Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 46: Frightening Perception [EDITED]

After arriving at the West Street district, Su Xiao did not get off immediately.

“Mado Akira, do you know specifics about the West Street district?”

Although there were lots of ghouls eating each other in the West Street district, there were also some civilians living nearby.

“Of course, after I was assigned to the 14th district, I learned about this place.”

Mado Akira searched for a while in the glove compartment and picked up a thick file.

“14th district: Nakano district, this area was popular for ghouls cannibalizing each other. Most ghouls are believed to hide among ordinary people. There are several factions of ghouls, where they gather …”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and quietly continued to listened to Mado Akira.

After opening the window, Su Xiao exhaled the smoke.

“Byakuya, please don’t smoke. There are more than 4,000 kinds of chemicals materials in cigarettes, 60 of them are very harmful to the body: nicotine, tobacco tar, carbon monoxide, irritating compounds… and second-hand smoke can affect my skin.”

“Can you find a bar called ‘Helter Skelter’? It should be nearby.”

Mado Akira sighed helplessly.

“Of course.”

Taking out her phone, she started looking up the way to the bar.

“I found it, it’s just…”

Before Mado Akira could finish her words, Su Xiao suddenly straightened and looked at a pedestrian on the street.


Su Xiao’s focused gaze surprised Mado Akira.


Mado Akira was looking at Su Xiao, she did not believe that Su Xiao could distinguish them just by sight.

Su Xiao got off the car and walked behind a middle-aged man.

The man looked tired. He seemed like an office worker who was not in a good spot and was carrying a briefcase.

“Byakuya, wait, wait for me.”

Mado Akira, carrying a suitcase, quickly followed Su Xiao.

“Can you tell me why you think that man is a ghoul?”


The middle-aged man turned and walked into an alley, and Su Xiao quickly followed.


Her face showed her doubts. Looking at Su Xiao’s back, her mind was in turmoil, questioning whether he might be right.

The middle-aged person was still walking through the dark, humid alleys.


Su Xiao’s chilly voice seemed to surprise the middle-aged man.

“Huh? Who are you?”

The middle-aged man looked at Su Xiao with a confused look as he turned around.

“Don’t pack human flesh in a bag next time, the blood leaked.”

Su Xiao’s words caused the man’s face to change.

“It’s none of your business, you want to die?”

The expression of the middle-aged man turned furious, his eyes turned red as he quickly rushed towards Su Xiao.

The ghoul in front of him was not strong, only about B-class. Su Xiao did not even draw [Dragon Flash].

The middle-aged man arrived in front of Su Xiao in just a few steps, aiming a punch at his head. His movements were stiff and he was slow.

AT this kind of attack, Su Xiao did not even feel the need to avoid it.

He lifted his left leg and kicked the lower abdomen of the ghoul. It cried out in pain, its whole body turned into a V shape before it fell and spat out bile from the impact.

The ghouls posture perfectly put its head into the front of Su Xiao.

Su Xiao used his arms to choke the ghoul, he then tightened his arms.

“Don’t fight it, don’t fight it…”

Just as Su Xiao was pressuring the middle-aged man’s neck, Mado Akira ran into the alley.


The neck broke with the typical crispy sound and the middle-aged man’s body suddenly turned soft. Su Xiao released his arms, causing the body of the middle-aged man to fall to the ground.

“Ask someone to clean this up.”

Su Xiao walked to Mado Akira, who was surprised to see the dead ghoul.

This confused Mado Akira, could people really recognize ghouls by instinct?

Su Xiao returned to the car. He didn’t know why, but after he saw the middle-aged man, he just felt that the person was a ghoul.

At that time, the bag in person’s hand was slowly leaking blood, which he picked up on.

Su Xiao guessed that this may be related to his improvement in attributes.

While his attributes were improving, he felt that his body had changed a lot, obviously not its shape, but the muscles of his whole body were firmer and stronger.

Before entering the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao practiced his sword skills every day for a long time.

During training he once injured his right wrist, since then it hurt whenever he trained.

But now, his old wounds were pretty much all completely healed.

Mado Akira also returned to the car, now she looked at Su Xiao’s with different eyes.

“Byakuya, where are we going?”

“The bar, Helter Skelter.”

The car started, and five minutes later, they arrived in front of the bar, ‘Helter Skelter’.

“Wait in the car.”

Su Xiao got off the car and left Mado Akira alone.

The ‘Helter Skelter’ was owned by a female ghoul called Itori.

Although Su Xiao did not know its specific location, he knew that it was a small information center.

He did not come to kill Itori, but to get information.

Itori was an SS-class ghoul. Usually, Su Xiao would not let an SS-class ghoul go, but Itori had more important uses.

An information dealer who knew the ghouls around here was far more valuable than the chance for a treasure case. Su Xiao could get more treasure cases by utilizing her knowledge.

Walking into the bar, Su Xiao didn’t see any guests, likely because it was daytime.

The bar was retro styled. The walls were not decorated, but painted dark yellow. The bar had no windows and only the counter was lit, so the bar was a little dim. [E/N: No idea where author got that from, in the manga there were lots of lamps…]


A lazy female voice came from behind the counter as Su Xiao sat down.

“Guest, what do you want to drink?”

Itori stood behind the counter, her long orange hair looked particularly conspicuous in the dim bar, as it was the most vivid color in the room.

She seemed to be calm, but in fact, she was very vigilant. As she was an information broker, Su Xiao was immediately recognized by Itori.

Paying attention to her eyes, Su Xiao knew that things would be easy to handle.

“Just answer my questions, I am not looking for trouble.”

Itori took a few steps back and kept a safe distance from Su Xiao.

“Rank 3 Investigator Byakuya, the monster-level human who fought off Eto.”

The bar was quiet, neither of them spoke.

Itori abilities at collecting information surprised Su Xiao. That she knew about Takatsuki Sen was normal, but it was surprising she knew that he had joined CCG.

“Talk, what do you want to know?”

Itori sighed and chose to give in.

“Where is the mutual eating zone in 14th district?”

“Just around here, in the West Street district.”

Itori picked up her glass. It contained a dark red liquid which looked like red wine, but, in fact, was human blood.

The taste buds and stomach of ghouls were different from those of human beings. After eating human food, they would vomit no matter what.

They couldn’t even drink anything, apart from water and coffee, no human foods could be consumed by ghouls.

“The specific location in the West Street district.”

Su Xiao was somewhat inpatient.

“Don’t show such a terrible expression. Alright, well, after 9 pm every night, the central location of the West Street district is the most serious area of mutual eating…”

Itori did not hesitate too long and sold out the other ghouls.

Knowing the specific situation, Su Xiao left the bar and already thought of the way to complete the task quickly.

If all goes well, he could complete the main task (2) in no more than a week.

“Ghouls eating each other, I’m really looking forward to it.”