot. You obtained 5.1% of the World’s Origin. You have a total of 17.2% of the World’s Origin.]

[Achievement Quest Conviction 3/7]

After killing Greed, Su Xiao looked at Alphonse, as he knew that a Chimera was inside him.

He won’t let his enemies go, or else it will spell trouble for him in the future.

Su Xiao moved toward Alphonse.

“Big Brother Greed!!”

Martel Knelt in Al’s armor with tears in her eyes.

Al looked at Su Xiao as he wanted to protect the woman inside the armor.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Su Xiao continued toward Al.

“That, I will look for Big Brother now.”

Alphonse wanted to leave, but Martel didn’t let him move, and he could only say to her: “Don’t struggle. We need to get away quickly, or he will kill you.”

“I don’t want to go. I must avenge Big Brother Greed.”

“You can’t go after him now; he is much stronger than you. We need to get away now.”

Su Xiao approached Al and asked: “Who are you talking to?”

“I… I was thinking aloud.”


Suddenly, the Metal wire retracted back into Su Xiao’s gauntlet.


Blood poured out of Al’s armor as he sat on the ground dumbly.

Su Xiao wiped the blood.

“Explosive Flame Alchemist, can I ask you what are you doing here?”

An old man with an eye path walked forward.

This man had six swords hanging from his waist.

“I was carrying out a mission and came across a kidnapping of a family member of a national Alchemist, so I couldn’t let it go.”

In front of Su Xiao stood King Bradley, The Sin of acWrath.

Su Xiao suddenly had an urge to fight him with his sword, but he suppressed that impulse as it wasn’t time yet.