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R.P Chapter 407: New Formulas

Detecting Su Xiao’s gaze, Bob rushing quickly toward Su Xiao and grabbed the Treasure Chest.

“You do it; my luck isn’t good right now.”

Su Xiao took a sip from his cup of tea. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had bad luck, and without Destiny Redemption, he would be helpless when opening Treasure Chests.

Mustang couldn’t get a ticket for Su Xiao, it wasn’t that he was incompetent, but the supervision was too strict.

The only way to the west was by train. Normal transport was impossible.

At this time, Su Xiao noticed a familiar flash of light and was stunned.

[You obtained 12,000 Paradise Coins]

[You obtained Soul Crystal (Medium)]

[You obtained Philosopher’s Stone (Purple, can be taken out of the current world)]

[You obtained Envy’s Suffering]

[Envy’s Suffering]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: Purple

Category: Trousers

Durability: 49 – 49

Requirement: Strength 6, Agility 4, Intelligence 42

Equipment Skill 1: Envy (Active): Consume 10% Mana to increase speed up to 20%, effective for 7 minutes.

Envy (active) cooldown 5 hours

Envy (active) can’t stack over similar effects.

Envy (Active) can’t upgrade when the equipment upgrades.

Rate: 150

Description: A piece of the Original Sin’s set. Collecting all seven pieces add new effects.

Set Effect 1: Original Sin (Passive), Magic Damage increase by 60%

Set Effect 2: Unknown

Price: 37,900 Paradise Coins

Su Xiao looked at the Items dumbfoundedly. Paradise Coins, Soul Crystal (Medium), Philosopher’s Stone and a piece of the Original Sin’s set?”

He looked at Bob, who seemed ignorant, and said: “Good job.”

Su Xiao wasn’t sure if he can get so much even with Destiny Redemption’s effect, but his dog got it just like that.

The Original Sin’s Set was priceless, and selling two pieces together would make them even more valuable.

If he could obtain another one…

Su Xiao shook his head as the possibility was too low.

Since the Treasure Chest is dealt with, Su Xiao will focus on Alchemy Potion Manufacturing.

Su Xiao had four Philosopher’s Stone that can’t leave the Fullmetal Alchemist world, and the energy in them amounted to 2,000 points. Each Potion consumes 20 points from the Philosopher’s Stone and 40 Mana.

Since currently, Su Xiao’s mana was full, he can make 23 potions easily.

But he was in a dangerous world, so he has to retain some Mana for emergencies, so he decided to make 20 potions.

Su Xiao opened the skill list and clicked on Alchemy skill.

[Alchemy: Potion Manufacturing Lv.1 (319/10). Rank up available, 500 Paradise coins to promote Potion manufacturing.]

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing Increase to Lv.2]

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing Increase to Lv.3]

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing Increase to Lv.4]

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing Increase to Lv.5]

[Alchemy Potion Manufacturing Increase to Lv.6]

[You unlocked new formula in the Potion Manufacturing Skill.]

[Intermediate Alchemy Potion Formula unlocked.]

[Forest Shadow Potion formula unlocked.]

Tow new potion formulas are now available.

Su Xiao didn’t know when the new formulas would unlock. Sometimes they are unlocked after just one level and sometimes more.

Su Xiao attempt to make the Intermediate Alchemy Potion, and the consumption increased from the primary Potion.

After a flash of light, a red Potion appeared on Su Xiao’s hand.

[Intermediate Alchemy Potion]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: Green

Type: Potion

Effect: Restore 25% Hp.

Rate: 16

Description: Alchemy Products can’t be taken out of the Fullmetal Alchemist world.

The Intermediate Alchemy Potion’s healing effect increased, and Su Xiao was sure that the advanced and top-grade Alchemy potion would bring a good surprise for him.

Su Xiao directly attempts the Forest Shadow Potion, but he wasn’t concentrated enough, and a prompt appeared in front of him.

[Forest Shadow Potion manufacturing failed.]

After 20 Minutes, a crystal bottle appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

[Forest Shadow Potion]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: Green

Type: Potion

Effect: can recover stamina (fatigue) and increase energy.

Rate: 21

Description: Who said that Potion could only be consumed directly? Borken (Can’t be taken out of the Fullmetal Alchemist world)

The Potion surprised Su Xiao greatly and directly drank it.

[Forest Shadow Potion left: 99%, can be maintained for 120 hours]

Su Xiao was surprised and delighted by the notification. After a while, he went back to making Intermediate Alchemy Potion since The Forest Shadow Potion can’t be sold in this world.

The Forest Shadow Potion’s cooldown is five days, so he can only make one in five days and barely satisfy his needs.

After making a few Intermediate Alchemy potions, Su Xiao’s mana dropped low, so he stopped.

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