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R.P Chapter 421: Fierce Battle

Su Xiao rushed forward, pointing his sword at King Bradley. He was testing the water as King Bradley’s attributes were higher than his own, and even his swordsmanship was higher.

It wasn’t that Su Xiao didn’t have a chance to win since his passive abilities were stronger than King Bradley’s.

The comparison of Attributes only defines general strength, but a fight depends on experience and instinct.

Su Xiao’s sword continued forward until King Bradley moved his sword to block.

With a Clang, Su Xiao’s sword passed above King Bradley’s head.

Su Xiao didn’t make such an amateurish mistake. He did this on purpose.

The metal wire quickly emerged around King Bradley, who knew it was too late to avoid it and thus struck his swords on the ground from both sides.

As soon as King Bradley dealt with the metal wire, he found a white ball rolling toward him, and without thinking, he drew back his swords and jumped back.


The Alchemy bomb exploded, and fire blazed before King Bradley’s face.

Su Xiao took a deep breath and rushed into the flames.

Dragon Flash pierced through the air and moved toward King Bradley’s head.

This was Su Xiao’s style, aim for the kill with every move.

King Bradley raised one of his swords to block, but Dragon Flash showed its sharpness as King Bradley’s sword broke.

Losing a weapon in Melee combat was fatal, and although King Bradley had six swords prepared, he had to pay the price for the sword that broke.

King Bradley barely avoided the strike on his head by sidestepping, but his shoulder took the hit instead.

The Azure Steel Shadow’s energy penetrated King Bradley’s body and started burning his energy.

At this time, King Bradley’s counter arrived.

A sword penetrated Su Xiao’s shoulder, or precisely, it stopped at his collar bone.

Su Xiao’s felt the numb, cold touch of steel in his flesh and knew he was injured.

King Bradley tried to drag his sword in an attempt to widen Su Xiao’s wound, but the latter was quite familiar with that strategy and knew how to counter it.

He immediately brought his arm guard and slapped the sword away, while King Bradley wanted to draw back his sword, but it was too late.

The sword broke once again, while the broken part was still inserted in Su Xiao’s body.

Both of them were injured, but they didn’t scream. At most, they grunted once or so before returning to normal.

After this, Su Xiao and King Bradley just looked at each other without making a move.

They weren’t resting since they didn’t use much stamina in the last boot. Instead, they stopped because someone else was there.

Su Xiao looked sideways and saw several men and women standing in the corridor. All of them were new faces, and he could immediately tell they were contractors.

The contractors were looking in shock at what Su Xiao was doing.

King Bradley was considered a big boss to them, but here is the super boss fighting a contractor one on one and look evenly matched.

Su Xiao grasped the broken piece of the sword inserted in his collar bone and slowly pulled it out, making blood gush out and taint his clothes.

His defense wasn’t weak, but the windbreaker wasn’t armor. Although it was dark purple quality, I can’t defend against King Bradley’s attacks.

Since there are a few contractors, Su Xiao knew that he couldn’t continue fighting King Bradley desperately. He needs to deal with the contractors first.

“This is… Bad.”

“Boss, what should we do?”

“Do you have to ask? We will run!”

The contractors turned around and ran away.

It didn’t take long for all the contractors to disappear from view. Su Xiao looked at King Bradley and said: “Let’s continue.”

Regardless of his wound, Su Xiao rushed forward toward King Bradley while King Bradley did the same.

Ding! Ding!

The clanging of weapons resounded all over the place, with sparks flying from time to time as the two continued their fight.

Since King Bradley knew that his swords couldn’t take Su Xiao’s sword directly, he no longer slashed at Su Xiao at full force, but he uses the motion of his opponent’s sword and diverts his strength.

Even so, three swords were already destroyed, and the ones in his hands were more like a saw than a sword.

Seeing this, King Bradley made a decision and slashed with all of his strength toward Su Xiao, who blocked it.

The ground under Su Xiao cracked from the power as King Bradley wasn’t holding back anymore.

With a click, the sword in King Bradley’s hand cracked and may break at any time.

King Bradley slashed forward, and Su Xiao met him with his sword.


King Bradley’s sword broke, but he was mentally prepared.

He directly aimed kicked Su Xiao’s lower abdomen. If that kick connects, Su Xiao’s intestines will bust without a doubt.

Su Xiao instinctively brought his hand to block his stomach, but King Bradley changed the course of his kick toward Su Xiao’s calf.

Su Xiao flew back five meters before landing smoothly, and although his calf was sore, it wasn’t for nothing.

Blood ran down King Bradley’s cheek as a wound appeared on his scalp that made his skill exposed.

“This battle is fun.”

King Bradley chuckled, but his smile was fleeting. His expression rarely changed, and this chuckle was something unusual.

Su Xiao flicked the blood off his sword as he found an opportunity to defeat King Bradley. The latter didn’t have a weapon anymore, while Su Xiao still had his weapon intact.

For a melee fighter, a good weapon was as important as his life.