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R.P Chapter 411: Being at wit’s end

Olivier’s fingers lightly tapped the table before she asked: “So this kind of Philosopher’s Stone, how many sacrifices are needed to make one?”

Edward thought for a bit, then said: “Probably ten people or more.”

“So many?”

“Right, this is just an estimate. I have studied Philosopher’s Stone thoroughly, and I can make a guess.”

Olivier asked again: “If it was as big as an egg?”


Edward looked at Olivier in fright.

“Don’t be surprised. I saw one that big two days ago.”

Knowing the origin of the Philosopher’s Stone, Olivier started feeling the weight of this red stone in her hand.

“I can’t imagine how many people died for one that big. Who has such a big Philosopher’s Stone?”


Olivier didn’t say it was Su Xiao, and she had a feeling that the Explosive Flame Alchemist did really come to form an alliance with her.

And if they had to fight Central City’s Force, then an Alchemist Master is needed, the same way this Fullmetal Alchemist is important.

“I understand. Why did you come here?”

Olivier asked.

“We are here because….”

The Elric brother told Olivier their purpose in coming here, looking for a little girl to consult her about Alkahestry.

In front of the Dwarf In the Flask, Alchemy technique would become useless, they also talked about how their father, Hohenheim, or someone with his appearance is the chef behind the Homunculi, and the latter calls him father.

“So that how it is.”

Olivier looked at the picture of the girl as she said.

“We want to find her.”

As Olivier and the Elric brothers were talking, a soldier barged in: “Major General, something bad is happening.”

“What’s the matter, don’t be so flustered.”

“It’s… In the underground, a monster suddenly jumped out into the underlayer base.”


“Yes, a monster.”

Olivier frowned.

“What’s its position.”

“Near the weapon warehouse.”

As soon as the Soldier finished speaking, Olivier stood up hurriedly. The weapon warehouse is the basis of their strength. Losing the weapon would make them venerable.

The Elric brothers followed behind Olivier.

“You two, stay here.”

Olivier ran directly after saying this, and she wasn’t sure whether Edward and Alphonse were enemies or allies.

“We can help. Don’t forget that we are Alchemist Masters. If the fort is in trouble, we can’t sit down and do nothing.”

Edward said with a smile.

“When we are there, follow orders, don’t move on your own. If you do anything, you’re dead.”

“Don’t worry, and we won’t.”

Olivier nodded.

The group quickly rushed to the mess underground.

The weapon warehouse wasn’t just for stocking weapons, but it also held the laboratory, which develops weapons and tests them.

As soon as they entered, they saw a tall figure with a body full of the muscle being besieged.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The soldiers fire at him, but the bullets couldn’t pierce his skin.

“It hurts, so troublesome.”

The big man said slowly as if he was lazy.

“It’s so big in here.”

The robust man had one eye, and on the other side, he had a red stone and looking at him, anyone can tell that he wasn’t a normal human.

The Elric brothers looked at him and saw a circle on his shoulder with a snake inside.

“This is… A Homunculus.”

Edward recognized the giant and felt anxious. They came here to look for a way to deal with them, and since they are here, it means that their plan was discovered.

“We are here to find a way to restore my brother’s body.”

Edward’s words were like whispers. He was threatened by the Homunculus and feared that if they made a wrong move, the life of his friend would be in danger.

“Who are you?”

This big man was Sloth.

Sloth was different from the other Homunculi. His IQ was low, and he was dull by nature. His dream is to sleep all the time.

“I must dig a hole… To cause trouble.”

Sloth moved to the side, and every time he took a step, the ground cracked by his weight.

“Make way!”

A female shout bellowed as Olivier was inside a tank with only half her body out.

“Get ready!”

The muzzle of the tank pointed at Sloth.

“Open fire!”


Olivier wasn’t interested in Sloth’s words since he dared come here. She won’t listen to his explanation.

A shell directly hit Sloth in the face and exploded.

The flame and smoke filled the place as the soldiers relaxed since the enemy was dealt with.

As the smoke dispersed, Sloth appeared with a slight injury on his cheek while the red stone in his eyes was shining with electricity.

“How is this possible?!”

The morale of the Soldier suffered a heavy blow as they faced this monster.

Olivier was shocked for a second before she shouted: “Stop watching and continue firing.”

After ten seconds, another shell was fired at Sloth.

Before the dark red shell hits Sloth’s abdomen, he swatted it away like a fly.

“It hurts, hurting is troublesome, I must work.”

Sloth ignored the shell as he was too lazy to fight or talk.

Boom! Boom!

Shell started flying at him one after the other, but Sloth wasn’t affected.

Instead, he lifted a metal pipe and hit the tank, directly damaging it. The soldiers inside the tank were squashed, and the other tanks immediately backed away.

“Don’t stop firing.”

Olivier was a little helpless. She was dealing with something so inhuman for the first time and didn’t know what to do.

“Olivier, we are allies. How can you not inform me when there is trouble here.”

Olivier raised her head and saw Su Xiao sitting on the rail in a high place, with a smile on his face. He held a cigarette in his hand, and his dog followed behind him.

“Can you deal with this monster?”

Olivier narrowed her eyes as she knew that the Explosive Flame Alchemist wasn’t simple.

“I already killed a few of them. That’s why they wanted to arrest me.”

Su Xiao jumped down directly.

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