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R.P Chapter 399: Humans Are The Scariest

The next morning, in a small town of Central City edge, Su Xiao was hiding in an abandoned building.

Suddenly he heard footstep sounds and looked at the source, only to find someone looking at him.

“Yesterday, did you fight with Mustang?”

“Un, in the forest, I started burying Riza’s corpse, but Mustang suddenly appeared.”

“Didn’t you give him the pictures?”

Su Xiao smiled slightly without saying replied and asked: “The Philosopher’s Stone I earned?”


Envy threw a grain-sized Philosopher’s Stone as if pitying Su Xiao.

Su Xiao didn’t catch the Philosopher’s Stone and let it fall.

“Only this?”

“When you help us with work later, you will only receive Philosopher’s Stone with that size and quality.”

Envy chuckled as he smiled in ridicule.

“What do you mean?”

“You are being chased by Mustang, and you don’t have any choice but to work with us if you want to live.”

Envy stood beside Su Xiao. He looked at his body full of bandages and sneered. Yesterday’s fight rendered the forest into a burning mess, and the earth was left full of holes.

Su Xiao suddenly took out a talkie walkie and said: “The nearby army can proceed.”

The signal was somewhat poor, and Su Xiao could only hear: “Cleaning up… In one hour, we’ll solve… we won’t encounter any issue.”

“Good, I will leave Central City for a while to look for another ally. You handle things here.”

“Don’t worry… The information you’ve given… Thanks…”

Su Xiao closed the talkie walkie.

“Who were you speaking to?”

Envy something wrong.

“A New friend.”

Dragon Flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, and a bright light accompanied it.

Blood splashed as Envy’s arm flew in the air.


Envy couldn’t perceive the pain till he looked at his arm and quickly regenerated it.

“That hurt! You bastard!”

Envy became vigilant of Su Xiao.

“Do you want to turn against us? You, a mere human?”

Suddenly, a metal wire sound (Realm Cutting threat of Su Xiao’s arm guard) surrounded Envy’s body.

Countless wounds appeared on Envy’s body.


Su Xiao said after the first strike landed.

‘He unexpectedly dared to turn against us…’

The long sword moved again, and this time, Envy’s head was cut off.


Su Xiao kicked Envy’s body away.


Envy fell to the ground creating a huge pit on the floor as Envy was very heavy.

Su Xiao moved outside the building as the building collapsed, burying Envy inside.

Suddenly, Envy crawled out of the ruins.

“You human think you’re something, and you dare betray us?”

Envy stood up with blood on his hand.

“I will make you experience my real strength, don’t wet yourself.”

Envy’s whole body seemed to enlarge as red electricity coursed through him.

Su Xiao knew that Envy’s current body was only a camouflage.

Envy’s body inflated, and in a second, he turned into a huge monster.

Envy’s skin was deep green and was similar to a lizard.

When the Dwarf in the Flask made Envy, he added the gene of a lizard to increase the latter’s efficiency.

“What wrong? Are you afraid now?”

With his transformation, Envy’s speech sounded like a bunch of people talking together.

This wasn’t a special ability, but the thousands of souls are wailing inside of him.

‘Save me, it hurts!’

‘Let me go out. I don’t want to become energy!’

‘Kill me, please!’

Su Xiao’s senses were overloaded by the thousand souls as he felt slightly dizzy.

Su Xiao just concentrated his Senses around his body to stop the wails of the ghosts.

“If you use bombs, it’s useless. The Philosopher’s Stone I gave you won’t last you for a fight.”

Envy lifted his claw rushed toward Su Xiao.

Su Xiao avoided the attack, which landed on the floor.


The ground vibrated from the impact, but Su Xiao didn’t let Envy get up and directly swung Dragon Flash.

Envy’s claws were cut off directly without any resistance.

The current Dragon Flash +8 gives a high attack power, and its sharpness was magnificent.

The Supreme Blade (Ultimate Blade) Skill increases the sharpness by 7 points, and the +8 effect increases sharpness by two more points.

The 9 points in sharpness, in addition to Azure Steel Shadow’s true damage, would render almost all armors useless.

But Dragon Flash still had another skill that increases its attribute.

Shadow Brandish (Passive): Each slash reduces 8% of the enemy’s defense. The effect lasts for 20 seconds and can be stacked three times. After the effect is stacked three times, the enemy will have been affected by bleeding, which makes him receive 2 Damage each second and reduce healing by 30%.

Since Su Xiao struck Envy 3 times, the Shadow Brandish was stacked three times which reduced Envy’s defense by 24%.

Shadow Brandish couldn’t reduce Envy’s healing since he uses the Philosopher’s Stone to heal.

Envy’s body was getting cut with each strike from Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was cutting him as if he was a watermelon, without any effort.

“Impossible, what is this sword? How can it be so sharp?!”

Envy was a chatterbox even when they fought, so Su Xiao directly cut off his lower jaw to shut him up.

From the seven sins, only three were dangerous for Su Xiao to fight. They were Wrath, Pride, and Gluttony.

Gluttony was already dealt with, which left Wrath, who Su Xiao didn’t want to fight for now, and Pride.

Pride was the oldest Homunculus, and his power is second to Wrath, but he had a fatal weakness.