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R.P Chapter 412: Speed

Everyone’s attention was on Su Xiao, but he didn’t pay any attention to them as he stared at Sloth.

Although Sloth appeared to be dull, his speed was the highest among the others.

Homunculi received an ultimate skill when they were created, Greed received the ultimate shield, Gluttony had a mouth that can devour anything, and Envy can enlarge himself.

Su Xiao didn’t do much in this world other than killing Homunculi, so he knew them pretty well.

Other contractors wanted to kill them as well, but they weren’t as fast as Su Xiao.

As he fell down, Su Xiao took off his coat directly.

At this time, Su Xiao was wearing metal rings around his arms that he bought from The Reincarnation Paradise. They were training weights to help him build his strength.

Because he didn’t think that he will be fighting so soon, he wore them to control his power and accurately swing his sword.

“Bob, help me distract him for ten seconds.”

Kacha, Kacha, Su Xiao started removing the metal rings around his arm.


Bob rushed toward Sloth, although it didn’t participate in fights often, he always fought with Su Xiao and could hold aggro for a few seconds.

Bob started circling around Sloth, who looked at Bob in confusion.

“Wuff wuff! (Come on, Grandson)!”

Kacha, Kacha…

The metal rings around Su Xiao’s arms were heavy, and when they fell on the ground, they made a muffled sound.

Su Xiao moved his arms and felt quite good after taking the weight.

Suddenly, Dragon Flash appeared in his hand, and he charged it with Azure Steel Shadow to the maximum.

“Isn’t this fellow known as the Explosive Flame Alchemist? He won’t use his bomb but fight head-on with that monster. Is he courting death?”

Olivier was puzzled, but she quickly noticed Su Xiao’s steps and posture were more profound than her own.

“Must work, can’t sleep, this is troublesome.”

Sloth didn’t have any intention to fight, and his goal was just digging a hole.


Hearing Su Xiao’s words, Sloth looked at him.

“You recognize me?”

“Of course I do.”

Human… You smell Envy and Gluttony’s blood, and you’re an enemy. I will get revenge.”

Although Sloth was talking slowly, his senses weren’t bad as he immediately discovered that Su Xiao killed Envy and Gluttony.

“Brother Envy must avenge him.”

Sloth’s muscles tightened as he moved toward Su Xiao slowly.

Su Xiao walked toward Sloth head-on. In a one vs. one situation, there is no chance of winning against a Homunculus, except for someone strong.

As the distance was getting close, Edward Frowned.

“Hey, that guy is immortal, even if you injure him….”

A sharp blade flashed, leaving a blue arc in the air.


Blood gushed out and flew in the air.


Su Xiao looked at Edward, who couldn’t say anything after that.

“How is this possible…. What’s with that speed.”

Su Xiao’s move shocked everyone there. That guy could even stop tank shells, but he was cut so easily now.

With the Penetration skill and Dragon Flash’s Penetration, any armors were just ornaments for Su Xiao.

Sloth looked at his arm. He had a chance to evade but hesitated as he thought it was too troublesome to avoid.

Each Homunculi had a flow, somewhere serious, and Sloth’s flow was fatal.

His sturdy arm that fell on the ground turned into ashes as a new one started growing on his body. His regeneration was neither fast, not slow.

“Should you be so serious? Being serious is troublesome, but I have to avenge brother Envy and dig a hole, so troublesome.”

Sloth’s momentum changed as the red light flashed in his eyes.

Su Xiao’s threat slowed down if Sloth’s threat was 5% previously, not its 50%.

“Major General, what shall we do?”

Olivier’s men asked.

“Don’t worry, let’s take a look for now.”

As the battle continued, Su Xiao didn’t rush to attack again. Instead, he was ready to avoid at any second.

Suddenly, the Ground under Sloth’s legs cracked.


Sloth shot out like a cannonball, turning into an after image in everyone’s vision.

Su Xiao instantly moved sideways and was hit by the wind pressure as Sloth passed by. He narrowed his eyes as blood stained his arm.

Fast, too fast!

Although Sloth was huge, he was the quickest, even though he represented laziness.

Sloth had only one move, and that is to hit his enemy with full speed.


Sloth hit a wall behind Su Xiao, and the steal wall was dented.

Sloth turned around as red light flashed from his eye.

“How can we cope with such a monster.”

Edward wanted to help Su Xiao even though he wasn’t his ally, but this monster was too much.

“Big Brother, do we help?”

“We must help.”

But how? I can’t see that fellow when he moves.”

Alphonse’s words made Edward speechless. He knew that if he joined the fight, he would be a hindrance.

Su Xiao used the metal wire from his armguard and laid out a trap for Sloth, and the Azure light was flashing on the wire.

Sloth recovered and looked at Su Xiao.

Suddenly he moved toward Su Xiao, but he didn’t manage to hit him. Instead, he hit the metal wire.

The metal wire couldn’t cut through Sloth’s hard skin and could snap at any moment.

Su Xiao directly charged the metal wire even more with the Azure Steal Shadow to make it sharper.

Sloth rushed again, and this time, his body was cut several times.

If sloth was normal, then he would’ve lost his ability to attack after being cut, but it wasn’t the case.

His tattered body flew toward Su Xiao quickly.

It was too late to avoid, Su Xiao directly enacted the protective shield around him.

As soon as the shield appeared, Sloth’s head slammed into the shield.

With a snap, the shield broke, and his head continued toward Su Xiao, but Dragon Flash was faster.


Sloth’s head was cut in half, and each fell to one side.

Pieces of cloth were scattered around Su Xiao as blood filled the ground.

“Did he kill it? That guy is also a monster. No, he is even stronger than a monster.”

Olivier’s face wasn’t good. She actually let such a person stay in the fortress for a few days and with only ten soldiers to watch him.

Sloth wouldn’t die easily, but he wasn’t that far from it now. With this kind of injury, Sloth can’t recover quickly, and even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to recover much more.

Su Xiao swung his sword to the side to clean the blood then looked at Sloth’s body scattered on the ground.

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