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R.P Chapter 396: Mask

Su Xiao thought. As long as he got allies, he can deal with King Bradley and the Humonculus immediately and raise a disturbance which will speed up his Quest.

If he doesn’t deal with them, he would only be able to use Alchemy bombs to fight.

Su Xiao put this behind for now and looked at the two-treasure Chest.

Bob looked at Su Xiao as if saying: ‘Master, let me open one as well. Yours truly already has high charm and can get anything I want!’

Su Xiao shoved Bob away and thought: ‘My luck today should be good since I got two treasure chests.’

Even though he said that Su Xiao took out Destiny Redemption to increase his luck.

After lighting a cigarette, Su Xiao took a few puffs to activate the effect and directly opened the first treasure box.

The treasure chest released a slight glow which surprised Su Xiao. Even though it didn’t flash brightly, this was also a good sign.

[You got 10,000 Paradise Coins]

[You got a Philosopher’s Stone (purple)]

[Philosopher’s Stone]

Quality: Purple

Type: Consumable

Effect: Can replace most ingredients for alchemy. Remaining energy (160/160)

Rate: 150

Description: This Philosopher’s Stone can be brought to The Reincarnation Paradise.

Su Xiao was overjoyed.

Because of the materials, Su Xiao couldn’t make Alchemy bombs on derivative worlds. He relied on the Reincarnation Paradise to get materials, but with this Philosopher’s Stone, he can make Alchemy Bombs anywhere.

Two energy from the Philosopher’s Stone was enough for Su Xiao to make a top-grade Alchemy bomb which means, he can make 80 top-grade alchemy bombs.

Su Xiao looked at the second treasure chest, but his hopes weren’t high anymore since the first one was successful.

But to his surprise, the second Chest flashed with light, stunning him.

Bob was so shocked that he walked forward to smell his Master to check if this was an imposter or the real thing.

As the purple light faded, an item appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

[Mask of Gluttony (set 1/7)]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: Purple

Category: Mask

Durability: 52/52

Requirement: Strength 5, Agility 7, Intelligence 40

Equipment Effect 1: Gluttony (active): Ingesting a high calories food to charge the power of Gluttony.

Equipment Effect 2: Power of Gluttony (Active, requires 100% energy to be used): Increase HP by 100, Mana by 200. When using a spell, there is a 30% chance to reset an active spell’s cooldown.

The power of Gluttony (active) lasts for 20 minutes.

The power of Gluttony (active) cooldown 5 hours.

The power of Gluttony (active) can reset the cooldown of equipment skills.

Rate: 150

Description: One of the Original Sins, after collecting the seven pieces of the set, a set effect will be activated.

Set Effect 1: Original Sin (Passive) Enhance spells damage by 60%

Set Effect 2: (Hidden)

Price: 38,600 Paradise Coins

The Mask of Gluttony would make any sorcerer crazy. Increasing the magic damage by 60% as well as increasing Mana was like a dream to all sorcerers.

Although Su Xiao can’t use this Mask, he can get a high price selling it later.

Purple Quality items can be sold for 50,000 Paradise Coins except for weapons, but the Mask Of Gluttony can reach a very high price.

Su Xiao’s mood was good after getting two good items from the chests.

He was excited and thought that maybe he could get another item from the Original Sins set.

After the previous transaction with God Sovereign, Su Xiao can be said a friend to that guild, so even if they encounter each other in the derivative worlds, they won’t be hostile.

Su Xiao didn’t have a deep connection with them because he didn’t want his Hunter status to be exposed.

The leader of the God Sovereign was a very capable person. He can support the God Sovereign and fight with the abnormal guild of crazies that is Phantom Brigade.

If Su Xiao remembers well, the second in command in the God Sovereign guild is a beautiful female sorceress.

However, this woman can hurt pretty much any man, not with strength, but with other means.

“Original Sins set… I hope I can get other pieces of this set.”

Su Xiao shook his head as obtaining them would be truly hard.

Su Xiao looked to the side, only to be stunned. Bob was using a cellphone to play some games.

“Did his intelligence increase that much?”

Su Xiao patted Bob’s head and took the cellphone. The cellphone had a strange antenna on top of it, and it was used to receive calls from other planes, but the signal was too poor, and almost no one used it.