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R.P Chapter 405: I can’t hold on, let’s die

The Ape was a terrifying beast. Not only is its strength at the peak of the world, but it also has many skills that Su Xiao couldn’t read.

The Ape grabbed the Trap single-handedly as if he was in love. It then looked around for living creatures.

Suddenly, the Ape’s eyes flickered as he stepped on the ground.

Blood and meat flew in the air as the contractors who feigned death were stepped on.

It wasn’t just Su Xiao and Fireball who were feigning death. Many other contractors did the same thing as well.

The Ape was fast, and escaping from it was almost impossible. Blocking it was even more impossible with its strength.

Although the attributes were basic strength, reaching a high state makes them terrifying.

There is even a difference between 49 and 50 points, as that point meant a qualitative change.

Su Xiao’s strength reached 38 points, but he had no chance of facing the Ape.

The Ape continued his search on the ground as Bob rubbed his head on Su Xiao closely.

“Don’t get too close. That beast will notice you.”

Su Xiao suppressed his voice as he said to Bob.

Bob hesitated and finally stepped back three meters away from Su Xiao. Even if Su Xiao gets exposed, he could ride on Bob and run.

Su Xiao noticed a teenage contractor close by who looked pale.

He could guess that in a 500 meters radius, many contractors are playing dead on the ground.

Su Xiao’s estimation wasn’t wrong, as there is a guild with more than 30 members on the ground right now.

Su Xiao couldn’t release his senses, or else the Ape would notice him.

At this time, the Ape started flirting with the Trap in his hand.

The Trap was desperate, but fortunately, his life wasn’t in danger for the time being.

Su Xiao was lying on the ground with the other Contractor five meters away from him and Bob 3 meters away.

“When will this monster go away.”

Fireball said in a low tone.

“I don’t know, don’t speak. Something is wrong with that guy.”

Su Xiao looked at the youngster whose complexion was getting pale.

“What’s wrong.”

A strange sound suddenly echoed as the young Contractor actually farted.

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched as a sudden urge to kill the youngster appeared in his mind.

Fireball covered his mouth with his hand as his shoulders trembled. He was about to burst into laughter.

Another fart was released. The teenager was getting paler. Previously, he almost peed himself from fright, and now, he had an urge to go to the toilet.

After the two farts, Su Xiao didn’t smell anything as opposed to the teenager, but the Ape was behind him.

The Ape’s nose shook slightly as he was confused. It didn’t fart.

The teenager farted once again.

“Hahahaha, I can’t hold it.”

Fireball finally erupted in laughter.

Su Xiao whispered: “Do you want to die? Stop laughing.”

Fireball tried to suppress his laughter: “I can’t hold it anymore. If I die, let me die, hahahhaha.”



Although Fireball was laughing, his voice wasn’t high and didn’t attract the Ape’s attention.

At this time, the Ape held the Trap in his hand and looked around.

Fortunately, it was 3 in the morning, and the sky was still dark. If it was daytime, they wouldn’t be able to pretend to be dead.

Su Xiao didn’t intend to stay still till daytime, or else the Ape would kill them all.

Su Xiao started crawling away as far as possible from the Ape.

Suddenly he heard a similar sound beside him and saw Fireball doing the same.

Su Xiao thought about something as the two retreated: ‘Is he also doing his promotion Quest?’

It wasn’t the case as Fireball finished his promotion quest in the last world.

The most desperate person here wasn’t the contractors laying on the ground, but the Trap who couldn’t control the Ape or make it release him.

Twenty minutes later, Su Xiao was far away from the Ape as he reached a safe distance.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he escaped a catastrophe. The situation wasn’t easy to deal with, and as soon as he is discovered, he would be dead.

Just as Su Xiao was about to get up, a scream came from the distance as a contractor was discovered.

Su Xiao immediately got up, and Bob did the same. He mounted Bob directly and ran at full speed.

Seeing something running, the Ape looked intently and found out it was the guy from before.

The Ape held the Trap in his hand and ran toward Su Xiao, crushing anything in its way.

Bob’s agility was 27 points, and using charge increased his speed by 150%, so The Ape can never catch up to Bob.

Three seconds later, Su Xiao and Bob’s figures turned into a small dot in the distance.

At this time, dozens of white snakes crawled on the Ape’s feet as he stepped on them and then Boom.

The explosion lifted the Ape from the ground. It fell and roared angrily.

It clenched his fists and forgot that he was holding the Trap in its hands.


The Trap spat out a big mouthful of blood, and his eyes turned pale, and blood ran down the corner of his mouth.

The Ape looked at this and threw him away casually before stepping on the ground angrily.

A scream came out, which made the Ape look down, finding the contractors.

“Don’t… Don’t come here. Boss, Help!”

The Ape didn’t care and stepped on him.


The Contractor was unfortunate as it was trampled into a meat paste.

If The Dwarf in The Flask was the strongest alchemist in the world, then this Ape was the strongest creature.

The Trap on the ground opened his eyes and looked at the Ape, once she noticed that he wasn’t far away, she closed them again.

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