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R.P Chapter 419: Finally, it starts

On the fourth day after the war in the small town, Su Xiao arrived in another small town near Central City where Mustang was waiting.

The train slowly stopped, and Su Xiao got out. To his surprise, Mustang was there to greet him.

This time, Mustang wasn’t wearing his Military uniform.

“What’s the situation?”

Su Xiao inquired straightforwardly.

“It isn’t too good. We already clashed with Central City’s forces and made little to no progress.”


Su Xiao doubted that the normal army of Central City could stand in front of the northern army, which means something else happened.

“Are there any irregular troops?”

“It’s the undying legion.”

Su Xiao nodded, hearing the name ‘Undying Legion.’

The undying Legion was the Dwarf in the Flask’s invention. Using philosopher’s stone, he takes a soul and attacks it to a body, and no matter what is done to them, unless you take the blood rune on them, they won’t die.

The only way to eliminate them is by destroying the blood rune.

But the blood rune position was constant, and it would take time to look for it in every single one of them.

“There is some good news.”

Mustang said.

“What is it?”

“Most of the central city’s army surrendered and retreated with their families, while the remaining soldier doesn’t have any fighting spirit.”

Before the undying Legion took the stage, the Alliance army and the Central City’s forces clashed, and the Alliance army was winning.

Su Xiao could hear the sound of gunfire even though the small town was 5 kilometers away from Central City.

The undying Legion’s style wasn’t using firearms, which means that there are soldiers fighting as well.

According to Mustang, some people could control the undying Legion, but it’s apparent that the Dwarf in the Flask was behind this.

It seems like they want to have a prolonged war.

The central city was losing, and the Alliance army completely surrounded it.

The decisive battle was about to start.

Su Xiao sat down inside warm water inside a bathtub. The scars of countless battles were apparent on his body.

There was another man in the bathhouse along with him.

“Good plan. Victory is almost assured.”

The man looked 40 to 50 years old with golden hair made in a ponytail.

This is Van Hohenheim, Edward and Alphonse’s father.

It was Hohenheim who took the initiative to come look for Su Xiao.

“That is said, you will comply with the plan?”

“Right, the Dwarf in The Flask is born from my blood. I have the responsibility to eliminate it.”

“Even if you die to do so?”

“It doesn’t matter. I should die, actually. I already have a pair of heirs, so I’m satisfied.”

Hohenheim chuckled.

“So you have some Philosopher’s Stone inside your body?”

Su Xiao asked.

“Dozens of people’s souls.”

“Seems like you are prepared.”


The Philosopher’s Stone inside Hohenheim’s body originally contained several hundreds of souls, but only dozens remained.

“When is the fight?”

Hohenheim took a long breath.



The gate of the bathhouse was trampled as Edward entered.

“Hohenheim, you are here.”

Hohenheim didn’t speak as he didn’t want to explain anything to Edward.

Edward finally looked at Su Xiao.

“You actually caused a war that claimed so many people’s lives!”

Edward was very angry, and he arrived on the battlefield that looked like hell on earth.

“How many people died? If I remember correctly, probably more than 100,000 people.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s reply, Edward raged.

“100,000 people… Do you even care about the lives of humans?”

“What’s the big deal.”

Su Xiao didn’t turn around as he already decided to deal with the consequences.

This war indeed rested on his shoulders, and he acknowledged that it claimed many lives.

Su Xiao stood up from the water as it was time for the battle.

“It’s about to start.”

Hohenheim thought that everything would end soon, so he was somewhat excited.

“Right, my people are prepared. How is your side?”

“They’re ready.”

“Then let’s start.”

Su Xiao wore his clothes and got out of the bathhouse.

“Edward, although I know that you don’t see me as a father, I must say this today….”

After three hours, Su Xiao, Mustang, Olivier, and the others gathered in the conference room.

In the room, many familiar faces gathered.

Edward’s master, Izumi Curtis.

Edward’s brother, Alphonse.

Edward’s Father, Van Hohenheim.

Olivier’s younger brother.

Mustang’s subordinate, Riza Hawkeye.

And a few other subordinates of Mustang.

They all were here to deal with the Dwarf in the Flask.

The final battle was about to start, and the one who assembled all of them here was Su Xiao.

Those people won’t take orders from him, but they have a common goal, which is dealing with the Dwarf in the Flask.

Su Xiao spread the map of the central city.

“First, if we want to get close to the main building, we need to move here.”

Su Xiao pointed at the map, while the other just looked without speaking.

“The Dwarf In The Flask is under the president’s building. There is a laboratory there, and Alphonse was there once, so he remembers the way.”

Everyone looked at Alphonse.

“I remember it.”

Alphonse was slightly anxious, but he knew this must be done.

Edward sat on the side silently, as he also knew that they must defeat the Dwarf in the Flask.

“Very good. After entering the laboratory, we divide into ourselves before we unite when we reach the Dwarf in The Flask’s position.”

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