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R.P Chapter 51: Milk Volume? [EDITED

On the east side of the 14th district, in the Da Yuan auction house.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this item must not be missed…”

After the introduction of the host on the stage, the guests called out their bids.

It was daytime, so this was the world of humanity. Of course, it was inevitable that a few ghouls mixed in even during the day.

Two serious old men looked at the item and started to compete by trumping each other’s offers.

Su Xiao also sat in front of the stage, but he wasn’t focusing on the auction.

The size of this auction house was not small. It could host at least several hundred people and had several entrances and exits.

Those being the main entrance, the back door, and an emergency door.

The emergency door would usually not open, only when situations were urgent, such as fire breaking out, but there was still a need for a blockade.

With three exits, it was not possible to rely on Mado Akira alone. Apparently, it was necessary to dispatch other people from the branch.

Su Xiao got up from the crowd, went to the bathroom and took out his phone.

“Connect me to Shinohara Yukinori, this is Byakuya speaking.”

Shinohara Yukinori should be on duty, and the voice on the phone was very noisy.

“What’s wrong, Rank 1 Investigator, Byakuya?”

Su Xiao was shocked, he was surprisingly called as a Rank 1 Investigator. It seemed that the headquarters had already pulled his promotion through.

“I found a large-scale gathering place that requires lots of people to help.”

Su Xiao deliberately added ‘lots of people’, since he wanted to clear the 14th district. It was difficult for only him and Mado Akira to do all of this on their own.

Not that Su Xiao was not strong enough. To clear the 14thdistrict, he just needed lots of people to help block the ghouls’ escape routes.

“How many people do you need.”

As a Rank 1 Investigator, Su Xiao had the right to mobilize people, but he could not mobilize too many.

“A lot, but they don’t need to be strong, as long as they can block the road.”

Shinohara Yukinori, on the opposite side of the phone, thought for a while.

“The number of Investigators in the 14th divisions is not large, but we have about 80 Rank 3 Investigators. However, you should tell me your plan first.”

Su Xiao described his plan, and Shinohara Yukinori was obviously shocked after listening to it.

“Completely clearing the 14th district? That won’t be easy. Even though there aren’t many ghouls in the 14th district, they are all hidden. Do you have plans?”

“There is a way…”

Shinohara Yukinori was silent for a long time.

“Got it. Remember, if something happens, it may have a great impact on your future.”

Su Xiao chuckled, he didn’t care about his future at CCG anyways.

“It doesn’t matter. I will act tonight.”

“I can’t catch up now, but I will send Suzuya Juzo there. As for the men you requested, they will arrive soon.”

Su Xiao prepared to hang up but was stopped by Shinohara Yukinori.

“Byakuya, you were promoted to the rank of Rank 1 Investigator. The documents are in the office, I will task Suzuya Juzo to bring them to you.”


Su Xiao hung up the call.

Just as he was about to leave the bathroom, he accidentally saw a mouse.

This mouse was a little special, the hair on its whole body was pale yellow. Su Xiao carefully checked it, it was a hamster.

If there were mice in the bathroom that would not be too surprising, but why were there hamsters? [E/N: Wait what!? O.O] Was it a pet brought by a bidder? That was not impossible.

The pale-yellow hamster was not afraid of people. It stood upright on the edge of the sink, and it’s two front paws were holding something it was gnawing on.

“Ka, ka, ka.”

In the quiet bathroom, only the sound of the little hamster could be heard. The little thing was squeaking and chewing and just looked incredibly cute. Its dark eyes were looking at Su Xiao with curiosity.

Somehow, Su Xiao suddenly felt like he was stared at, as if this was not a hamster but a person.


The little hamster suddenly squeaked as if to speak to him, it’s two front paws held a small piece of carrot, which it surprisingly offered to Su Xiao.

Apparently, it seemed to think he wanted to eat too.

Su Xiao smiled and turned to walk away. Except that this little hamster was too smart, there was nothing wrong.

After Su Xiao left, the little hamster ate the rest of the carrot and patted its stomach in satisfaction.

It’s dark eyes suddenly flashed blue. After doing some acrobatic jumps, the little hamster disappeared from the bathroom.


In a residential building 500 meters away from the auction, a girl in a light green dress suddenly opened her eyes.

“Sister, I found him.”

The girl in the green dress looked innocent and had long hair that dropped on her shoulders. The being next to the girl could smell a scent of grass from the girl, it seemed to be the scent of nature.

“How was it, is he as strong as Cold Fish said? That guy is cunning, he tried to appear as if he was afraid of us, but he isn’t. If I wasn’t curious about the man he talked about, I would have killed him.”

A tall female in a knight’s armor stood straight as she asked the girl.

The equipment she wore should weigh at least two or three hundred pounds, but it looked as if she was using it effortlessly.

“Cold Fish may have lied. According to the perception of Squeaky (the little hamster), the man strengthened mainly three attributes, those being strength at 13 points, agility at 13 points, and intelligence at 12 points.

His individual attributes are similar to ours, except that he is taking a balanced route. “

The girl in green yawned, her pretty face looking slightly tired. It seemed that it was not easy to control the hamster.

The knight’s eyebrows were wrinkled.

“I can understand the strength and agility, but what is with this intelligence? A sword-user who actually strengthens his intelligence?”

The girl with the green dress was lying on the bed, her white legs were tilted up and shook from time to time.

“Who knows, there are many weird guys, and more appear every day.”

After that, the green dressed girl giggled.

“Do you want to kill him.”

A slightly hoarse female voice came from the corner of the room. The corner of the room was dark, and only the contours of a woman in tight clothes could be seen.

If the woman hadn’t spoken, no one would’ve noticed her.

The knight, obviously the leader of the three, thought it over carefully.

“Of course. He is alone in a faction, that is absolutely not normal. If we kill him, the balance will be destroyed, so the derivative world will produce a lot of world’s source.

The three of us used the exemption ticked to enter this low-level world. Since we don’t have a main task, if we don’t do anything, we will lose a lot. This is an opportunity, a rare opportunity.”

Two other women in the room nodded.

“Mrs. Queen, when do we start.”

The girl in green clothes yawned again, she looked like she could only barely stay awake by now.

“Just call me ‘Queen’, don’t add ‘Mrs.’, that’s sounds too weird.”

The knight stared at the green dressed girl.

“I know, Mrs. Queen.”

A charming smile came from the corner of her mouth.

“Black-white, how come you’re so naughty, but as flat as a board.”

After hearing the word ‘flat’, the green dressed girl immediately became angry and jumped up from the bed.

“I am not flat! My ‘milk volume’ is super big. If it weren’t for my ‘milk volume’, you would’ve already been eaten by a giant!” (T/N: Milk is actually Healing and here, she is using it with double meaning.)

The one called ‘Queen’ suddenly thought of something and showed a gentle smile.

“Yes, yes, you are the nanny with biggest milk volume. Jokes aside, we will start tonight.”

Since they were back to talking about serious things, the other two became serious as well.

“I am going to find a vantage point.”

The woman who had been hiding in the darkness walked out, her tight purple clothes outlined her plump figure. Her long purple hair was tied into a ponytail, while there was a heavy sniper rifle, which was at least one meter long, on her back.

“Let’s see what you can do, Byakuya.”

In this way, the three unknown women began to prepare to ambush Su Xiao, who, completely unaware, was preparing to ambush the ghouls in the auction house.