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R.P Chapter 410: Edward’s Insistence!

The Elric brothers stood on the snow and were surrounded by several soldiers pointing their guns at them.

“I’m an Alchemist Master, and I’m not a spy.”

Edward once again explained while sighing helplessly.

“Don’t move. Lift both hands above your head.”

A soldier was ready to pull the trigger as he ordered.

“Big Brother, what do we do now.”

Although Alphonse doesn’t fear firearms, he didn’t act rashly.

“Wait, their senior officer should be here shortly.”

Both of them felt helpless. The soldiers didn’t let them explain themselves, and even the evidence that they are Alchemist Master is useless.

This situation was very normal, as the border is heavily guarded as many spies wanted to get in in the same way.

Olivier went out directly and carefully examined both of them.

“Who are you?”

Olivier’s tone was good as she was in a bad mood right now.

After verifying everything, Olivier discovered that what Su Xiao’s said might be facts. If so, she will not sit and wait for death.

Hearing the words from above, Edward directly looked up and said: “I’m the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric. Major Strongine gave me his recommendation to come here. Please let us in.”

Strongine that Edward talked about was Olivier’s brother.

“Search their bodies.”

“We aren’t criminals.”

“Who knows, recently a fiend even entered without me knowing until later, who knows what you guys are after.”


Edward said in doubt.

After searching for them, a letter was handed to Olivier.

“This is the introduction letter from Major Strongine, and you should know that we aren’t bad people.”

Olivier looked at the handwriting and knew that it was indeed her younger brother’s.

“It’s indeed that fool’s writing.”

Even as she spoke, she didn’t read the content of the letter.

“Hey, why didn’t you read it?”

“Introduction letters have no significance to me. I don’t need others to judge. I only judge what I see.”

“Let them in.”

The Elric brothers entered and raised their heads immediately in awe at the fortress.

“This is really huge. It seems so strong as well.”

Hearing Edward’s shouting, Olivier directly swung her sword.

“Be careful and walk quickly, or else I will remove your head.”

A strand of Edward’s head landed on Alphonse’s Armor.


Edward directly replied as he feared this Ice Queen already.

Olivier sat opposite the two brothers and asked.

“Do you recognize the Explosive Flame Alchemist?”

Hearing this, the brothers nodded.

Edward later shook his head: “I have only seen him once, that fellow like creating explosions, previously, he bombed many places in Central city, that I had to repair later and I don’t know the reason but several days ago, a warrant was issued to capture him. His charges are killing important figures of the Military.”

Hearing this, Olivier hesitated.

This is the same information Su Xiao gave her before.

If she didn’t remember incorrectly, the so-called important figure is a colonel who doesn’t have real power.

New questions were pointed at the Military in her head right now, and adding the weird behavior of Central City in the past few years, Olivier felt something not right.

“Let’s drop that for now, and I need you two to tell me why aren’t you going to the headquarters directly for the secret of your brother’s hollow armor.”

The Elric brothers looked at each other.

“This… If they know, we can possibly be executed….”

Edward’s words made Olivier ask.

“Is it the Philosopher’s Stone?”

As she said this, she still didn’t believe them but wanted to confirm something.

“How did you know?”

Edward shouted as he stood up.

“It seems like that fellow didn’t lie. This is bad, and this is really bad.”

Hearing Olivier’s words, the Brothers were stunned.

“Small imp, don’t shout.”

Olivier said coldly

“Who is the imp?!!!”

“You are! I will give you five minutes to tell me anything or else you won’t live; Central City laws don’t work here.”

A group of soldiers directly aimed their guns at them.


“Don’t think I’m lying, in the northwest, nobody can question me; even an Alchemist Master doesn’t matter if it’s for my subordinate’s lives.”

“The lives of your subordinates?”

Edward didn’t know what to say and didn’t understand what she was talking about.

After a moment of hesitation, Edward started talking.

After ten minutes, under Olivier’s orders, the soldiers drew back.

“What is your evidence?”

“Temporarily, we don’t have any, but the Philosopher’s Stone and Homunculi truly exists. I have personally seen one.”

“I can believe the Philosopher’s stone exists. You will have to confirm it, but Homunculi….”

Su Xiao gave Olivier a Philosopher’s Stone before, a really small one so he won’t lose out, but Olivier didn’t believe it was real yet.

Olivier put out a Philosopher’s Stone, and both brothers looked at it.

“Did you make it?”

Edward was already in a fighting posture.

“No, someone gave it to me.”

“Where is that person?”

Edward looked like he will kill someone because the Philosopher’s Stone is only made by sacrificing people.

“You don’t need to know, and you only need to confirm is this a Philosopher’s Stone?”

“This is a Philosopher’s Stone.”

Edward said directly.

“Demonstrate how is this used and how It disregards equivalent exchange.”

“No! I won’t use that thing. It was made by sacrificing humans. I won’t use it.”

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