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R.P Chapter 59: Sword to The Bones


“Leaves, prepare to check my hp, this guy is probably a madman who kills people without blinking.”


After Queen felt Su Xiao’s power at the moment, she suddenly regretted it. Maybe the three of them should not have provoked this man.


But with Su Xiao being alone in a camp, the benefits obtained after killing him was too great, the Queen as a Lv.6 contractor that entered the Lv.3 world, it was inevitable to act rashly.


Su Xiao squatted to the ground when he moved he was like an arrow leaving its string as he rushed toward the Queen.


Queen raised the giant shield in her hands and blocked in front of her.


Su Xiao held his sword. He did not choose to attack. Instead, he dragged the end of the handle with his left hand and stabbed the shield.




The tip of dragon flash was stuck in the shield. Although the dragon flash was a white top weapon, it was also white equipment.


Queen held a green shield with a rate of 26. If it is not because Su Xiao’s attack power is high, it is impossible to break the shield.


Looking at the tip of the knife piercing into the shield, Queen’s heart was bleeding, the cost of repairing this green shield will be too expensive.


In the early derivative world, few contractors developed physical attributes.


Staying in front to receive attacks, it was not something that ordinary people could bear.


Let’s not say how painful it is. Just being beaten without fighting as you can only hold the big shield in her hand, it was frustrating and. But it has its advantages as the contractor grew stronger he will be able to block most attacks with ease, and the attackers will fall in despair.


Therefore, the shield warrior could only be specially cultivated. For example, some stable adventurous groups will cultivate a small number of contractors with shield talent.


Fortunately, there was not much need for the shield’s warriors. The adventurous group of ten people probably had one shield warrior and another one in reserve.


After all, killing in the derivative world was the primary goal.


After dragon flash hit the shield, Su Xiao kicked on the shield.




A muffled sound came, and the Queen took several steps back.


Su Xiao’s attack was to test the enemy’s defense. The enemy’s defense was beyond his imagination, and he needed to fight with strategies.


The snipers at the heights didn’t shoot for a long time, it seems like Suzuya had found her.


Queen did not receive support for such a long time, she also noticed an abnormality.


“Black-white, black white?”


Queen tried to contact black white, and there was a heavy gasp in her ear.


“Queen, I can’t support you for a while, some enemies found me.”




“The plot character, Juuzo Suzuya.”


Queen looked awkward after losing black white’s support. They didn’t have any way to take down Su Xiao now.


“Give me five minutes.”


Black white was very confident, and Queen seemed to believe in black white deeply.


“I try to fight for five minutes.”


Queen took out a bottle of medicine and drunk it. Although Leaves could treat her at any time, Su Xiao’s attacking power which could break the shield’s defenses each attack made her very wary.


Su Xiao had rushed forward again when Queen was talking to black white.


Queen immediately counter-attacked, the shield in her hand waved forward, and white glow spread on top of the shield.


“The Holy Shield raid.”


Queen shouted, then held the shield and rushed toward Su Xiao.


This attack could be said to be a heavy attack, as the shield rushed with the sound of the wind to Su Xiao.


Su Xiao was aware of the extraordinariness of this attack. This may be a skill.


The shield with the golden light flashed in front of Su Xiao, Su Xiao greeted it without hesitation.


Just as the shield was about to touch Su Xiao, he jumped up sensitively, stepping on the shield with one foot, and making a backflip with the help of the power of the shield.


After landing smoothly, the Queen’s skill was over.


Queen behind the shield, looked at Su Xiao with unbelievable expressions.


“How could you escape the skill?”


The Queen’s ‘The Holy Shield raid’ skill had already marked Su Xiao, This skill would certainly hit after it marked the enemy.


Su Xiao did not answer but gradually approached the Queen.


This contractor was very dependent on skills, but she did not know, skills were only used to assist during the fight.


In the battle, they need to adapt to situations and use the rich combat experience to fight with the enemy.


The reincarnation paradise was not a game, and the skills will change according to the situation.


The dodge action Su Xiao had just made was only based on his understanding of the battle.


“Skills do not matter.”


Su Xiao stepped on the ground and kicked at the shield.


Even if Queen had an aura to increase strength, she was still kicked and stepped back a few steps, her figure was unstable.


Taking this opportunity, Su Xiao’s figure moved, his agility allowed him to move behind the Queen directly.


From a one-handed sword to a two-handed knife, Su Xiao slammed the Queen’s back by all his power.


With a slapping sound, the dragon flash broke through Queen’s armor, and the long knife entered Queen’s flesh. The special energy of Qing Gang Yin invaded the Queen.


The hp on the top of Queen instantly decreased by 27%, this attack was extremely cruel.


The sharpness of the weapon itself added the strength of Su Xiao added the real damage of Qing Gang Ying.


The pain of burning Mana of the Qing Gang Yin made Queen scream and took a few steps forward.


This kind of good opportunity, Su Xiao certainly will not miss it, pointing at the Queen’s back of the neck, he made another attack.


Qing Gang Yin burned 10 points of the Queen’s Mana and caused 10 points of real damage.


The severe pain caused by Qing Gang Yin did not fade, and then another new pain came.


The two severe pains were superimposed, Queen’s face was pale, the excessive pain surprisingly gave her strange pleasure.


This strike caused the Queen to lose 31% of her Hp.


If this continues, the Queen will die in the next four attacks.


Su Xiao’s third strike arrived when Queen had not adapted to the pain on her body.


Dragon flash cut through the air, making a horrible sound.


After the Queen heard the sound, she tried her best to bite the medicine in the mouth and swallow it together with the broken glass.




The blood rushed out, this attack was even harsher, and the Queen lost almost 34% of her hp.


After three consecutive attacks, the Queen felt that she was going to die. It was not that she suffered multiple pains, but the pain that spread in her body almost crashed her.


The terrible part of Qing Gang Yin appeared. As long as an attack connects unbelievable pain will be felt because of the Mana burning, and if he can’t bear that pain, there was no way he will survive against Su Xiao.


The Queen seemed desperate as Su Xiao’s fourth attack arrived.


Her armor was the same as papers in front of Su Xiao. The true damage of the Qing Gong yin was doing its job.


After the four consecutive attacks failed to kill the enemy, Su Xiao was surprised. The shield warrior was exceptionally resistant.


Gecko couldn’t live after four attacks.




A slender arm flew up, and the large shield was still on the arm. The arm with the shield still on was cut off.


This attack because it was aimed at the body it only eliminated 16% of Queen’s Hp.


If Queen didn’t have that medicine, she would be dead by now.


That was it, The Queen had only 19% of her life value.


When Su Xiao was going to make his fifth attack, a green ball of light suddenly flew from the distance and entered the Queen’s body.


Queen’s Hp had quickly recovered, from the original 19% to 34%, and it continued to climb up.


“She finally appeared, your third teammate.”


Su Xiao slashed at the Queen, but she had recovered from the pain because of the green light ball.


She rolled and escaped Su Xiao’s attack.


“You, you are a pervert!”


Queen gasped heavily and leaned forward, supporting herself with one hand, and her blood dripped on the road.


She said that she had to resist for five minutes, but now only 30 seconds had passed, she almost died under Su Xiao’s attacks.


If it is not leaves’ giving her a heal, she would already be dead.


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