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R.P Chapter 400: Ugly Envy

It wasn’t a fight anymore between Su Xiao and Envy, as the former was crashing Envy completely.

Since Envy’s body became Huge, Su Xiao only needed to slash at him.

After five minutes, several limbs on the ground were turning to ashes.

“Impossible, how can an alchemist Master be such a strong swordsman?!”

Envy barely managed to say.

“Never expected you to be more tenacious than the others. You died 25 times already.”

Su Xiao stood before Envy and waited for the latter to finish regenerating.

“How about we make a deal?”

Envy knew that if this continued, he will die.

Envy doesn’t make deals with humans, he only uses them, and although Su Xiao could wait for the events to develop the same way as they did in the show, he didn’t want to waste time.

“I didn’t expect that I’d lose to a human. What a shame.”

Envy turned back to his human form, as his Philosopher’s Stone couldn’t support his monster’s body.

Dragon Flash suddenly pierced Envy’s neck and reduced him to ashes.

Su Xiao waited for the Prompt about this kill, but when he noticed that nothing happened, he saw a green lifeform crawl from the ashes of Envy’s body. This tiny lifeform was similar to Envy’s monster form, but it was small.

This is Envy’s real appearance.

“Hey, Envy.”

Su Xiao squatted down and lowered his body to look at Envy crawling.

“You, you don’t do anything.”

Su Xiao grasped Envy in his hand as the present Envy can’t threaten him.

“Let me go, you bastard.”


Su Xiao tightened his grip on Envy, and the latter yelled.

“Aah, let me go, let me go, my insides are coming out, forgive me, please, I don’t want to die.”

Envy was really haughty before, but now, he was begging for mercy with tears in his eyes.

“Don’t look at me, you damn human! I’m Envy!”

Su Xiao didn’t pay attention to him and just pulled out a glass bottle.

“Hey, don’t do that…”

Envy didn’t guess wrong. Su Xiao put him into a glass bottle.

“I won’t let you off for this…”

Envy’s words stopped suddenly as Su Xiao glanced at him coldly.

“Where is the Philosopher’s Stone’s storage?”

“You greedy human, I will not betray…”

Envy’s body started shivering: “Don’t put that here, I don’t… Stop, calm down!”

Envy yelled pitifully as Su Xiao poured Sulfuric Acid into the bottle.

“Thought things through?”

“You think that… Yes.”

Envy’s body shivered again. He was already covered in blood because of the Acid corroding him.

“If you lie, I will make you enjoy some Sulfuric Acid.”

Envy trembled as he finally understood that the scariest entity in the world wasn’t the Homunculi but this human.

“The palace has an underground room, which contains a lot of Philosopher’s Stone.

Envy spoke, and Su Xiao prepared the Sulfuric Acid.

“I didn’t lie. You bastard put that thing away.

The place Envy was talking about was where the Dwarf in the Flask resides. It was the homunculi’s headquarters, and Envy telling him this meant he was setting Su Xiao up.

“You still want to lie now, Envy?”

Su Xiao pulled an alchemy bomb out and made it into a spider web shape before covering the glass bottle.

“I will tell you the Philosopher’s Stone location. After that, you let me go.”

“Let you go? You believe that I will let you go?”

Envy lowered his head.

“I guess you won’t.”

“You don’t need to struggle. Tell me where they are, and I will give you happiness.”

“The third research institute.”

Envy spilled the bean, and now Su Xiao knew where to find the Philosopher’s Stone.

“Goodbye, Envy.”

Su Xiao pierced the glass bottle with Dragon Flash, directly killing Envy.

[You killed Envy.]

[Envy is a key character in the main plot, you obtained 5.4% World’s Origin, you currently have 22.6% World’s Origin.]

[Your Mana increased by 15 points permanently, your current Mana: 959 points.]

[You obtained Treasure Chest (purple)]

[Achievement Quest: Conviction (4/7)]

Su Xiao’s gain were good. But the truth about Envy’s death won’t be hidden for long, so he must act fast.

In a hotel a few kilometers away, several Contractors sat around a table.

“Peach, what did you sense?”

A muscular man asked.

“Envy died, and that contractor did it easily.”


Several Contractors in the room were shocked.

“If this is correct, that guy is just a first-order contractor. How can he be so strong?”

“Did he find Envy’s weakness?”

Several Contractors were shocked.

“I don’t know.”

The female contractor shook her head.

“He found me?”

“Huh?” The contractors were even more shocked now.

“With the equipment bonus, your intelligence attribute should be above 35 points. How could he find you?”

“I don’t know, but he indeed discovered me now…”

Peach continued to use her ability to look at Su Xiao.

“He is approaching us quickly. He is close.”

Several contractors stood up quickly.

“Prepare to fight head-on. The purpose of the opposite party is unknown.

“Don’t worry. He should be having his promotion Quest, don’t forget this world’s difficulty.”

“What to do?”

Knock, Knock!

“He is here!”

The door was shoved forcefully as Su Xiao entered the room.

“First Order Rookie, why are you here?”

The robust man stood up as soon as he saw Su Xiao.

It seems that after getting to the second Order, some places will become available.

“Does everyone want to trade? 3,000 Paradise coins for the information about your main mission.”

The opposite party already guessed that Su Xiao was a first Order contractor, which means that they should’ve guessed that he was conducting his promotion Quest now.

Hearing Su Xiao’s words, the contractors’ eyes sone brightly as this was an opportunity to grab some cash.

Su Xiao also wanted to sell the low-grade Alchemy Potion since he can’t bring it outside this world.