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R.P Chapter 406: Let Bob Do It

Su Xiao rode on Bob for half an hour till they reached a small town.

Su Xiao didn’t enter the town and instead jumped down from Bob’s back and removed a rod of steel pierced in his chest.

It wasn’t a long rod, and the wound wasn’t deep. He didn’t want to attract the Ape’s attention before, so he didn’t remove it earlier.

Blood gushed out of the wound as soon as the rod was removed, staining his clothes.

Su Xiao directly cleaned the wound and took a bottle of primary Alchemy Potion, and drunk it.

Without a doubt, killing the Ape would’ve brought great benefits to Su Xiao, but with his current strength, he can’t kill it.

At least not before being promoted to the Second Order.

Su Xiao’s promotion arrived quickly compared to other contractors. He only entered four worlds, without counting the first trial, the Parasite Parade, and this world.

He advanced fast because he completed most Quests with high evaluation.

Before reaching the Second Order, there is a limit to his status, which is 49 points.

Su Xiao now had to balance four attributes.

Attributes don’t represent battle efficiency because some of the Attributes of some contractors earlier reached 40.

For example, the traps intelligence reached 40 at least.

But there is a with single attribute increment, as they were weak in later stages.

Su Xiao wanted to take steady steps to the top. Although his attributes were close to 38, his swordsmanship was already Lv.18 right now, which is something First Order Contractors can’t imagine achieving.

All the powerhouses pursued the balanced development, like the Crazy Healer (Mad Milk), as he developed two attributes, which are strength and stamina, with slight intelligence, and the revolver guy also developed strength and agility with slight stamina.

Su Xiao’s situation was quite rare as he had to balance four attributes, Agility, Strength, Stamina, and Intelligence. When he ascends to the Second Order, he will be unmatched.

Suddenly, Su Xiao heard a voice transmitted on his intercom.

“Outside City… Eight… Previous Place… Meet.”

Hearing this, Su Xiao knew where to go.

At eight Am, Su Xiao waited in the forest for a while. Suddenly, a person wearing a hood appeared.


Hearing Su Xiao’s shout, the person took off his hood to reveal Colonel Mustang.

“Last night, something happened, and ten thousand militaries were dispatched.”

Mustang was hostile toward Su Xiao before, but after understanding the secret of the country, things changed.

Knowing that everyone in the country is going to be sacrificed, Mustang’s started plotting a rebellion.

“The Chimera Beast, it almost killed me.”

The Ape left Central City, which was good news. The Dwarf In The Flask was already too strong. If that Ape joined it, it would be the end.

Mustang nodded and started narrating the situation from his side.

“I started preparing, but making war preparation requires time. Last night, I did some investigation, and that place indeed has an Undying Legion.”

The so-called undying legion were soldiers under the Dwarf in the Flask. They were manufactured with Philosopher’s stone and stuffed with human souls. It was like the situation of Alphonse.

They don’t die with normal means like cutting off their head, but they aren’t undying.

“How many are there?”

“At least tens of thousands, from the appearance no soul was attached to them yet.”

Mustang sighed. Although he knows the enemy, the latter was too strong.

“The Undying Legion is only a small issue. When the war starts, they must be taken care of quickly.”

“That’s not an issue, don’t forget we have the Eagle Eye.”

Su Xiao nodded. Riza’s ambush ability was top-notch, without a doubt.

“Very good. I will contact another ally I made recently. I killed Envy, but I think you should know that Envy killed Maes Hughes.”


Mustang’s almost shouted.

Maes Hughes was his best friend.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before.”

Mustang couldn’t kill the murderer of his best friend and felt dissatisfied.

“It’s impossible for you to find him. If a homunculus can be easily found, then would Central City be in its current predicament?”

Su Xiao and Mustang weren’t friends, but they had a common enemy, which was the Dwarf in the Flask.

“I need a safe residence and a ticket to go northwest.”

Mustang nodded: “I can provide the residence. As for going northwest, why go there?”


“The Fort of Briggs? Is it possible you want to…”


“That woman will not meddle in this matter. Although she is a major general, the northwest frontier fortress is her kingdom. She is almost independent of the country and even receives taxes.”

Mustang didn’t favor the ally Su Xiao wanted to make. It wasn’t because they are weak, but because that woman Is hard to convince.

“No, she can join us, don’t forget, the northwest is in the corner of the Transmutation Circle, and with the Dwarf in The Flask’s Plan, there will be war.”

Mustang shook his head as he listened to Su Xiao.

“I thought of that… But that woman is difficult.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and thought: ‘That woman is indeed hard to talk to.’

“I will try to find a solution. You should clean the unstable factor here after tomorrow, Mustang.”

“No, we’ll start tomorrow.”

It seems that Mustang was quite anxious.

“Tomorrow, it will rain.”

Mustang was at a loss for words. That would leave him powerless indeed.

“After tomorrow is the safest, as for me, when I go, the armed force can’t meddle in my affair.”


Su Xiao turned around to leave.

“Explosive Flame Alchemist, does he want to obtain anything from dealing with the Dwarf in the Flask?”

Su Xiao’s goal wasn’t clear to Mustang. If there were concrete evidence, Mustang wouldn’t cooperate with him.

“Perhaps he wants to save the world.”

Riza said.

“Perhaps if I was another person, I would believe that, but that’s the Explosive Flame Alchemist.”

Two days later, in a town northwest, Su Xiao sat down before a warm stove.

He killed many Homunculi and couldn’t stay in Central City.

Pride and King Bradley didn’t appear before him right now, most likely because of the Ape.

Su Xiao put out several Philosopher’s Stones along with a Purple Treasure Chest.

Now, he had sufficient Paradise Coins. He lacked the skill to improve his Alchemy Potion Making.

Su Xiao looked at the Treasure box and couldn’t decide whether to open it or not because the destiny Redemption was still in cooldown.

After a bit, he looked at Bob and thought it would be a good choice.

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