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R.P Chapter 401: Whole Sale

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Su Xiao finished speaking, and several contracts appeared in front of him.

[Contractor #*** wants to establish a contract with you. Contract: Information about the contractor’s Main Quest for 3,000 Paradise Coins.]

Since Su Xiao didn’t have an issue with the contract, so he accepted and paid 3,000 Paradise Coins.

[You have paid 3,000 Paradise Coins. The contract has been established.]

[You obtained Contractor #*** Main Quest details.]

[Main Quest: Destroy the nodes.]

Difficulty: Lv.12

Quest Description: Destroy the Nationwide Transmutation Circle.

Information: There are 63 nodes altogether (21/63)

Time Limit: 20 days.

Reward: 3 attribute points, 14,000 Paradise Coins.

Penalty: All Attributes -2

Seeing the Main Quest of the contractors, Su Xiao felt weird.

Their Quest was just too simple, are all second-order quests like this?

Su Xiao started wondering if it was just the promotion Quest that was difficult or because he was a Hunter.

The Main Quest of the Contractors is destroying the Nationwide Transmutation Circle, which will spoil the plan of the Dwarf in the Flask.

The Fullmetal Alchemist world didn’t have different sides. The Dwarf in the Flask’s plan was entirely anti-human, so all contractors would be on the same side unless they want to turn into Philosopher’s Stone.

“Everyone, do you want to purchase some Healing Potions?”

The trade inside other world was too expensive. When something is valued at 800 Paradise Coins in the Reincarnation Paradise, it would be sold at 8,000 In other worlds.

“Not interested.”

A contractor just wanted to get out of the way, but as soon as he saw the Potion in Su Xiao’s hand, he halted.

[Low-Grade Alchemy Potion]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: White

Type: Potion

Effect: Restore 19% of HP after drinking.

Rate: 9

Information: An Alchemy product can’t be taken out of this world.

“500 Paradise Coins a bottle.”

The Price made several contractors excited. If this Potion was in the Reincarnation Paradise, it would cost at least 1,000 or 1,200 Paradise Coins.

Although they can’t take that Potion out of this world, they can use it in this world instead of the Potion they purchased in the Reincarnation Paradise, which will save them some money.

“This Potion is too low grade. Lower the price some more.”

After seeing the low price, some of the contractors became greedy and asked for a lower price.

“You have three minutes to buy. After that, I’m leaving.”

Su Xiao didn’t start bargaining with the Contractors and decisively answered.

“Since it can’t be cheaper, we won’t buy, right, everyone.”

The muscled man said as if he was the leader of the group. But the price was too low, and some of them didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

[Contractor #*** requests a transaction with you. 6 bottles of Low-Grade Alchemy Potion with 3,000 Paradise Coins.]

[Contractor #*** requests a transaction with you. 5 bottles of Low-Grade Alchemy Potion with 2,500 Paradise Coins.]

Some contractors bought 5 bottles, and some bought 8. In the end, Su Xiao sold 48 bottles, gaining 24,000 Paradise Coins.

“If you can recommend other contractors to buy my potions, then I will deduct 10% of the price for your next purchase.”

Seeking contractors himself was hard, so Su Xiao decided to temp them with a 10% discount.

Since he was having his promotion Quest, Su Xiao didn’t have a hunting Quest, so it wasn’t necessary to be an enemy with the other contractors here.

As the transaction ended, Su Xiao directly left Central City.

While staying in a hotel room, Su Xiao thought that The Homunculi would retaliate after he killed Envy, but apparently, they didn’t for now.

Su Xiao knew that the Homunculi wouldn’t trust humans. It was apparent since the friendship with them was still (desolate: 0/200) even after so many encounters.

This is one of the reasons Su Xiao killed Envy decisively. Since he can’t use friendship to get in, he will just deal with them another way.

Throughout the day, Su Xiao slept in the hotel room, and in the evening, he saw a warrant for his arrest being distributed all over the place.

“I was discovered so quickly.”

At night, Su Xiao directly left the small town. Using his Dark Purple Windproof coat, he easily slipped out.

Su Xiao directly rode on Bob to Central City. His goal was the Third Research Institute.

After half an hour, Su Xiao arrived at Central City.

There were no pedestrians on the street since it was midnight.

Although there was no curfew, the government didn’t support civilians going out at night, and soldiers would always patrol the place and scold anyone on the street at night.

Gradually, Civilians didn’t leave their houses at night, which made it easy for the Dwarf in the Flask to execute his plan at night.

Su Xiao squatted on a roof of a tall building and took a map.

“The third research institute… It’s that building.”

The position of the third research institute was in the middle of the army camp.

Su Xiao didn’t want to pave his way through a fight, even though he could use his Alchemy bombs to enter. He didn’t want to alarm other Homunculi after all.

There were three Homunculi left, Wrath, Pride, and Sloth.

He didn’t want to provoke Wrath for now, along with pride, but Sloth is an easy target.

After devising a plan, Su Xiao directly moved and entered the Military camp, which was heavily guarded.

Even with the windproof coat, Su Xiao wasn’t sure if he can sneak in successfully. As for Bob, Su Xiao was ashamed since that dog was nowhere to be seen as he used his hiding ability.

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