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R.P Chapter 398: Sadness and Happiness

Riza raised her pistol in front of her and moved sideways.

After entering, she discovered that the living room was dim. Once she lit up the lamp, she saw a man sitting before her family table with a bowl of hot noodles.

“Who are you?”

Because the man was lowering his head to eat noodles, Riza couldn’t clearly see his face.

“We can’t chat if you point your gun at me.”

Riza’s brows wrinkled in anger.

“Stand up and put both your hands on top of your head, then lay on the ground.”

Riza’s killing intent erupted in the room.

“I’m only eating here, and you want to arrest me?”

Riza saw Su Xiao, and her pupil contracted.

“The Devil of the Ishval Civil war, Explosive Flame Alchemist.”

Riza withdrew several steps and pointed her gun without hesitation.

“Why did you come to my house.”

“To rescue you.”


Riza looked surprised.

Su Xiao lowered his head to eat his noodles.

“Come try them. The noodles are delicious.”

Riza said emotionlessly right after hearing this: “I have eaten already.”

Su Xiao put down his chopsticks and threw several pictures toward Riza.

“You should thank me, if my relationship with the Homunculi didn’t stop, you would’ve died with justified reasons as well.”

Riza clearly saw what was on the pictures and walked forward.

“This is?”

Riza picked the picture and frowned.

“Having an illicit relationship with an enemy officer should be enough to cause your doom.”

Su Xiao picked his chopsticks again and continued eating.

“Those pictures…”

Riza tried looking for any loophole in the photos but couldn’t.

“Impossible, I have never seen this officer before.”

“You have not seen him, but the pictures are here. This is enough to send you to the military court. But let’s speak about something else. How is your investigation?”

“Investigate what?”

Riza became vigilant.

“The secret of the country.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Really, let me give you some hints. The fifth laboratory, the Philosopher’s Stone, The Homunculi, the countrywide Alchemy circle.”


Riza looked at Su Xiao with amazement.

“Don’t be surprised. I know everything about them. I was their accomplice an hour ago.”

“Put down the chopstick and put on the handcuffs.”

Riza took out an old-fashioned handcuff, and her heart started beating really fast. The truth they were looking for is in front of her now.

Suddenly, metal wire suddenly wrapped around Riza.

“If you want to fight, let Mustang come. Your melee ability is too weak.”

Su Xiao finished his dinner and lit up a cigarette. His Vitality attribute already reached 33, so smoking didn’t do any harm now.

Riza slowly put the gun away.

“What’s your purpose?”

“It’s a little complicated to explain. You will understand later.”

Su Xiao took out a big cloth bag and threw it in front of Riza.

“Go inside.”


Riza glanced at the bag and asked.

“I’m here to kill you tonight, don’t talk nonsense.”

Seeing Su Xiao’s eyes getting colder, Riza gritted her teeth and got into the bag.

Su Xiao took out some red liquid and put it on the cloth.

“What is this? Red Paint, no, this is human blood!”

“Red paint can’t fool those people.”

Su Xiao closed the zipper of the cloth bag and kicked it. Riza was suddenly hit on her neck and fainted.

The reason Riza cooperated so much was because of the Metal wire. If she dared move, she would be shredded.

Su Xiao took out an intermediate Alchemy bomb and threw it in the room.

Suddenly a puppy bit Su Xiao’s leg. Looking down, Su Xiao directly pinched the puppy’s neck and rendered it unconscious before throwing it in the bag as well.


The Intermediate Bomb exploded and the windows shattered, and fire spread in the room.

Su Xiao carried the cloth bag and walked downstairs. The bloodstains leaked from the bag and on the ground.

Soon, Envy appeared on a roof not far away.

Looking at the blazing room and the handbag in Su Xiao’s hand, Envy smiled!

“Is the plan feasible?”

An eye appeared behind Envy and asked.

“Naturally, later, I will inform Colonel Mustang, and the latter will chase that guy. The Explosive Flame Alchemist’s only option will be to hide or counter-attack, and in the end, he will be under our control.”

“Boring plan.”

The eye in the shadow didn’t favor Envy’s plan.


Envy felt uncomfortable.

In the central city at 2 Am, Riza Hawkeye was taking a bath to clear the bloodstain from her body.

Su Xiao sat by the riverside without caring about Riza.

“Hurry, it’s almost time.”

It wasn’t that Riza was so open about her body that she didn’t care about bathing in front of people, but in the military mixed bathing was a normal thing.

Su Xiao threw new clothes and appreciated Riza not bothering about normal woman’s trifles.

Riza changed her clothes and went to the forest before climbing a tall tree.

In a while, the rapid sound of footsteps transmitted.

“We’re close. There is bloodstain here.”

“Quickly. Be careful. We kill that person.”

Anyone could hear the hatred in the angry voice, which belonged to Colonel Mustang.

Seeing Su Xiao in a nearby tree, Mustang’s hand shivered.

The face was familiar. It was the person who killed his allies once.

“Explosive Flame… Alchemist.”

“Mustang angrily roared as his eyes were bloodshot and prepared his alchemy to attack.

“Riza Hawkeye, you can come out.”

Hearing this, Mustang stared.

“Colonel, I’m all right.”

Riza Shouted from a faraway tree, and when Mustang heard this, his body jolted in happiness.