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R.P Chapter 403: The Charm Attribute Played a Huge Part

Their footsteps halted, and Su Xiao saw an old man with a little girl.

The little girl looked cute and had a hairstyle like Kuzo Tokizaki, but she gave Su Xiao a strange feeling.

“Good dog doesn’t block the way!”

The little girl reprimanded Su Xiao. It seemed like her appearance and personality are wide apart.

“It seems like it was a good idea to come here quickly. Who has the Philosopher’s Stone?”

Su Xiao sized up the two contractors, and the old man directly looked at the little girl as if she was the leader.

“It seems like you have it. This old man is useless then.”

The Realm Cutting Thread wrapped around the old man suddenly.

“When did you?”

The old man was shocked as he didn’t feel the Thread at all.

Su Xiao directly cut the old man apart.

Su Xiao pulled back the Thread and looked at the young girl.

“Hand over the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Since both wanted the Philosopher’s Stone, it depends on their strength now.

“Your attacks are strong. You unexpectedly dealt with this useless man instantly.”

The young girl looked tranquil as if the old man’s death didn’t matter.

“Get out of my sight now. This is your last warning.”

Since she didn’t want to cooperate, Su Xiao rushed with Dragon Flash toward her.

“Nen Wall!”

The young girl shouted.

Su Xiao stopped and swung his sword on the invisible wall.

The wall was cut open.

The young girl’s complexion changed as she looked fearful.

“You’re very strong. We can divide the Philosopher’s Stone between us. If we continue fighting, King Bradley and Pride will come soon.”

The little girl didn’t even give it a second thought as she started negotiating with Su Xiao.

“I will give you four purple quality ones.”

Su Xiao didn’t speak and directly raised his sword and rushed toward her.

“Nen Strong Shield!”

Su Xiao’s blade cut through the shield again, and when it was about a few centimeters away from the girl’s cheek, it stopped.

“Nen impact!”

A shockwave erupted, and Su Xiao retreated two steps.

“Okay, okay, here. I’m really unlucky.”

The Little girl gave Su Xiao four egg-sized Philosopher’s Stones.

After getting them, Su Xiao looked at the young girl and felt something strange about her. It’s possible that she wasn’t female.

“What are you looking at. You didn’t see a boy dress like a girl before? Don’t you know about traps?”

This fellow was really a boy.

“A… Trap?”

It was the first time he saw a male dress like a female in the Reincarnation Paradise, he saw the opposite, but this was the first time.

Su Xiao shook his head. The Special Fetishes of others have nothing to do with him.

Suddenly, the Alarm sounded in the laboratory.

“Your people?”

The Trap looked at Su Xiao, while Su Xiao thought about Bob, then he dropped that Idea.

“No, yours.”

“No, I only brought this guy.”

The Trap looked at the old man on the ground.


The Trap thought of a possibility.

“It seems like there is a third group.”

When Su Xiao prepared to go his separate way, the entire research institute vibrated.

The Trap’s face showed fear. He certainly wasn’t as strong as Su Xiao, and he didn’t want to die.

“Hey, the man with the sword, we should cooperate. Otherwise, we will die here.”

The Trap suddenly sent Su Xiao a little information.

“There is a monster in this Laboratory.”

Su Xiao looked at the information.

Name: …

HP: 100%

MP: 60/60

Strength: 50 (Strongest in this world)

Agility: 34

Stamina: 42

Intelligence: 6

Charm: …

Skill 1: Chimera (Passive): Increase Hp by 500 points.

Skill 2: Ape Clan bloodline (Passive): Strength +15, Vitality +16.

Skill 3: Unknown

Skill 4: Unknown

Skill 5: Unknown

Skill 6: Unknown

Su Xiao was surprised by the information about this Chimera.

“Such a strong Chimera, why doesn’t the Homunculi use it?”

Su Xiao didn’t see this monster in the show. Maybe the Trap was lying.

“This monster doesn’t have any intelligence. Therefore, unless the situation was unreversible, the Third Research Institute won’t release it.”

The Trap finished speaking, and both of them heard a bellow.

The underground floor seemed to cave in, and both Su Xiao and the Trap directly moved quickly out of it.

In a while, Su Xiao arrived on the first floor and was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Blood covered the floor, as many contractors were scared looking at the terrifying monster.

Su Xiao wanted to run in the opposite direction, but that monster threw a large stone blocking the way.

The Ape Chimera held a human’s leg in its mouth and chewed it before wiping the blood on its mouth.


The Ape Chimera hammered his chest, sending shockwaves all over the place.

Its eyes were flashing with red light as it looked at ten escaping contractors and threw a stone at them, blocking their way.

It rushed toward them and slammed them like flies, killing them directly.

“We should work together. You handle close combat, and I will assist you.”

The Trap was frightened and shivering as he spoke.

“Bull$hit, we should run away from that thing.”

Su Xiao turned around to run. That monster’s strength reached 50 points, which was terrifying.

Su Xiao and the Trap run separately. The Ape looked at the Trap. Then he looked at Su Xiao.

Clearly, since Su Xiao’s luck was that bad, the Ape stared at him and let the Trap go.

It was probably because of the Charm attribute. He had only 5 points, while that Trap had 15 points. The Ape looked at Su Xiao before charging at him directly.

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