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R.P Chapter 408: Fortress

Two days later, in Amestris, Northwest District.

Su Xiao set out two days earlier heading Northwest, with nothing but a compass and a map.

Su Xiao touched the lead that wrapped around Bob’s collar while standing on a snow sled.

Bob refused such a thing from the start, and he even gave Su Xiao a look that meant: ‘Riding me is already too much, and now you want me to pull a sled and wear a lead rope? Impossible!’

After great persuasion, Bob relented.

If Su Xiao needed to reach his destination, he needed at least three days while only looking at snow.

The weather today was sunny, but it wasn’t warm. It was at least 45 degrees below zero.

People may think that snowy days are colder than sunny days, but they are wrong.

When it’s snow, it isn’t cold, but after it stops snowing, cold wind blows.

Although Su Xiao’s Stamina was 35 and had great resistance toward cold, he was tiny compared to the force of nature.

Su Xiao suddenly felt drowsy and directly said: “Bob, stop.”

Su Xiao jumped down and put up a tent, and started a fire to warm himself.

Suddenly, the sun seemed to brighten, and all of the clouds disappeared, and no wind blew. Su Xiao had a bad premonition and directly got up.

“This weather…”

Su Xiao jumped onto the snow sled and directly shouted.

“Run as fast as you can!”

It was the calm before the storm, a snowstorm was coming, and if he doesn’t get out of there, then he will die.

Bob ran quickly as Su Xiao observed the change in the weather.

At first, only a few snowflakes fell randomly, but after a while, it started snowing heavily, and the wind started blowing.

The snowstorm came, and directly Su Xiao abandoned the sled and rode on Bob directly.

The strong wind threw the snowflakes at Su Xiao’s face, and as soon as they touched him, they melted, leeching off his temperature.

At the moment, they couldn’t even see over five meters ahead.

Su Xiao’s face was hideous, but Bob wasn’t affected at all since his fur can block the cold.

After five hours, Su Xiao crawled out from under the snow.

The snowstorm was enough to bury him, but after a snowstorm, Bob barked and caused an Avalanche.

Su Xiao patted the snow off him and shouted: “Bob.”

Bob didn’t respond. Su Xiao looked around to find Bob digging down on the snow while wagging its tail.

Being buried in the snow wasn’t as scary as losing your sense of direction in a world of snow.

Digging up if you’re lucky, but if you’re not, you will just bury yourself further under the snow.

This is something common in the real world.

The simplest way to resolve this is spitting. If it went toward you dug, then you’re going the wrong way, it went down, then you’re on the right track.

Su Xiao caught Bob’s tail and pulled him out from the snow.

Four days later, Su Xiao saw the steal fortress.

He finally arrived at his destination.

The fortress stood tall between two mountains blocking anyone from passing through.

For this reason, Briggs Fortress was frequently under attack from other countries.

People here were already used to the strong climate, and all of them were soldiers.

Su Xiao moved toward the fortress while Bob followed behind.

Bob was feeling sad as he wanted to know a bone, but the temperature was too low, and the bone would free, making it harder for him.

Su Xiao climbed up and then moved toward the fortress using his metal wire.

Just as he stepped on the fortress, he heard footsteps walking close by. They were soldiers, and since he didn’t want to cause a conflict, he directly avoided them before moving sideways to enter the fortress.

He had a detailed map of the fortress that Mustang provided which wasn’t difficult with his rank.

Su Xiao used his senses to avoid the soldiers each time. The fortress was like a labyrinth. Without a map, anyone would be lost.

After an hour, Su Xiao entered an office.

There was no one in the office, so Su Xiao directly sat down and took off his coat.

After several hours, Su Xiao heard footsteps, and a woman pushed the door open.

Seeing Su Xiao, she pulled out a sword and stared at Su Xiao.

“Who are you… Well, I’ve seen you before.”

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