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R.P Chapter 415: War Preparation

The officers in the frontier prepared to escape Amestris, which wasn’t good news for Mustang, who planned to go against the Homunculi, whose existence couldn’t be denied anymore.

In the original show, Mustang and the others weren’t as relaxed as they were now. After all, they didn’t have all the information about the Dwarf In the Flask’s Plan.

If the Dwarf in the Flask established the country to prosper, no one would rebel, but his plan was anti-human to the extreme.

His behavior in the recent centuries was enough evidence already, as civil wars appeared after the other taking quite a few victims with them.

“You should move faster; my current situation isn’t good, and I cannot make a move in Central City.”

It seems that Mustang’s situation was quite poor as well.

“What’s the situation?”

Su Xiao’s brows wrinkled. If Mustang is in trouble in Central City, the plan won’t work well.

“Don’t worry. I will bring the nearby army stationed in the small town to confront the Central City armed forces. They think that I’m insane with everything in front of them already.”

With Mustang’s attitude, he would protect the small town and avoid any hostage situation to blackmail him.

“What do you suggest?”

Olivier looked at Su Xiao.

“I have nothing in mind. I’m not good at commanding armies, so you decide that.”

Olivier and Mustang were experienced and careful. Although the three of them were cooperating, they could possibly betray Su Xiao at any time.

“As the one who suggested the alliance, your words have weight. You can speak freely.”

Mustang said as if probing Su Xiao.

“As I said, I’m not good at commanding an army, and I’m more suited for fighting enemies.”

Su Xiao replied, and Olivier and Mustang stayed silent for a while.

“What is your goal? My goal is to take the commander position. Olivier wants to defend her territory. What do you want?”

Mustang needed to know this information for the Alliance to move smoothly.

“My goal? Something the Dwarf In the Flask has.”

“What thing?”

“His research results in alchemy.”

Su Xiao’s words took Mustang and Olivier by surprise.

“Do you want to arrange a nationwide Transmutation Circle?”

Hearing this, Su Xiao shook his head as this suspicion was normal.

“You two think that I can set something like that? Do you think I can live for several hundred years? Furthermore, Mustang, you should be clear about this.”

Mustang replied: “Then if we won, you could take his technique, except for the information about the nationwide Transmutation circle, which we will destroy completely.”

“No problem.”

Su Xiao agreed.

“I don’t an issue either.”

Olivier agreed.

Since they now could work together, this made Su Xiao’s plan move further.

“Then the Alliance is officially established.”

With this, the Alliance was truly established.

Su Xiao’s plan was to let the Dwarf in the Flask obtain the fake power of god before taking it, which will be troublesome. Su Xiao also considered activating the Nationwide Transmutation Circle himself, but there is an issue with that. He wasn’t an Alchemist. He may have Alchemy skills, but not the ones from this world.

The Dwarf in the Flask’s goal by making the Nationwide Transmutation Circle is to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone and create the Gate of Truth inside his body.

The Gate of Truth is the fake power of god, which is Su Xiao’s objective.

Su Xiao’s goal was the Gate of Truth that the Dwarf in the Flask will obtain, but can a human withstand that kind of power? The answer is no.

To sustain the Gate of Truth, a large Philosopher’s Stone is a must. The Philosopher’s Stone is created by sacrificing human souls, and if Su Xiao obtains it, he will mostly become a Necromancer.

He was currently developing into a close-range fighter. Therefore, he had no interest in the Gate of Truth and only considered it as a quest item.

“Since we formed the Alliance, we should start planning.”

Su Xiao’s train of thoughts was interrupted by Olivier.

“There is nothing to plan, and you dispatch troops to Central City directly. Later we find a way to destroy or capture the city. Our ultimate goal is the Dwarf in the Flask.”

Mustang’s plan was simple and crude, which made Olivier stunned.

“So simple?”

Olivier suddenly felt that her allies were unreliable.

“Right. Otherwise, you can propose a plan.”

Su Xiao won’t interfere with their plans as long as they dispatched troops to the Central City.

Mustang’s army will confront Central City’s army sooner or later. What remained was Olivier.

Olivier and Mustang weren’t silly, but they knew that a confrontation with the Central City’s forces is a must, and Su Xiao didn’t need to do anything.

“Mustang, isn’t the plan too simple?”


Mustang’s reply surprised Oliver.

“If the plan is so crude, I’m withdrawing from the Alliance.”

“As you want, but I should remind you that with Dwarf in the Flask’s plan, avoiding a head-on war is impossible.”

Mustang’s attitude was firm, and he was clear about what needed to be done. The Transmutation circle wasn’t complete, and it was the best time to defeat the Dwarf in the Flask.

“You can withdraw, but you must escape Amestris like the other generals. I don’t want the Dwarf in the Flask to gain even more by sacrificing you and your soldiers.”

Su Xiao’s words made Olivier frown. No one was willing to become a sacrifice.

“I was kidding. When do we march for war?”

Olivier realized that going or staying here won’t change anything, and some people will die. Su Xiao didn’t force anything, but the threat of the Dwarf in the Flask is what forced them into the Alliance.


“We’re going to war now?”

“Right now, immediately.”

Su Xiao’s attitude was firm, as the earlier they get to Central city, the better.

“How long does your army needs to assemble?”

Su Xiao looked at Olivier.

“Mostly ten minutes.”

The efficiency of her army was beyond imagination. Tens of thousands of soldiers who can assemble in ten minutes were unheard of anywhere.

Under Olivier’s Orders, the entire fortress started bustling.

Olivier’s words were empty boasting, as in less than ten minutes, the army was assembled in front of the fortress.

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