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R.P Chapter 402: Third Research Institute

Several people patrolled the place wearing Blue Military clothing and especially around the third Research Institute.

The Third Research Institute had two purposes: The first is making Chimera Beast, and the second is making Philosopher’s Stone using the death row inmates.

Su Xiao observed the research institute waiting for an opportunity to slip in.

After half an hour, a middle-aged man went out from the building toward a car.

Su Xiao’s goal appeared. He directly followed after him.

The moment the middle-aged man opened the car’s door, Su Xiao was already on the back seat, and the middle-aged man didn’t detect him.

As soon as the middle-aged man held the driving wheel, Su Xiao grabbed the former’s head and twisted it.

The middle-aged man’s neck broke, and his head dangled softly to the side.

Su Xiao looked at his surrounding to check for anyone who noticed and seeing no one. He dragged the researcher’s body to the back.

Su Xiao bought a face mask from the Reincarnation Paradise with 300 Paradise Coins. This mask can disguise his facial appearance and voice. The only drawback is that a facial scan is required to use it, and it’s a consumable item that can only be used once.

After five minutes, the researcher went back toward the institute.

Su Xiao was wearing the middle-aged man’s clothes.

As he moved toward the gate, a guard stopped him.

“Why are you back, Dr. Olive?”

The soldier was trying to lay a trap.

“What? I’m not Olive. I’m Kevin. I pass in and out every day, at least remember my name, will you?”

Su Xiao acted as if he was discontent.

“Sorry for the disrespect, Dr. Kevin. Please show me your identification.”

Su Xiao handed over the document.

“This is really troublesome. I forgot something inside.”

Although he said this, Su Xiao handed over the documents.

“There is no problem, Dr. Kevin. You can enter.”

Su Xiao directly entered the building and moved toward the changing room.

He found the closet of Kevin and directly opened it and took out a white researcher’s coat, and put it on.

From the information he got, Su Xiao knew that Dr. Kevin is researching Chimera Beasts, which is situated on the upper floor of the research institute.

The Philosopher’s Stone research was on the lower floors of the institute, which made this easy.

Su Xiao directly entered the Elevator and pressed down the -1 button.

When the Elevator reached the underground floor, it made some noise as if no one used it for a long time. In the corridor, Su Xiao saw junk piling up.

The lighting was very dim, and the place seemed to be haunted.

Suddenly, Su Xiao heard a dull sound as an Armor made its way toward him. This was a guard in this place.

This guard was similar to Alphonse. It was a soul put inside an armor.


Suddenly the armor fell to the ground and wriggled as if trying to stand up.

Su Xiao walked toward the headpiece of the armor and looked inside only to see a blood-colored circle that seemed very old.

Destroying this circle will kill the Armor.

This place was frightening, but Su Xiao wasn’t afraid of ghosts. A ghost should fear him, not the other way around.

Dragon Flash suddenly appeared in Su Xiao’s hand as he cut open the floor.

Su Xiao tore the floor easily and peeked inside the warehouse below, which was full of experimental devices.

He directly went down into the warehouse without hesitation.

Just as he reached the floor, a researcher looked at him before saying: “Who are you?”

Su Xiao’s suspicion was aroused.

“I’m Kevin, from the Chimera Area. I’m temporarily reassigned.”

“Chimera Area?”

Although the tone of that researcher was strong, he seemed afraid.

“This an order from above, they want to see a Chimera Beast with A Philosopher’s…”

Su Xiao’s words stopped as he looked at the researcher.

“Who are you? That research is a secret. Give me your documents.”

“I just saw a new face and asked casually.”

“Oh? Ok then, can you tell me where is the D3 Laboratory?”

“At the lowest floor.”

“Thank you.”

Su Xiao turned around to leave, and his eyes narrowed.

There is no D3 Laboratory. He just made it up now. Since the other party didn’t know, it means that he wasn’t one of the researchers.

“It seems others are eyeing the things here as well.”

Following Envy’s direction, Su Xiao moved toward his target, but on the way, he was questioned twice by the guards, and a guard once attacked and died.

As he walked down, the researchers decreased while guards increased.

Just as he moved past a corner, Su Xiao saw several corpses on the ground, a few of them twisting. It seemed like someone was already here.

As Su Xiao rushed forward, two people rushed forward as well and ran into Su Xiao.

Su Xiao met two people at the laboratory’s door.

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