Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 422: Loot Steal?

Blood fell on the ground as Su Xiao panted heavily with three broken swords on his body.

He fought against King Bradley for ten minutes. Both sides were injured, but his current state was worse.

Su Xiao directly took out a potion and drank it. It wasn’t Alchemy potion since that lost its effect from continuous usage, and it would take a while for him to be able to take them again.

[TMT Potion]

Origin: A Certain Magical Index

Quality: Green

Type: Potion

Effect: Heal 30% Hp and gain +1 Strength, +1 stamina, and +1 Charm for 15 minutes.

Rate: 26

Description: A combination of Magic and Technology, contain no side effects.

Bob uses all of his skills, and he only had one battle of TMT Potion. The only potion remaining was Elf’s Secret Potion.

[Elf’s Secret Potion]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise

Quality: Blue

Type: Potion

Effect: Heal 1% Hp every second for 2 minutes. Effect doubled in a forest area.

Rate: 70

Description: Although Elves are prideful, their craft is good.

The best way to use the Elf’s potion is in the forest.

Even though Su Xiao’s HP was at 40% after drinking the TMT Potion, he was dizzy due to the blood loss.

He directly took the Elf’s Secret Potion and drank it. With the heal from the potion and the snow goddess aura, he was getting better.

Su Xiao drew all the broken swords from his body and dropped them while only one sword remained for King Bradley.

Su Xiao took the opportunity to cut King Bradley’s hand previously, which was still bleeding.

He also injured him on the chest and stomach, and no matter how strong his body is, it can’t withstand Dragon Flash’s sharpness.

King Bradley coughed as he shut his Ultimate Eye tightly.

“Without that terrifying dynamic vision, you can’t block my blade.”

Although Su Xiao was smiling, his injuries were serious, as slashes covered his body.

There was even a scar on his throat that should’ve killed him if not for the potions.

“This eye is indeed important, but you can’t defeat me even without it.”

King Bradley seemed happy, although the energy of his Philosopher’s Stone will soon be exhausted. He didn’t care, as he only wanted to fight.

Su Xiao activated Mana Combustion as Su Xiao’s sword flashed blue.

“This is the last move. No regrets, victory or defeat depends on this final attack.”

At this time, Su Xiao felt the Nationwide Transmutation Circle activated.

Su Xiao didn’t speak as he held his sword tightly.

Suddenly both of them rushed as fast as they could.


Su Xiao and King Bradley passed each other and turned around.


Blood splashed several meters away as Su Xiao fell down from blood loss.

Several cuts appeared on his chest as his ribs were exposed.


The sword in King Bradley’s hands fell down as blood appeared on his nape.

“There is such a sharp sword in the world.”

After a few seconds, King Bradley’s head fell down.

[You killed King Bradley, Wrath.]

[Wrath is a main character in the plot, you obtained 10.2% World’s Origin, you currently have 38.5% World’s Origin.]

[You devour talent is activated, 15 Mana points are permanently added, your current Max Mana is 989 Points.]

[You obtained Treasure Chest (Dark Purple)]

[Achievement Quest Conviction: (6/7)]

The Dark Purple chest fell beside Su Xiao, who didn’t pick it up as he was on the verge of death.

His HP was 2%. If King Bradley didn’t die previously, he would’ve been dead.

With the healing from the Elf’s secret potion and Snow Goddess Aura, his Hp rose to 13% after ten seconds. While he was still injured, his bleeding stopped.

His Windbreaker was full of holes and cut marks, but if it wasn’t for it, Su Xiao’s injuries would’ve been more serious.

Although the Windbreaker was like rags, it was a dark purple item, and it can be easily repaired.

Equipment effect 3: Self Recovery (passive): after being damaged, consume Mana for repair.

Su Xiao directly spent a hundred Mana points and repaired the Windbreaker.

“Bob, come out.”

The fight ended, but Su Xiao still couldn’t see where bob was.

After hearing his name, Bob ran toward Su Xiao happily.

The Dark Purple Treasure chest wasn’t far away, but Su Xiao didn’t pick it up yet.

Suddenly, Su Xiao heard the sound of applause from a young man coming out of the corridor.

He smiled and looked at Su Xiao.

“It was really a splendid fight. Unexpectedly, you killed King Bradley. I was so frightened.”

The young man looked at Su Xiao. Then he looked at the Dark Purple Treasure Chest with greed filling his eyes.

“If I meet a monster like you, I would usually run away or beg for mercy, but it’s a pity that you are on the verge of death now.”

The young man took a pistol and aimed at Su Xiao’s head.

“You’re such a powerhouse. Killing you is a pity. You can hand over your equipment and Paradise coins, and I won’t kill you.”

During his speech, the young man took half a step toward the Dark Purple treasure chest.

“One, two, three… Seven people, similar to what I sensed before.”

Su Xiao knew about the contractors, but he couldn’t stop his fight with King Bradley.

“Hey, I’m talking to you….”

The young man just wanted to pick up the treasure chest but found a sniper rifle in Su Xiao’s hand.


Su Xiao wasn’t the one to shoot, but it was the young man who pulled the trigger of his pistol.

Blood spattered from Su Xiao’s shoulder. The shot was originally aimed at his head, but Su Xiao managed to avoid it.

With the sniper rifle in his hand, Su Xiao aimed without the scope and shot.


A loud sound emerged, and blood dyed the ground.