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R.P Chapter 420: Death Mentality

At 2 am, Central City streets were empty except for the patrol of the Military marching under the light bulbs.

The war was ignited once again outside Central city. The atmosphere inside the city was gloomy as the food prices shot up and the currency value went down.

More than a dozen figures quickly crossed the street and surrounded the president’s building.

“Why is this place not guarded?”

Olivier held her sword as she looked at the presidential palace vigilantly.

“That guy doesn’t need guards.”

Su Xiao knew King Bradley’s power and shook his head.

Su Xiao’s heart tightened as he felt the aura underground. It was the aura of death that belonged to countless souls.

There was no one inside the presidential palace, not even a servant.

“Let’s go straight in, no one inside.”

Su Xiao walked inside the building while the others hesitated slightly before following up.

Sure enough, there was no one inside the building.

“Bob, step back.”

Su Xiao moved his muscle while bob took a small step back.

“What is that guy going to do?”

Everyone looked at Su Xiao in confusion.”

Su Xiao clenched his fist as the energy of the Azure Steel Shadow covered his fist and flashed with a blue arc.

“Could it be that he wants…”


Su Xiao ignored everyone and raised his hand before slamming it down.


Cracks filled the ground as everyone’s expression changed.

“What are you doing? This will expose us.”

Edward shouted.

“We are already exposed. How else is this place empty.”

Mustang sighed as the infiltration plan failed.

After the crack filled the floor, it fell.

Sure enough, there is a secret place under the palace, and they jumped down. They saw corridors extending in every direction.

They didn’t know which way they should go, as this place should be quite complicated.

“We move separately.”

Su Xiao finished speaking and walked forward with Bob.


Mustang shouted.


“It’s too early to go alone now.”

“No, I’m more accustomed to going alone.”

Su Xiao vanished in the black corridor while Mustang looked hideous.

“What’s wrong, Mustang.”

Olivier detected that something must be wrong and asked.

“Something seems really wrong with our ally, really wrong, and I just have the impulse to turn around and leave.”

As he finished speaking, a strange sound came from a black corridor.

Su Xiao had his reasons to separate from the group.

His plan isn’t to deal with the Dwarf of the Flask before he activated the Nationwide Transmutation circle.

Before the Dwarf in the Flask activates the transmutation circle, Su Xiao wants to let Mustang and the others defeat it.

Su Xiao was looking for an important person as he went through the corridor.

After several minutes, Su Xiao found the end of the corridor.

The sound of footsteps spread inside the corridor, and Su Xiao directly looked at the person and smiled.

“I didn’t think I would run into you. Should I say I’m unfortunate, or am I lucky?”

Su Xiao started preparing for battle.

In front of him, an old man wearing an eye patch and looking upright stood.

“Explosive flames Alchemist, or should I call you the sponsor of the alliance, Byakuya?”

This old man was King Bradley.

“Cal me whatever. Byakuya was just a code name.”

Su Xiao drew Dragon Flash as a blue electric light coursed through it.

Su Xiao suppressed his senses to three meters around him to make them stronger.

King Bradley held his sword as he looked at Su Xiao.

King Bradley was inhuman swordsmanship, and all of his abilities were enhanced, but he was a half-homunculus, and he can’t regenerate.

King Bradley was an orphan and was adopted by the organization to train him and many other orphans.

When King Bradley was young, he was injected by liquid Philosopher’s Stone and got one of the Sin, Wrath.

Although the process was painful, he persisted and finally became Wrath.

All of his abilities are at their apex, but it’s a pity that he had a bunch of pig teammates.

King Bradley doesn’t have any humane emotion except for anger.

Although Philosopher’s stone injected his body, his life span and regeneration weren’t the same as the others.

Su Xiao didn’t say anything and tried using Havana’s eye to see King Bradley’s stats.

[Comparing Intelligence attribute… Your intelligence exceeds the targets, and you can obtain 100% of the enemy’s stats.]
Name: King Bradley

HP: 100%

Mana: 480

Strength: 42

Agility: 40

Stamina: 37

Intelligence: 28

Charm: 29

Skill 1: Homunculus (passive): HP +300, Mana +200, Strength +15, Agility +13, Stamina +10

Skill 2: Swordsmanship master Lv.19 (passive): attack power using swords increases by 81%.

Skill 3: President’s aura (passive): May deter enemies.

Skill 4: Ultimate Eye (Passive): Dynamic vision +300%, mental reaction speed +10%, can see enemy’s flow.

Su Xiao smiled. The president is stronger than he imagined. He doesn’t have any attribute below 20. He was level 19 in swordsmanship and had his ultimate eye.

Since Su Xiao was had the swordsmanship master level 18, he understood that King Bradley was strong just by having that skill.

Su Xiao held the sword and didn’t think about anything other than defeating King Bradley while preparing himself to die against him.

Su Xiao wins without preparing to die while fighting against someone this strong.

“You have a good look on your face. You’re mentally prepared to die, right? I just happened to get the same feeling.”

Su Xiao took a step and rushed toward the president as soon as he finished his words.

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