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R.P Chapter 57: The Wrath of Nature [EDITED]

With this explosion, the cars of CCG stopped, and the Investigators holding rifles rushed out of the car, using the door to cover, and watched their surrounding with vigilance.

“Byakuya, are you okay”

Mado Akira held her Quinque and ran toward him.

Su Xiao hid behind a car and signaled to Mado Akira that she should not come close.

The explosion just happened maybe just a test. The contractor wanted to try whether he can kill Su Xiao or not.

Now there were a large number of Investigator following Su Xiao. Unless the contractor was silly, he wouldn’t fight right now.

The power of these hundreds of investigators was absolutely not to be underestimated.

Unless the contractor could solve them in a short time, he had no choice in killing him.

The street was surprisingly quiet, only the burning sound of the vehicle,

“It seems like someone wants to kill us, why”

Juuzo Suzuya looked out with eagerness.

Just as Su Xiao observed and prepared to find out the general position of the enemy, the contractor surprisingly attacked him directly.

A green shockwave spread out suddenly, sweeping Su Xiao in a short time.

[You are attacked by “natural anger”, judging the intelligence attribute.]

[Intelligence attribute is higher than 10 points, immune sleep effect.]

[You are immune to the control of ‘natural anger’ and your vitality is restored to 100%.]

After the green shock wave, the ghoul’s Investigators next to Su Xiao began to fall down one after another. These people did not die, they just fell asleep, and they slept very sweetly, and their bodies were full of green light.

Juuzo Suzuya next to Su Xiao seemed drunk, his body kept shaking. With a tenacious consciousness, Juuzo Suzuya surprisingly did not fall asleep.

Su Xiao grabbed Juuzo Suzuya’s head and slammed it against the door.


A hole appeared on the car’s door, a stream of blood fell along from Juuzo Suzuya’s white hair.

Juuzo Suzuya’s confused eyes gradually returned to normal, and he looked at Su Xiao with doubt.

Su Xiao still grabbed the head of Juuzo Suzuya.

“Did you wake up” If Juuzo Suzuya is not awake, he is ready to do it again.

Juuzo Suzuya nodded, so Su Xiao loosened his hand.

“What happened, I want to sleep.”

Juuzo Suzuya was not angry. Instead, he approached Su Xiao.

“Suzuya, there will be enemies, try to help me block one or two, even if those people are not ghouls, you can still kill them, understand”

Juuzo Suzuya nodded.

This is the reason why Su Xiao took Suzuya. This little white-haired boy had almost no concept of right and wrong. If it is Mado Akira, she will never accept this kind of order.

For the ghoul investigators, there was a fundamental difference between killing ghouls and killing humans.

“You hide here and wait for my order.”

While Su Xiao talked, he took Mado Akira’s Quinque and threw it to Juuzo Suzuya.

Mado Akira was already asleep, and it seemed that she had no immunity to the sleeping effect.

Su Xiao stood up and took dragon flash out of the car. He concentrated to the limit.

The street was quiet, only those ghouls Investigators who had already fallen asleep were on sight.

The person came prepared. The person first used explosives to block the road, and then launch group control attack, weakening half of Su Xiao strength.

In an alley a few hundred meters away, the green dressed girl, Leaves looked at a piece of parchment in her hand. The parchment was full of mysterious patterns, very delicate, but there were large cracks on the parchment.

That was a green skill scroll that could only be used once.

“Queen sister, if the guy doesn’t drop the blood card, we will lose a lot.”

The queen’s red lips were lifted.

“It doesn’t matter, even if he does not drop the blood card, the follow-up ‘source of the world’ is enough to compensate for our losses, and it can make a big profit, and you will receive a healing staff.”

Leaves heard the word healing staff, and the two eyes immediately lit up, but she suddenly thought of something.

“Forget it, I want to resurrect ‘Squeaking’ first, it will cost a lot.”

The Queen’s face was dim, she knew the price of resurrecting ‘Squeaking’.

“Well, when this is over, we will resurrect ‘Squeaking’.”

Leaves was a little touched, she just wanted to talk, but the Queen raised a hand and interrupted her.

“The guy came out, black white, are you ready to attack.”

The Queen took out a metal shield which is as high as a door and was ready to fight with the enemy.

“Got it.”

On the roof of a building, black white lied on the edge of the roof, and a thick brown cloth was placed under her body.

The black-white spat out the gum in her mouth, the long purple ponytail was scattered behind her back, and her white fingers tapped on her temple.


The sound of precision machinery came.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak.”

A small piece of headgear appeared on black white’s head. A pair of detection devices appeared in front of her right eye.It was similar to night vision devices, but the mirrors shined with red light.

This was green equipment with night vision, thermal vision, ultrasonic detection, and many other functions. It was an ideal equipment for snipers.

Black white’s slender fingers were placed on the trigger of the sniper rifle, and the red cross shape in the scope was aimed at Su Xiao.

Black white had not dared to do this before, because Su Xiao’s perception was too sharp.

Su Xiao, who walked on the street, suddenly stopped, all of his hair straightened.

He was stared at by someone, and that person was aiming something at him.

Su Xiao began to perceive the source of danger by intuition, and soon he locked the approximate position, on his upper left.

Looking at the direction, he only saw a building.

Black white through the sight of the sniper rifle, seeing Su Xiao looked up, and was looking directly at her, she was a bit speechless.

“The hateful intelligence is too high.”

When she was talking, black white pressed the trigger…

Su Xiao still stood in the same place, the dangerous feeling reached its limit, suddenly, he felt that something will pierce his heart.

“Boom.” A gunshot smashed through the night sky.

A strong wind slid across his shoulder and brought a stream of heat. On the asphalt road behind him, a hole of ten centimeters in diameter was directly blasted, and the asphalt splashed.


Su Xiao could escape this shot. It was not that his speed was faster than bullets. Instead, he made a dodging action in advance. It was a pre-judgment.

Su Xiao, who had stood in the same place, suddenly rushed to the source of danger.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Black white shot three shots, but only one shot broke Su Xiao’s sleeves.

The distance between the two people quickly became closer, from the original 700 meters to 400 meters.

Black white’s head was numb, as she had the feeling of being stared at by a beast.

Black, white fingers quickly pulled the trigger.

But Su Xiao seemed to be able to predict the trace of the bullet in advance, several shots were all avoided by him.

Between life and death, Su Xiao’s perception was becoming more and more precise, reaching an unprecedented level.

Where the unknown sniper was aiming for the next shot, Su Xiao will have a vaguely sting in that position, which was the key for him to avoid bullets.

“Queen, this guy’s perception is strong, I can’t lock him, help me by some time.”

“No problem.”

Queen who hid in the alley nodded.

“Leaves, you continue to hide here, look for opportunities to add heal me.”

Leaves nodded, and before Queen left the alley, a green glow appeared in leaves’ hand.

“Honor badge.”

Queen’s body was wrapped by green light, and the muscles in her arms were obviously strengthened.

“I am going, check my hp.”

Queen screamed and rushed out of the alley toward Su Xiao.

Queen’s physical attributes were her main attribute, her speed was not fast, but on the way to Su Xiao, her speed was getting faster and faster, and finally, she almost became a residual image.

Su Xiao noticed Queen who was rushing quickly, he could only give up the unknown sniper temporarily.

“Suzuya, go to the roof of the mall and solve the enemy above.”