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R.P Chapter 418: Starting a Fire

The tanks moved, crushing the gravel under the continuous tracks.

The tanks, which could only move in the main roads since the other roads were too small for them, searched the town for the remnant of the Central Army.

Su Xiao sat on top of a tank directing it through the way as he could sense the enemies with his perception.

“The House on Five O’clock has 20 people.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s instruction, the tank commander instantly gave an order.

“Turn the muzzle toward the house on five o’clock.”

“Change to Incendiary bomb!”

The tank has many types of shells. There are bombs, there had armor-piercing shells, and also smoke bombs.

An Incendiary Bomb is a bomb that contains an incendiary agent (as jellied gasoline) and is designed to kindle fires at its objective.

The bomb was fired, and the bomb was directly set on fire.

After several seconds, pitiful cries rang from the house as several soldiers ran out like zombies.

The fire wasn’t from a normal bomb but a white phosphorus ball bomb.

(T/N: The White Phosphorus Bomb is being used by Israel against Palestine citizens, even though the Phosphorus bombs are prohibited internationally. And by citizens, I don’t mean armed resistance, but ordinary civilians like women, kids, elders, even doctors to prevent helping the injured, and journalists to prevent spreading the news to the world. They even managed to convince Facebook and Twitter to stop the news from spreading on social media. What I watched in videos are the most inhuman things I saw in my life. I don’t know why other countries are okay with that. It’s unnerving to think that humans could do such a thing to other humans, let alone unarmed civilians, amongst which are babies that don’t know how to even talk or walk yet.)

The Central Army wailed under the bombing wailed.

A recruit from the northern army raised his gun to end their suffering, but a veteran stopped him.

“Just let them burn to death.


The recruit seemed to struggle as he looked at the soldiers in pain.

“My brother was killed by those soldiers an hour ago. This is nothing.” The veteran sneered and continued to enjoy the wailing of the soldiers.

War causes hatred, no matter whether it was a war between countries or a civil war.

The tank troops continued to advance as Su Xiao continued sensing around him.


A bullet suddenly hit the hatch beside him, causing sparks to fly in the air.

Su Xiao’s felt cold, as he didn’t sense the bullet only when it hit the hatch.

Su Xiao looked at the mark left on the hatch to locate the sniper’s position from the direction of the bullet.

“It seems like someone else is joining the fun.”

Su Xiao looked at the clock tower behind the town and spotted a dark barrel.

If you look closely, you will notice the silencer.

There was a contractor there. No doubt he was the one to shoot. There are only a few powerful snipers in the Fullmetal Alchemist’s world, and it’s unlikely that any of them could escape Su Xiao’s perception.

“Seven O’clock, the clock tower.”

Although the commander didn’t know if the enemy was there or not, he still gave a command for the muzzle to aim there.

“All tanks focus fire on the clock tower direction.”

Su Xiao shouted, and as a sponsor of the alliance, he can command the army of tanks.

More than ten tanks headed his command and bombed the clock tower, and razed it to the ground.

“Where did this contractor come from? How does he have so many tanks? This is simply cheating.”

A female contractor with a long golden pigtail runs quickly.

Her name was Mira, and she is a sniper in the real world. After entering the Reincarnation Paradise, she killed many contractors without them noticing.

Mira held her sniper rifle and escaped because that’s the only way out.

Su Xiao saw Mira escaping and didn’t pursue her as she was too far and he didn’t want to waste time. Moreover, the bullet wasn’t aimed at him previously, it was aimed at Olivier, and the latter was very keen and evaded quickly.

After two hours, the small town was cleaned of the remnant of the central army, and the only thing left is taking over the train station.

Su Xiao walked in the street and saw many civilians occasionally walking full of dread of the northern army.

The northern army entered the train station, and after five minutes of gunfire sounds, the northern army dragged several corpses leaving a trail of blood behind.

After gathering all the corpses of the Central Army, they poured gasoline on them and ignited them.

Wars and Plagues were associated. If they don’t deal with corpses quickly, many diseases will emerge.

Not long after, the train station was under their control, and the Central Army’s General didn’t have time to blow it up.

The General didn’t expect to lose so quickly. From the large pile of rations, he prepared to have a prolonged fight.

He was whimsical as the fight didn’t even last one day.

The train left the station with forces led by Olivier.

Su Xiao wasn’t in a hurry to leave and instead stayed in the small town.

The seats of the train were removed to increase the number of soldiers it can accommodate, while the tanks were loaded on the Goods train, which was lucky sufficient to bring enough tanks for now.

Even so, the transport can’t be done in one or two trips. It needed at least four or five times.

Olivier led the forces to advance as she needed to control most of the train stations leading to Central City.

Su Xiao stayed to guard the small town and kept in touch with Oliver.

Two days later, Olivier took over six train stations.

The military officers of Amestris weren’t all puppets. Some of them were discontent with Central City’s behavior long ago and seeing Olivier launching such a large-scale operation. They wanted to join.

The initial army started to rise as even more soldiers joined them to amount to 400,000 soldiers.

Su Xiao didn’t expect this at all, he thought that when they reached Central City, most soldiers will die against Central City’s military, but it didn’t look like that anymore.

He understood that the small fire he started along with Mustang was getting bigger and bigger.

On the fourth day, Su Xiao took the remaining 4,000 soldiers in the small town and took the train toward Central City. This is the final batch of the army, and since the forces behind the alliance grew so much, it wasn’t necessary to guard this place anymore.

The number of trains and train stations under their control grew, and the number of soldiers grew along with it.

Right now, the army had 600,000 soldiers.

However, the main force is still in the tens of thousands, those under Mustang and Olivier’s subordinates.

The others are taking a stand right now, but if they found that their losses are too much, then they will withdraw without a second thought.

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