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R.P Chapter 38: Enemy


“Unfortunately, I thought it was a treasure case.”


Su Xiao’s long sword tapped the ground, and the upper naked body was already stained with blood.


It was the blood of the great beauty Rize. Because he cut her belly, she spurted a lot of blood.


“Ayato, stop him.”


Tatara’s voice was low. In the Aogiri tree, he was one of the few people who know Takatuki Sen’s true identity.


“You take Kamishiro Rize and go first.”


Takatuki Sen looked at Su Xiao seriously.


Tatara’s eyebrows wrinkled.


“Is it necessary.”


“It is necessary, this human being is a monster.”


Takatuki Sen took off her shirt, and she was wrapped in a bandage. She seemed to be ready to fight Su Xiao seriously.


“Understood, let’s go, Ayato, Noroi.”


Tatara was no longer hesitant, and because Kirishima Ayato was there, Takatuki Sen didn’t want to reveal her real appearance.


As for Noroi, he also knew Takatuki Sen’s identity. He was the adoptive father of Takatuki Sen.


“Hey, are we escaping like this? This guy killed gecko.”


Kirishima Ayato who was in pain was very unhappy as Su Xiao almost killed him previously.


Tatara did not speak, just silently looked at Kirishima Ayato. Kirishima Ayato was felt that there is something wrong. He finally snorted and turned over his head.


“Hwa la.”


The sound of the broken glass came, and everyone looked at the sound source. It was Rize who chose to break the window and escape after she recovered a bit.


It was a dozen meters high from the ground, and Rize was forced to choose to jump off the building.


Although she will not die after being caught by Aogiri tree, the result will not be too good in the end, and if she stayed here she would be killed by Su Xiao, so Rize chose to jump off the building.




There was a loud noise downstairs, and the rushing car alarm sounded.


Su Xiao no longer cared about these few people in front of him and quickly ran to the window. He saw Kamishiro Rize walking with a broken leg.


Kamishiro Rize fell down and escaped directly while she was injured.


Escaped, the prey had escaped.


The smile on Su Xiao’s face gradually disappeared, and the handle of the [dragon flash] in his hand squeaked.


“We seem to have… provoked this guy.”


Kirishima Ayato did not know why he felt a chill in his heart, and subconsciously retreated, but the pain in his calf caused a large drop of cold sweat to appear on his forehead.


Su Xiao looked coldly at those few people there, and the blue veins burston his forehead.


Even if he can’t kill Kamishiro Rize, if he can get her kagune, he would definitely get a generous reward.


But after Aogiri tree came out, the reward he wanted to get just ‘jumped from the floor’.


“She escaped, then you are going to replace her, Eto Yoshimura!”


After Su Xiao said the name of Eto Yoshimura, the three faces on the scene changed, only Kirishima Ayato was confused. He heard the name for the first time.


“Take him away.”


Takatuki Sen’s voice was a bit cold, and it was no longer the previous child’s voice.


The Kagune behind Noroi violently rose, and the sharp teeth on the kagune gripped Kirishima Ayato.


“Noroi, what are you doing, let me go.”


KirishimaAyatohad struggled a few times, but the power gap was somewhat different, and he could not escape.


Noroi jumped out of the floor-to-ceiling window that had been smashed by Rize. It seemed like he will is going to chase after Rize.


“Do you need help?”


Tatara was somewhat afraid of Su Xiao’s strength. After all, such a powerful pure human being was a first for him.


The smell of ghoul was very sharp, even more than most animals.


Through the smell of Su Xiao made Tatara judge that Su Xiao was pure human, the purity surprised him a lot.


Ordinary humans in the ghoul world had a small amount of Rc cells in their bodies, and the ghoul judged whether this person is human or not by the density of Rc cells.


But Su Xiao had no Rc cells, not at all.


“No, you go to chase Kamishiro Rize, she is very important to me. Among the selected goals, she is the most ‘excellent.'”


After Kirishima Ayato was forcibly taken away, Takatuki Sen no longer concealed her true voice.


“CCG is coming, and the people below can’t stop them for a long time, let’s fight quickly.”


Tatara jumped out of the window, leaving only Su Xiao and Takatuki Sen in the room.


“Who are you, how can you know my real name?”


Although Takatuki Sen was 25 years old, she was pretty short, only about one meter and a half.


Takatuki Sen’s kagane became active. As the one eyed king, she had 10 kagane’s in her body.


With the appearance of kagune, the bandages on Takatuki Sen’s body loosened, especially the bandages on the two white rabbits on her chest, which directly fell off, revealing a large piece of delicate skin, and the characteristics of women were completely exposed.


Takatuki Sen didn’t care about that, she just looked at Su Xiao intently.




Su Xiao’s brief answer made Takatuki Sen shocked.




Su Xiao did not speak anymore. He was ready to fight.


A large number of kagunes appeared from Takatuki Sen’s body, wrapping her. Soon, Su Xiao could not see Takatuki Sen’s body.


In front of Su Xiao, there was a monster at least two meter high. It had two white claws on the ground. Its back was like a blossoming flower and a long thorn like thing formed by the kagunes which seemed to have a really strong attack power.


At this time, the appearance of Takatuki Sen was not that of a common ghoul, her current form was kakuja.


Kakuja was different from the common ghouls. To transform into a kakuja, the ghoul needed to be very cruel. It needed to swallow up by a large number of other ghouls before it became a kakuja.


Su Xiao did not know how many powerful ghouls had Takatuki Sen swallowed before she could gain this appearance.




Takatuki Sen on her kakuja form opened her mouth and spat red mist.


“Hahaha, you are such a pure human being, I have never seen it, you must be very delicious.”


Takatuki Sen’s temperament changed a lot, and her tone was a little crazy.


The mental state of kakuja was generally not stable. After the body was flooded with a large number of Rc cells, the extremely fierce Rc cells will affect the brains of ghouls.


Although Takatuki Sen had been able to control her emotions very well, her character had been outgoing.


Su Xiao became vigilant if the pressure of Takatuki Sen gave him was 5 previously, it is at least 13 or so now.


Su Xiao sighed and calmed down, he could not be affected by anger when fighting.


“She became a lot stronger, and her personality changed a lot.”


Su Xiao did not directly rush up, but moved sideways, and circled around Takatuki Sen.


While he was circling around Takatuki Sen, she turned her body and kept facing him all the time.


Su Xiao moved slightly toward her, and Takatuki Sen‘s claws were lifted up and ready to face him.


But Su Xiao did not rush to the front, his body that had been rushing to the front suddenly stopped, and after a sham, he continued to wait for the opportunity.


Takatuki Sen began to be impatient. After screaming, her four claws rushed to Su Xiao.


Her speed as Kakuja wasn’t that fast, but she was extremely strong and seemed like an armored car.


The strong wind was blowing toward his face.


After rushing to Su Xiao, Takatuki Sen stood up, and a white hand came and tried to grab his head.


Su Xiao’s body moved to the side, the claws gazed his ear, and the accompanying strong wind blew his black hair.


Su Xiao just escaped Takatuki Sen’s claws, and a kagune like a sword on the opponent’s shoulder came to him.


Under the circumstance, Su Xiao chose to fight back.


Holding the knife in both hands, Su Xiao smashed the kagune.




A loud noise came, and the tiles under the feet of the two shattered and the dust rose.


The huge force made Su Xiao’s face change, but the next situation made him a little surprised.


The blue color of the surface of [dragon flash] flasheed and the special energy converted by Qing gang Yin was poured into Takatuki Sen’s body.


Takatuki Sen snorted and subconsciously retreated.


This kind of opportunity, Su Xiao certainly will not miss, his hand moved, Takatuki Sen’s hand was cut off by him.


The claw that supported her body was cut off, and her body fell to the side.


Su Xiao cut again. This time was on the back of Takatuki Sen. A large piece of kagune was smashed and turned into broken debris.


The fragments of kagune, which shined with red light, were particularly beautiful in midair.


Being so badly hit, Takatuki Sen was very angry, she bared the pain of burning Rc cells in the body, and used the remaining hand to hit Su Xiao’s abdomen.


Su Xiao jumped immediately, but it was slow. Several deep claw scars appeared on his lower abdomen, and blood dripped on the ground.


His reaction had been very fast, and if he does not escape immediately, the claw would have pulled out his intestines.


“Hoo, hoo.”


Takatuki Sen supported her body by one hand. The man named Byakuya in front gave her a weird feeling.


She could not continue fighting. She was at a disadvantage because of the sudden pain in her body.


Takatuki Sen ran to the window. Su Xiao would not be willing to give up. His left hand on his abdomen and his right held the sword as he rushed toward her.


Takatuki Sen jumped out of the building.


Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped, and held the sharp-edged sword and stood by the window, looking coldly at Takatuki Sen.


Takatuki Sen in the air turned her head, and the head of kagune split a gap, revealing half of her lower white cheek.


Takatuki Sen actually smiled at Su Xiao.


Su Xiao did not jump, although his strength and agility were very high, his physical strength was not high. If he jumps from a position of more than ten meters, although he will not die, it is inevitable that his legs will be injured.


Today, there were too many ghouls from the Aogiri tree, and the terrain was not good for Su Xiao. He could not stayTakatuki Sen.


Just as Su Xiao had temporarily given up and was about to leave, he saw a man in a suit carrying a metal box in his hand standing in the short distance.


The suit man’s mouth was slightly open as he was watching him.


“Amon Koutaro?”


The scene of Su Xiao chasing after the one-eyed king was coincidently caught by the eyes of Koutaro.


This made Amon Koutaro stunned.


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