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R.P Chapter 414: Flames Of War

Su Xiao picked up the Treasure Chest, which no one saw.

Su Xiao didn’t care about everyone but Olivier as he looked at her.

“This is a Homunculus. Like you said, seeing is believing.”

Su Xiao didn’t have to explain anything anymore since she saw how Sloth recovered his lost limbs many times.

“We will cooperate.”

Before, Olivier was hesitating because she wasn’t sure of the information, but now, everything was clear.

Now they were allies against the Dwarf In The Flask.

However, Su Xiao was still cautious of any contractor, in fear of ruining everything.

Olivier didn’t want Su Xiao against her; she saw how strong he was and didn’t know anyone that strong.

But such a muscular fellow said that the Dwarf in the Flask was strong, so how strong was that?

Successfully allying with Olivier advanced the plan by a large leap.

Su Xiao’s Quest was capturing the power of God (fake) that the Dwarf in the Flask was using, rather than defeating him.

If it was just defeating him, Su Xiao could’ve done it by sneaking in and getting him there. Even though the Dwarf in the Flask was strong, Su Xiao was confident in taking him down.
The current Dwarf in the Flask didn’t obtain that power of God (fake) yet, and he would obtain it later.

The Quest gave him a headache because he needed to defeat the Dwarf in the Flask after the nationwide transmutation circle was activated.

And here is the problem, after activating the transmutation circle, the Dwarf in the Flask would become extremely powerful. He could even say it was exaggerated.

Su Xiao’s goal from the start was to hunt the Homunculi, not to just gain the World’s Origin and Treasure Chest, but also to speed up the activation of the Transmutation Circle.

Since five of the seven Homunculi are dead, the Dwarf in The Flask who can’t leave the underground base would surely feel something wrong.

The remaining Homunculi were important, one was monitoring Central City, which is pride, and the other was the commander King Bradley, or Wrath.

Those two can’t leave Central City, which will make the arrangement stagnate.

And with Sloth now dead, the Dwarf in The Flask had two options, one was to wait patiently, and the other was to activate the Transmutation Circle forcefully.

Su Xiao was hoping for the second option. Since the Transmutation circle wasn’t complete, the Dwarf in the Flask would obtain the Power of God (fake) with the equivalent exchange law, but he wouldn’t be as strong as he originally would be.

He needed to make sure the Dwarf in the Flask wasn’t too strong and still could activate the circle. That’s why this mission burned quite a few brain cells for Su Xiao.

They now had two strong armies, one was under Mustang, and the other was under Olivier.

But can those two armies face the full army of Amestris? The answer is an absolute no.

But there is a big flow in the Dwarf in the Flask’s plan, which is keeping secrets from humans and believing that humans were below him.

Only the Homunculi knew of his plan, and even though King Bradley (Wrath) is the Chief Executive of Amestris, he can’t expose himself, and with the status of the Homunculi made public, the army would unite against them.

When Amestris constantly expanded, civil wars occurred unceasingly, with regional officers greatly discontent with King Bradley. If he didn’t have the Dwarf in the Flask’s support, he wouldn’t have made it to his position.

It’s not that he was incompetent, but it was the Dwarf in Flask’s plan, which is anti-human.

Although Amestris wasn’t a great nation, it was considered a country, and such a country that continued to expand over so much time suddenly stopped, and civil wars started. Couldn’t someone discover such an anomaly?

The Dwarf In The Flask didn’t pay attention to any of this, as he didn’t want to govern the country but use it.

To sum it up, the Dwarf in the Flask looked down on humans too much, but he forgot who created him in the first place.

Su Xiao’s plan was simple, reduce the Dwarf in the Flask’s trusted subordinates, unite allies, make the entire country rebel, forcing the Dwarf to Activate the Transmutation Circle early.

Two-thirds of his plan is done, just one-third to go.

What Mustang wants is the position of King Bradley, what Olivier wants is to preserve the north, and both were in conflict with the Dwarf in The Flask.

The Flames of war will soon ignite, and it won’t fall on Su Xiao’s shoulders but on the Homunculi. Su Xiao only provided a small spark.

In the fortress, one day passed since Su Xiao killed Sloth, and his injury somewhat recovered.

In a conference room, Su Xiao sat before a round table, and Olivier sat on the other end with an old-style telephone in hand.

“I really didn’t think you’d be able to convince her.”

Mustang said over the phone.

“What is the attitude of the other Generals?”

Olivier asked.

“What kind of attitude can they have. Although they knew that King Bradley is a Homunculus and knew about the Dwarf in the Flask, they are just sitting around and enjoying their lives.” As soon as Mustang’s words ended, Olivier stood up and hit the table.

“Are those pigs stupid? They want to sit idly while the situation is this dire?”

“Those guys aren’t stupid. Now they are ready to take their troops out of Amestris, which is good for us since we only have to worry about Central City’s Army and some nearby troops, about 200,000 total.”

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