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R.P Chapter 413: Speed And Strength

Red electric light flashed, and the majority of the separated limbs turned to ashes. On the torso didn’t turn to ash.

“Can he even regenerate from this kind of wound?”

Olivier’s eyes opened widely as she couldn’t believe the scene in front of her. In the end, Olivier wasn’t an ordinary woman and accepted the facts in front of her quickly.

The surrounding soldiers withdrew as the fight was between two monsters, and they didn’t want to meddle with it.

After ten seconds, Sloth’s body regenerated fully.

“Fights are troublesome. Sleep is good.”

Although Sloth was in combat mode, his mouth still uttered such nonsense.

Su Xiao’s body bent down as he stepped on the ground heavily, ready to flash toward Sloth.

Unlike Sloth, who charged forward without a plan, Su Xiao maintained a level head and dealt with every problem using his sword.

Su Xiao appeared before Sloth, as he didn’t give him to attack.

Dragon flash slid in the air in a blue arc and fell on Sloth.


With no resistance, Sloth’s arm flew up.

Sloth snorted. His pain endurance was muscular. Even though the Azure Steel Shadow burned his energy, and it should’ve been very painful, he didn’t react much.

After Su Xiao’s attack, Sloth directly counterattacked and punched Su Xiao. The punch was too fast that it even broke the sound barrier.

Su Xiao only saw this happen when he fired a shot from the Spider Queen.

He mustn’t let that punch touch him, he was the crazy healer, and this punch would cripple even the latter.

But even so, Su Xiao couldn’t react and avoid this punch normally.


Su Xiao instantly used Soru and retreated quickly.

Most people didn’t speculate using Soru to back away, but it can be used, and it was only slightly slower than moving forward.


Su Xiao was hit on the chest and flew toward the steel wall.

“This is bad.”

Although Edward didn’t agree with Su Xiao’s way of acting, they had a common enemy now, and Su Xiao’s defeat worried him.

In the original Show, Olivier’s defeated Sloth using the cold climate of the north, but even then, Sloth wasn’t using his full power.

To be precise, even in his final battle, Sloth was too lazy to use his full power.

But now it’s different, Sloth wanted revenge, and his laziness was suppressed by anger.

“Ready to open fire….”

Olivier was about to give orders, but Su Xiao stood up, which made her startled. She first thought that Su Xiao was a Homunculus as well. But a few seconds later, she dispelled this thought as she now knew how resilient Homunculi were.


Su Xiao spat a mouthful of blood and shook his head, feeling dizzy.

His Hp fell to 27% even though he didn’t receive the full impact.

His opponent didn’t just possess speed, but strength as well.

He took out a bottle of Intermediate Alchemy Potion and drank it along with a bottle of wine.


Quality: Blue

Type: Consumable

Effect: After drinking this Rum, movement speed increase by 15%, pain resistance increases by 60%, strength increases by 3, Agility increases by 3, and Stamina increases by 3.

Rate: 60

Description: Never Provoke a drunk.

After drinking a few mouthfuls, a warm feeling appeared in Su Xiao’s abdomen, and the pain on his chest disappeared, and the wounds he had were no longer painful.

“I was careless.”

Su Xiao blamed himself a little. Since entering this world, everything was going smoothly, which made him look down on the Homunculi.

‘Battle Lessons (Painful Articles): Never underestimate an enemy just because of temporary success.).’

Su Xiao smiled, he learned his lesson and didn’t lose his life, and whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

His eyes were clear as his Hp recovered above 90%. Of course, the Intermediate Potion didn’t have such an amazing effect, and it was Bob who is healing from the background.

Skill 3: Loyal Protector (Active): Consume 50% Mana, restore 60% Hp in three seconds, cooldown 24 hours.

Bob wasn’t just watching the show, and he was always ready to help Su Xiao at any moment.

Su Xiao rushed toward Sloth once again.

Su Xiao wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. He quickly turned to the side and dodged Sloth’s charging path.

With Dragon Flash to his waist, Su Xiao swung his sword and cut Sloth in two.

The two parts of Sloth slammed on the wall hard.

Before Sloth could recover, Su Xiao once again attacked. He moved his sword quickly that it formed a blue net that chopped Sloth to bits.

Sloth quickly regenerated. Su Xiao already figured out the formers fighting style and gradually gained the upper hand.

Once again, Sloth charged at Su Xiao, who was prepared, and once again cut him down.

Although Su Xiao was badly beaten before, he still managed to take control of the battle.

The number of times he killed Sloth increased one by one…

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao was breathing hard, not because of exhaustion, but because of his injuries.

Sloth was on the ground panting as his Philosopher’s Stone was about to run out of energy.

Su Xiao swung his sword for the final time on Sloth.

“Death… So troublesome, I really want to sleep.”

The Philosopher’s Stone on Sloth’s body shattered, and his body gradually turned to ashes.

[You killed Sloth.]

[Sloth was a key character in the plot, you gained 5.7% World’s Origin. You currently have 28.3% World’s Origin.]

[You’re special Talent activated, you Mana increase by 15 permanently, you currently have 974 Max Mp.]

[Achievement Quest: Conviction (5/7)]

Although he already killed Sloth, Su Xiao still took out a bottle of Alchemy potion and drank it.

‘This thing can’t be used continuously, or its effect will be reduced. If I drink more than three bottles one after the other, it will become ineffective. I need of few days to be able to drink it again. A bottle in ten minutes should be right.’

The surrounding people weren’t credible, and Su Xiao won’t leave his safety in others’ hands.

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