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R.P Chapter 416: War

The army assembled on the white snow, wearing their snow camouflage uniform, making it hard to decern between them and the snowy ground.

They know that war was coming, but they didn’t fear what to come.

The Elric brothers stood in front of the fortress, witnessed the army power, and couldn’t help asking.

“What is going on? Is there a war coming?”

Although Edward was a national Alchemist, he wasn’t clear about the concept of war.

“That’s not right, brother. The army seems to be headed into the country.”

“Into the country? What’s going on….”

Edward thought of something frightening. Olivier is going to rebel.

“This isn’t good. We cannot let this happen.”

Edward wanted to turn around and keep this from happening.

“Shorty, don’t mind other’s business.”

Su Xiao looked at Edward and spoke.

“Who are you calling Shorty, what’s going on?”

“Hm? We’re going to Central City and overthrow someone’s rule.”

Edward’s pupil contracted.

“What about the Central City’s residents.”

“They can only accept their fate.”

“Stop kidding; there are more tens of thousands of people there.”


Edward’s breath almost stopped. If the Northern soldiers fight with Central City, then most civilians will become cannon fodders. Weapons can’t decern between a soldier or civilian.

“When we were talking, you should’ve listened secretly.”

“Listened to what….”

Su Xiao stared at Edward, making him terrified.

“Look for your father, tell him the plan of the Dwarf of The Flask, and beat him if need be. Otherwise, no one can stop the Dwarf in The Flask.”

Although Edward’s Father wasn’t as strong as he was before, the Dwarf in the Flask was created by him.

“My father? He…”

Edward stopped as Su Xiao threw a document toward him containing what made the Dwarf in the Flask.

“How… How is this possible.”

“Nothing is impossible. This is the Dwarf in the Flask’s development process. The Nationwide Transmutation Circle was created in the span of hundred years. Half of the previous Philosopher’s Stone created by the last Nationwide Transmutation Circle is inside your father’s body and contained hundreds of thousands of souls.”

Van Hohenheim was very important to defeat the Dwarf in the Flask.

Edward continued reading the document.

“This simply an act of a friend, but what does this has to do with the Dwarf in the Flask and Van Hohenheim’s defeat.”

“You don’t need to know. You will see in Central City.”

Su Xiao turned around and walked.

“Wait, the northern army can’t….”

Edward’s words stopped as Su Xiao turned his head.

“Don’t mind other’s business. If you get in my way, I will kill you.”

Su Xiao’s hand was on the handle of Dragon flash.

“Kill me then.”

Edward held his palms together as blue rays flashed.

“Just kidding, you can’t die yet. You’re an important sacrifice.”

Su Xiao turned around to leave, while Edward stood dumbly in the same place while shivering.

“This is bad, and this is really bad. Why does this fellow seem more dangerous than the Dwarf in the Flask? Alphonse, Alphonse…”

Edward looked at his brother, who was standing still.

“Did you see the pendant in that man’s hand, brother?”

Alphonse spoke in a shaky tone.

“What pendant?”

Edward tried his best to recall and remembered the pendant in Su Xiao’s hand.

“That’s… Winry’s Pendant?”

Winry was Edward’s Childhood friend.

“That bastard, did he take Winry?”

Edward was furious and about to rush toward Su Xiao.

“Don’t go, brother. We should leave quickly and look for Winry.”


Edward calmed down.

“Okay, let’s go find Winry first, then we go to Central City and stop the war.”

The Elric brothers hurriedly left the fortress, and shortly after, the army left the as well.

Two days later, the army stopped in a small town.

This town is like a supply station for the Northern army since they didn’t plan on going all the way on foot. They needed to take tanks and arms, or else they wouldn’t be able to go to war.

This town was the first step into taking Central City, which was why Central City deployed twenty thousand soldiers here.

The Northern army received several warnings as they knew the purpose of the army coming here.

Olivier didn’t stop the army and continued marching.

Thousands of tanks moved slowly on the snow leaving track marks.

The northern army dispatched more than 50,000 men, an average of 50 men by a tank.

They weren’t all inside the tank, but even atop of them.

Su Xiao sat on a tank’s barrel, looking at the peaceful town.

Half a Kilometer to the town, sandbags were already in place, and soldiers held their weapons, preparing to engage.

“Byakuya, the battle is about to start, don’t sit on the tank.”

Olivier directly said.

“How many are there?”

“About 20,000 to 30,000, all of them armed.”

“I will take down the enemy’s commander.”

During the war, Su Xiao didn’t want to deal with ordinary soldiers. Killing the enemy’s commander was faster.


Suddenly a shout came from the enemy ahead.

“Olivier Armstrong, surrender. You are a former General, and the president will make a way out for you.”

No one seemed to bother about this, and Olivier directly said: “Assemble formation, ready for battle.”

Thousands of tanks lined up, followed by fifty infantrymen. The tanks started moving forward, followed by the infantry.

This was the way of a large-scale war, and the tanks would make way for the infantry behind.

Boom! Boom!

The tanks started firing their shells, and mud splashed everywhere.

An officer of the Central army became frightened as soon as the battle started. He was only a second lieutenant because he had relations and never went to war before.

The shells started raining, and an explosion filled the place.

A shell fell down beside the frightened lieutenant before it exploded, sending shrapnel directly into his body, killing him after forty-three seconds since the war started.

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