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R.P Chapter 59: Sword to The Bones [EDITED]

“Leaves, watch my Hp, this guy is probably a madman who kills people left and right.”

As Queen felt the pressure of the now serious Su Xiao, she felt regret. Maybe, the three of them should not have provoked this man.

But with Su Xiao being alone in a faction, the benefits obtained after killing him would’ve been too great. As Queen was a Lv.6 contractor and they were currently in a Lv.3 world, it was inevitable that she acted rashly.

Su Xiao suddenly rushed forward like an arrow leaving the bow.

Queen raised her massive shield and positioned it between them.

Su Xiao held his sword, but chose not to attack. Instead, he pushed the pommel with his left hand and stabbed the shield.

[E/N: It’s called Kashira or ‘butt cap’ for Japanese swords, who knew?]


The tip of Dragon Flash got stuck in the shield. Although Dragon Flash was a top-class white weapon, it was still just white-tier, while Queen used a green shield with a rating of 26. If not for Su Xiao’s ridiculous attack power, it would’ve been impossible to put a dent on the shield.

Looking at the tip of the blade that pierced through the shield, Queen’s heart was bleeding. The price for repairing this green-tier shield was just too expensive.

In their early derivative worlds, few contractors developed their physical attributes.

Few could bear staying on the frontlines, taking blows.

That’s not considering the pain one had to bear, just being beaten on without fighting back, only able to hold the massive shield, was frustrating to no end.

But it has its advantages, as the contractor grew stronger, he or she would be able to block most attacks with ease, causing attackers to despair.

Therefore, being a shield warrior stayed a viable path in group fights. Some stable adventure groups, for example, would cultivate a small number of contractors into shield warriors.

Fortunately, there was not too much need for the shield warriors. An adventure group of ten people had at most one shield warrior and possibly another one in reserve.

After all, in the derivative worlds, killing was still the primary goal.

After Dragon Flash pierced into the shield, Su Xiao kicked agains the front with full force.


A muffled sound rang, and Queen was forced to take several steps back.

Su Xiao’s attack just now was to test his enemy’s defenses. Her defense was beyond his imagination, he would need to fight strategically from now on.

The sniper on the roof hadn’t shot for quite some time now, it seemed like Suzuya had found her.

As Queen did not receive support for such a long time, she also noticed the abnormality.

“Black-white, Black-white?”

Queen tried to contact black white, and got answered between heavy gasps.

“Queen, I can’t support you for a while. An enemy found me.”


“The plot character, Juuzo Suzuya.”

Queen looked awkward after having lost Black-white’s support. They didn’t have any way to take Su Xiao down now.

“Give me five minutes.”

Black-white was very confident, and Queen seemed to believe in her wholeheartedly.

“I’ll try to hold on for five minutes.”

Queen took out a bottle of medicine and drunk it. Although Leaves could treat her at any time, Su Xiao’s attacking power, which could break the shield’s defenses, caused her to be very wary.

Su Xiao rushed forward again as Queen was answering Black-white.

Queen immediately counter-attacked. The shield in her hand waved forward as a white glow spread on top of the shield.

“Holy shield rush!”

Queen shouted, then held the shield tightly and rushed at Su Xiao.

This attack could be said to be a heavy attack, as the shield rushed forward to Su Xiao.

Su Xiao was aware of the extraordinariness of this attack. This may even be a skill.

The shield with the golden light gradually drew closer to him, but Su Xiao greeted it without hesitation.

Just as the shield was about to hit Su Xiao, he jumped up, stepping on top of the shield with one foot, and performing a backflip using the shield as a springboard.

After landing smoothly, he noticed that Queen’s skill was already over.

Queen, behind the shield, looked at Su Xiao with an unbelieving expression.

“How could you escape the skill?”

Queen’s ‘Holy shield rush’ had already marked Su Xiao, and this skill should absolutely hit after it marked the enemy.

Su Xiao did not answer, but gradually approached the Queen.

This contractor was very dependent on skills, but she did not know that skills should only be used to assist during a fight.

In a battle, one needed to adapt to situations as they come and use combat experience to fight the enemy.

The Reincarnation Paradise was not a game, and a skill’s usefulness would change according to the situation.

The dodge Su Xiao had just performed was only based on his understanding of battle, not on a skill.

“Skills do not matter.”

Su Xiao stepped forward and kicked at the shield again.

Even with the strength increasing aura, she still had to take a few steps back, and her posture was unstable.

Taking this opportunity, Su Xiao’s figure moved, his agility allowed him to move behind Queen.

Switching from a one-handed stance to a two-handed one, Su Xiao pierced into Queen’s back with all his power. [E/N: I could make a joke here…]

With a sickening sound, Dragon Flash broke through Queen’s armor, the long blade piercing Queen’s flesh. The special energy of Azure Steel Shadow invaded Queen’s body.

Queen’s Hp instantly decreased by 27%, this attack was extremely harsh.

The sharpness of the weapon itself, increased by the strength of Su Xiao, and further increased by the added true damage of Azure Steel Shadow.

The pain of the Mana-burn from Azure Steel Shadow forced Queen to scream in pain while she tried to take a few steps forward to increase the distance to Su Xiao.

But Su Xiao would never miss such a good opportunity. Aiming at the back of Queen’s neck, he attacked yet again.

Azure Steel Shadow burned another 10 points of the Queen’s Mana, again causing 10 points of true damage.

The severe pain caused by Azure Steel Shadow the first time did not yet fade, and then another new pain came.

The pain of the two severe strikes were superimposed, Queen’s face was pale, but the excessive pain surprisingly gave her strange kind of pleasure.

This second strike caused Queen to lose 31% of her Hp.

If this were to continue, Queen would die within the next two attacks.

Su Xiao’s third strike arrived when Queen had not yet adapted to the pain she felt.

Dragon Flash cut through the air with a horrible sound.

As Queen heard the sound, she tried her best to bite trough the bottle of medicine in her mouth and forced herself to swallow it together with the broken glass.


Blood sprayed out, this attack was even harsher, and Queen lost almost 34% of her Hp again.

After three consecutive attacks, Queen felt like she was going to die. Not because of the multiple slashes, but because the pain that spread in her body almost crushed her.

The terrible part of Azure Steel Shadow appeared here. As long as an attack connects, unbelievable pain will be caused by the Mana-burn, and the target couldn’t bear that pain, there was no way it would survive against Su Xiao.

Queen seemed desperate as Su Xiao’s fourth attack arrived.

Her armor was like paper in front of Su Xiao’s sword and the true damage of Azure Steel Shadow was doing its job.

After his four consecutive attacks failed to kill the enemy, Su Xiao was surprised. This shield warrior was pretty tough.

Gecko would never have lived after taking four attacks.

He attacked again, this time, a slender arm flew up, the large shield still attached. He had cut off the arm which had the shield attached to it.

This attack, because it was aimed at the body, only cost her 16% of her Hp.

If Queen didn’t have that medicine, she would be dead by now.

But even so, she had mere 19% of her life value left.

When Su Xiao was going to do his fifth attack, a green ball of light suddenly flew from the distance and entered Queen’s body.

Queen’s Hp quickly recovered now, from the original 19% to 34%, and it continued to climb up.

“She finally appeared, your third teammate.”

Su Xiao slashed at Queen yet again, but she had recovered from the excessive pain with the help of the green light ball.

She rolled and dodged Su Xiao’s attack.

“You, you pervert!”

Queen gasped heavily and leaned forward, supporting herself with one hand as her blood dripped on the road.

She said that she would resist for five minutes, but only 30 seconds had passed so far and she had already almost died under Su Xiao’s attacks.

If not for Leaves healing her, she would be dead by now.