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R.P Chapter 404: Earring’s Unique Skill

Su Xiao started running without looking back, and the monster pursued him.

“Brother, Take care.”

The Trap nearby chuckled.

The Trap abandoned the cooperation he talked about previously without any thoughts.

Bang! Bang!

The ground shook as the Ape run.


Su Xiao felt the ground trembling and heard the sound of wind behind him.

He directly jumped forward and avoided a boulder thrown by the Ape.

Su Xiao just regained his balance and continued running.

The Ape Chimera Beast was very angry as it chased after Su Xiao.

The Ape Chimera beast was actually two Apes. The two Apes were brothers, but under the hard environment and Experiment, one of them was swallowed by the other.

Both Apes were fighting for control over the body, but the two of them made a certain rule. Since they were wise after several Experiments, their dignity didn’t allow them to obey humans’ orders.

Su Xiao didn’t know exactly why the Ape was desperately chasing him. Was it because his Charm Attribute was too low?

Su Xiao looked at the Trap, who didn’t run away till now.

Thinking of a plan, he directly changed direction toward the Trap without hesitation.

The Ape’s Agility was 34, Su Xiao’s Agility was 37, and the Trap’s Agility was 29.

Although the Ape’s strides were a lot bigger than Su Xiao’s and can cover more distance, he still couldn’t catch up to Su Xiao because of their difference in Agility, but it won’t take long till he catches up.

The Trap’s Agility was far below the Ape, so running away from it was almost impossible for him.

Seeing Su Xiao moving toward him, the Trap almost teared up as he said: “Hey, you’re running in the wrong direction… Don’t come here.”

Su Xiao didn’t pay attention to the Trap’s words.


The Trap was in despair. He taunted Su Xiao previously, but he never expected the latter to retaliate so quickly.

Su Xiao was moving toward the Trap and suddenly felt a strong wind behind him.

He looked quickly and found a large pole directly moving toward his head.

Su Xiao directly ran to the side.


The Pole fell like a meteor making a huge pit on the ground.

Su Xiao’s cheek was bleeding.

If he didn’t react quickly, he would’ve died.

“Don’t come here! If you approach me again, I will attack!”

Although the Trap wanted to be threatening, he spoke shakily.

Su Xiao suddenly thought of something and quickly fell to the ground, suppressed his presence,, and lowered his heartbeat rate.

Since he was unable to attack the enemy directly, he had to try his luck.

Su Xiao wasn’t just surrendering. He still had Dragon Flash in his hand, two Alchemy bombs, and the realm cutting thread ready to take action.

Discovering that Su Xiao fell to the ground, the Ape looked at him and rubbed his body with his finger. Seeing that the Human doesn’t have any life, it concluded that the shockwave killed him from his fists.


The Ape seemed to smile at this, and its smile was terrifying.

After destroying the Human that wasn’t pleasing to the eye, it must start pursuing the other one who was pleasing to the eye.

The Ape looked at the Trap and moved toward him.


The Ape fell to the ground before the ‘Woman’.

“Bastard, even if you want to die, don’t drag me along.”

Although the Trap wanted to play dead as well, he couldn’t restrain his presence so well like Su Xiao.

But unexpectedly, the Ape didn’t attack the Trap but instead looked at him curiously.

On the Woman’s earlobe, a silver Earring was emitting white light.

“Did the confusion status became effective?”

The Trap was full of joy.


The Trap ordered the Ape, but the Ape just tilted its head, doubting the strange creature in front of it.

After several seconds, the Ape stretched his hand toward the Trap, directly making him puzzled, and he hesitated.

If the Ape wanted to squeeze him to death, he wouldn’t be able to do anything if he didn’t retaliate now.

After some thought, the Trap didn’t do anything, and the Ape picked him up in his hands.

After feigning death for some time, Su Xiao discovered that another contractor was feigning death not far away.

It was someone Su Xiao was familiar with. It was a sorcerer who participated in the Parasite world.

“Brother, don’t make any sound, and let’s pretend we’re dead together.”

The contractor was three meters away from Su Xiao as he whispered.

Suddenly, a sound of crawling was heard. It was Bob who arrived at Su Xiao’s side.

Bob’s appearance was funny as a ragged cloth was wrapped around him. If you don’t look carefully, you would think it a stone that grew hair.

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