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R.P Chapter 417: Wars and Civilians

The tanks moved forward while shooting at the enemy soldiers, with the infantry following behind.

Bullets flew across the battlefield, whizzing around the soldier and hitting the unfortunate ones, killing them.

Su Xiao followed after a tank, and not long after, a shell fell nearby.

Su Xiao didn’t care about it the same way the northern army didn’t care. There was a saying that describes this situation: Veterans fear Machine Guns while recruits fear artillery.

As long as the shell wasn’t too close, there wasn’t much danger. By dropping to the ground, the soldiers can avoid most shrapnel. Only if they were unlucky would they be injured.

The Central city’s army started counter-attacking the northern army’s tanks.

Even though the Central City’s army had more advanced weapons, they couldn’t gain any ground against the Northern Army.

Weapons didn’t matter right now, as the accomplishment of each side created the disparity.

Central City’s army was stationed in Amestris center, away from the chaos of war. On the other hand, the northern army was constantly defending the borders and gaining experience.

Suddenly, the aircraft of the central city’s army arrived.

This is the only weakness of the northern army; they didn’t have an air force. The central army didn’t provide them with an air force.

The technology of this world wasn’t very advanced, so even though they had an air force, the most they could do was drop bombs on top of them.

Right now, the sound of the civilians screaming filled the small town.

The northern army had over a thousand tanks, and each one had a small combat unit inside operating it.

In one of the tanks, a commander got angry as he observed the surrounding.

In wars, each soldier will have a nickname, which will make them risk-free even after the war. Even if they killed someone, they wouldn’t be afraid of their persons or their families.

Scarface, the commander’s nickname inside a tank, observed the surrounding enemies on the plain in front of them.

There were many pits in the plain, which could possibly cause trouble for the tank.

Several bullets hit the tank grinding on the shield of the tank.

“Direction five o’clock, a heavy machine gun inside a pit. Deal with it.”

Scarface shouted as the muzzled directly turned around toward the pit.

“Load a high explosive shell and drop it inside the pit.”

Ten seconds later, a shell exploded out of the muzzle directly toward the pit.

The Machine gun and the soldiers operating it poked their heads out of the pit, and suddenly, the shell exploded.

Corpses flew through the air along with the remains of the machine gun.

“Dealt with…”

Suddenly, a bullet gazed at the tank and left a deep scratch before hitting the ground on the side.

“What’s that.”

A soldier in the tank asked, but Scarface laughed without caring about the Anti-tank gun.

“That’s a 88 mm artillery, and you only need to focus on the sound to tell.”

Scarface then angrily started roaring and giving a command to deal with the Anti-tank gun, or else they will lose many tanks.

The war was getting heated up over time as the tanks continued marching forward.

“Machine guns, ready!”

The machine guns on the tanks elevated and started harvesting the enemy’s souls.

The Central Amy couldn’t gain the advantage at all.

After ten minutes of a heavy open fire: “Infantry, ready!”

The tanks stopped in their tracks as the infantry were ready to advance toward the enemy.

In this kind of war, the infantry played a huge role.

Although the firepower of the infantry was less than tanks, they were more flexible and agile.

Su Xiao sat on top of the tank, grabbed Spider Queen, and started wiping up machine guns.

Su Xiao still had five bullets, but he wouldn’t rush to fire only if necessary.

After all, each bullet costs him 50 Paradise Coins.

Fifty thousand soldiers against 20,000, and after less than an hour, one-fifth of the central army already fell.

Su Xiao found a military officer with a colonel rank through the scope, observing the situation inside a building safely.

With his finger on the trigger, Su Xiao directly fired at the colonel. The colonel’s head exploded and stained the window with blood and brain matter.

With a few other shots, another two adjutants of that same colonel died.

The cartridge case fell down. The sound of gunfire was common in wars, but Su Xiao killed the enemy’s high-ranking military officers without anyone noticing.

After five hours, the sound of gunfire subsided as the Central Army scattered, leaving behind corpses.

The war ended temporarily, and sounds of wailing filled the place.


“Save me, don’t give up on me!!”

“My arm? Where is my Arm?!”

No one was unaffected in this war. Well, maybe only Bob was unaffected.

Bob was conducting a magnificent feat right now; he was gnawing on a tank.

Several soldiers looked at this helplessly. They knew that the Dog belonged to Su Xiao and could only ignore him.

Since Bob gained his flesh, he can’t be satisfied with normal toys to gnaw on.

Su Xiao moved toward Olivier casually.

“How many died?”

“More than 4,000.”

Olivier’s tone was low and deep, and she wasn’t happy about losing her people.

Even though they killed more than half of the enemy’s soldiers, they lost 4,000 of their own.

After some time, the corpses were set on fire to avoid them rotting away. The entire battlefield was filled with the smell of blood and gunpowder with the charring smell of corpses.

Even when he saw this scene, Su Xiao’s heart was greatly moved. This is the reality of firearms wars, which was more frightening than cold weapons wars.

Su Xiao wasn’t moved or shocked because he witnessed the war in the Reincarnation Paradise and in the modern world. Even though he didn’t live through a world war, he still read and saw many things about it.

The current war didn’t end as the army started marching toward the town.

On the gate of the war, there was a corpse hanging there with a sign written on it: “This is the fate of resistance.”

The corpse belonged to the mayor of the town, as he didn’t agree with the war and the central army executed him directly.

“Don’t open fire. I’m not a soldier.”

Someone moved forward and seemed like a prisoner.

“Raise your hands where I can see them.”

A soldier shouted with the rifle in his hand aimed at the prisoner.

Su Xiao walked forward.

“Are there any central army forces in the town?”

“There is, in the….”


A bullet moved through the prisoner’s head, busting it out.

“A sniper!”

The infantry hid away in the tanks and moved through the town.

In the small town, the military remnant of the central army only knew that the Northern army were rebels and didn’t know that the senior management of the military was after the Eternal life with the Dwarf in the Flask. They were only sacrifices.

That Senior management of the military didn’t know that they won’t obtain eternal life because the Dwarf in the Flask won’t cooperate with humans, only use them.

After storming into the small town, the Northern army’s primary goal was to control the train station without a train. It will be hard to enter Central City.

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