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R.P Chapter 395: King Bradley

King Bradley walked toward Su Xiao with his hands behind his back.

“Do you know who you killed?”

Although King Bradley was smiling, his tone was ice cold.

Su Xiao narrowed his eyes as he prepared to bring Dragon Flash out to defend himself.

“Who knows, his probably some Alchemy product.”

“Is he now? Should I praise you then?”

King Bradley relaxed as Su Xiao’s answer meant he didn’t know about the Homunculi.

The information about the Homunculi can’t spread to the populace.

The Dwarf in the Flask is trying to refine all the people in Amestris into a Philosopher’s Stone to use transmutation, giving himself a body and eternal life.

He wanted to become a god, but something like cultivating and ascending is impossible in the Fullmetal Alchemist world.

Su Xiao guessed that his main goal was the gate of truth.

If he managed to get the gate of truth, he would definitively be called a god in this world.

Although the Dwarf in the Flask has lived for hundreds of years, once the Philosopher’s Stone in his body loses all of its energy, he will die.

Although the current Dwarf in the Flask seemed strong, he wasn’t strong enough to control the entire country. That’s why the Homunculi are working in secret and in the shadow.

King Bradley knew that Su Xiao just killed Greed, but Greed wasn’t one of them anymore. He hasn’t been for the last hundred years.

Su Xiao has destroyed three Homunculi, and he is planning on finishing the rest, so sooner or later, he will be exposed.

So, he wanted to use their lack of information to the best of his ability before he gets exposed.

Su Xiao knew that he couldn’t fight the Dwarf in the Flask alone, as the latter was the strongest in the world.

In the show, four groups banded together to take him down.

They were Colonel Mustang, Edward, and Alphonse with their master, the military, and Queen Olivia and the remnant of Ishval.

Following King Bradley, Su Xiao was thinking of which group to befriend and gain as an ally.

He should remove Edward and Scar since they won’t agree to his ruthlessness.

They didn’t want to kill, but they don’t know that the Dwarf In the Flask will use that hesitation against them.

He removed Scar and the Ishval remnant because of who he is to them. As soon as they see him, they will just attack him since he participated in the Ishval Extermination war.

His best option would be Olivier Mira Armstrong and Colonel Mustang.

Right now, Su Xiao and King Bradley were sitting on the train sipping black tea.

“Explosive Flame Alchemist, did you hear about the homicide in Reole?”

King Bradley asked Su Xiao as if asking a subordinate, but he was looking for any reaction from Su Xiao.

“Homicide? I didn’t hear about that. I was suppressing a riot for the past few days, and I didn’t have time to read the news.”

“Right, you’re indeed a competent alchemist.”

“You overpraise me, Sir.”

Su Xiao smiled, and King Bradley smiled back. They seemed friendly, but both knew that it was a fake smile.

“I didn’t know you have a family, and there isn’t anything in your file indicating that.”

“I don’t have one, but a friend of mine does have one.”

“A friend? If he is not weak, then we can make him join us.”

Su Xiao drank his tea and nodded.

“Indeed, but his situation is special.”

“What kind of situation.”

“He is in prison. We were both neighbors there.”

Su Xiao looked at Bradley with a smile. When that guy inquired about a family member, it was just him seeking a weakness in Su Xiao.

As long as Su Xiao’s expression changed slightly, King Bradley would send people to investigate, and if there is even a distant relative to him, they will become a hostage.

“This person is…”

“He is Solf. J. Kimblee.”

“That’s a surprise, so he is your friend.”

King Bradley was silent as he was pondering about something.

Since King Bradley didn’t ask anything anymore, Su Xiao started planning for the future.

He knew that Edward and the others succeeded in the end and put down an end to the Dwarf In the Flask, but Su Xiao didn’t have that much time to wait, so he needs to speed up the process.

The train returned to the central city, and Su Xiao headed home.

Su Xiao got to his residence and closed the whole building before entering his bedroom and pulling out two Treasure Chests (purple)

He didn’t have time to open the treasure chest before, but now there is plenty of time.

Unexpectedly, Greed didn’t drop any treasure chest, but Su Xiao could only think that because he used Alchemy Bombs, no treasure chest dropped.