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R.P Chapter 409: Negotiation

A blonde female general stood in front of Su Xiao, holding her sword and pointing at him.

This Woman made Su Xiao remember Esdeath, but there was a slight difference between the two, as this Woman wasn’t a sadist like Esdeath.

This Woman is Olivier Mira Armstrong. She is the Ice Queen and a major general responsible for protecting Amestris Northern borders.

This general was sent here for a reason. The homunculi feared her ability, so they sent her to the border.

“You’re… Ishval’s war fiend!!”

Olivier remembered Su Xiao from the war, even though he didn’t participate. The Reincarnation Paradise Created those memories, and it was normal for her to remember him.

“It seems like the news hasn’t reached here yet, or did the Central City cut off communication with this place.”

Su Xiao was calm. He is here to negotiate, not to kill.

“Fewer words, tell me your goal.”

“That’s good. I also don’t want to waste time with idle talk.”

Su Xiao cut the chase and said: “I’m looking for you to plot a rebellion.”

Even though Olivier had her suspicious, she didn’t think Su Xiao’s goal would be a rebellion.


Olivier almost shouted.

“Are you aware of what you’re saying? As an Alchemist discussing rebellion with a Major General, do you want me to directly send you to prison or something?”

“I’m not an alchemist.”

Olivier’s eyes narrowed.

“What do you mean?”

“Ok, I will let you in on the current situation. You should judge this after you know everything.”

Su Xiao started talking about the reason the country was established, the Homunculi, Dwarf in the Flask, and the upper management of the Military.

Olivier’s face didn’t change.

“Absurd! I only believe what I see.”

Olivier was really hard to convince.

Su Xiao didn’t plan to convince Olivier like this, and he only prepared her mentally.

Defeating the Homunculi would depend on her joining them.

“If you don’t believe me, you can tell your subordinate to come here with a map of Amestris.”

Olivier hesitated before leaving the room, and in a while, a trusted aide entered the room.

The one who entered was Miles, who was one-quarter Italian.

Miles recognized Su Xiao, but he didn’t say anything.

Before long, a map arrived.

“First, look at the map. Do you see anything out of place?”

Su Xiao looked at the surrounding people, who seemed vigilant as if ready to arrest him at any moment.

“Nothing is weird.”

Olivier shook her head.

“The map of the country is circular.”

After Su Xiao opened his mouth, several people’s brows wrinkled, as the country being circular doesn’t prove anything.

“First, let’s make an analogy.”

Su Xiao drew a circle around the country.

“In July 1558, more than 10,000 people here died.”

Su Xiao started drawing.

„In October 1661, civil strife, more than 20,000 people died.”

Su Xiao made another drawing.

„In February 1799, an incident here, more than 50,000 people died.”

„In 1811, in this place, more than 30,000 people died.”

“In June 1835, the first south border war.”

“in May 1911, second south border war.”

“In 1913, civil war.”

Su Xiao started outlining the map.

“If all those placed are outlined, this is what we will get.”

The people in the room looked at what Su Xiao drew, and what appeared was an alchemy chart.

“What is this…?”

Olivier’s subordinate looked dull; even a fool can tell that something was wrong in the country.

Olivier was the first to ask: “What does this circle represent?”

“This is a Philosopher’s Stone Transmutation circle.”

Su Xiao put on a stack of documents that held detailed information about Philosopher’s Stone.

Olivier’s face changed the more she read about this. The Dwarf In The Flask wanted to make the entire country into a Transmutation Circle.

Olivier couldn’t refute his claims, but she didn’t readily agree with him as well.

“I will tell you something else. The Briggs fortress is one of the most important nods.” Su Xiao once again started making outlines on the map.

“Here are the nods. They are very important. Although Briggs fortress had small-scale fights, many die here each year.”

Su Xiao stopped talking and let Olivier consider his words.

“I can’t find any flaw in your words temporarily, but I will only believe what I see with my eyes.”

Olivier still wasn’t convinced.

“If you don’t anticipate this, Central City will send someone for you to make a choice, either abandon all your subordinates and cooperate or revolt.”

Su Xiao wasn’t worried that Olivier would cooperate with the Dwarf In the Flask.

“What’s your status to act right now.”

Olivier looked at Su Xiao and asked.

“I’m currently the most wanted terrorist.”

“Most wanted terrorist? Why?”

“Because I killed Homunculi.”

Hearing this, Olivier laughed.

“I can believe other things, but Homunculus, that’s laughable, humans can’t be created.”

“Don’t worry about that, and perhaps a homunculus will appear before you soon. For an Alchemist, Homunculus isn’t implausible.”

As the negotiation finished, Olivier required some time to confirm Su Xiao’s claims.

Su Xiao wasn’t worried. Without Olivier and Mustang’s boost, his chance to defeat the Dwarf in the Flask would be close to zero.

Su Xiao lived in the Briggs Fortress temporarily. Although he can act freely, Olivier arranged more than ten ‘guides’ for him to avoid getting ‘lost.’

Waiting for two days, a favorable turn finally appeared, the main characters, the Eric Brothers, arrived at Briggs Fortress.

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