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R.P Chapter 63: Blackmail! [EDITED]

A cold shiver ran down Su Xiao’s spine, the notification he just received was just that horrible.

It was quite a surprise. Who’d have guessed there was such a cheat skill that could directly execute someone.

The girl, Leaves, was hiding in the distance not only to support Queen, but also to prepare for this final blow.

After the cross shining with holy light fell on him, the glow it produced caused everyone to close their eyes.

After three seconds, the golden light faded. Black-white looked through the sniper scope while feeling unexplainably nervous.

Leaves body sagged to the ground, her face was pale and her lips were trembling.

“How, how can he be still alive?”

Leaves was sitting on the ground, her eyes full of disbelief.

The light receded, and Su Xiao still stood in the same place, though it wasn’t effortless. Smoke trailed from his body.

There was a fist-sized wound in his lower abdomen, so big, one could even look through to the other side.

His upper body was full of blood, and though he was dripping blood down his chin, Su Xiao was laughing.

In his hands, he was holding that woman, Queen, by her long hair, and used her as a shield.

Queen was very beautiful, but that was not on his mind at all.

Queen and her two teammates had ambushed him for no reason.

Since they were enemies, it was the safe choice to kill them.

Su Xiao took out a bottle of medicine, the [XT-12 vitality medicine] he had bought before entering this world, which could restore 15% of Hp.

He opened the bottle and drank it at once.

The remedy was a bit bitter and had a pungent taste.

Two seconds after Su Xiao drank the [XT-12 vitality medicine], his body reacted, and the terrible pain in his lower abdomen slowly faded.

The reason why the price of the [XT-12 vitality medicine] had been that high was not only because of the amount of Hp it recovered, but mainly because of the quick effect it had. As long as wasn’t a broken or missing limb or something similar, [XT-12 vitality medicine] could heal pretty much everything.

Su Xiao forced Queen to stay in front of him, but she could barely stand. The armor on her whole body was badly damaged, and her body was slack and powerless. If she weren’t being lifted by him, she would probably have fallen to the ground by now.

“Now your partner is in my hands. Let’s talk about it.”

Su Xiao shouted, his eyes flashed coldly.

“Just say it, what do you want? I can use the equipment we have plus the paradise coins we’ve saved to redeem Queen’s life.”

Black-white stood up on the roof and shouted.

Su Xiao’s eyes dropped, he raised his hand and cut off Queen’s only arm, having cut the other earlier in the fight.

“If you talk any more nonsense, I will continue to dismember her until she’s bled out.”

Su Xiao’s voice had no emotional fluctuations.

“Black-white, what should we do?”

Leaves could barely think out of despair.

Black-white hesitated and said:

“Queen has saved my life. I have to save her.”

After that, Black-white disappeared from the edge of the roof, it seemed like she was going to come down to negotiate.

Soon, Black-white and Leaves stood side by side in front of Su Xiao.

“It seems that she is very important to both of you?”

When Black-white just wanted to talk, she saw the smile on Su Xiao’s face.


Black-white hadn’t finished her sentence. Su Xiao had released Queen’s hair, swung his sword and cut off Queen’s head.

The beautiful head flew up. Leaves was stunned, she stared at the head in midair with unbelieving eyes.

“You asshole! I’ll kill you!”

Black-white roared hoarsely, grabbed her sniper rifle and raised it to aim at Su Xiao, but she was too close to him.

Peace talks? Negotiation? There was no such thing. From the beginning, Su Xiao wanted to use Queen to get Black-white and Leaves in his reach.

Currently, he was seriously injured. Only in a close quarters fight would he have hope for victory.

Su Xiao rushed to Black-white in two steps, his sword flashing with blue light.


Su Xiao attacked Black-white’s sniper. Black-white, as a sniper, had good strength and agility. The strength ensured she could resist the recoil of the sniper rifle, the agility was necessary for the long-range aiming, and to improve her reflexes.

A deep cut appeared on the sniper rifle. He had slashed at a critical component, so the sniper was unusable now.

Su Xiao did this deliberately. Once Black-white lost her sniper rifle, her combat power would be reduced by at least 50%.

Black-white sneered and dropped the sniper rifle, she immediately put her hands behind her back and pulled out two pistols.

The pistols were black and white. Both guns were very long, at least thirty centimeters.

“Bang, bang, bang….”

She shot the two pistols as fast as the triggers allowed.

A rain of bullets was shot at Su Xiao, and if he was hit by even one of these bullets, he would be seriously injured if not dead.

If these were the bullets from a sniper rifle, Su Xiao would not be able to escape, but the rounds of pistols were different.

Su Xiao’s senses were used at their limit, and to him, the bullets seemed to slow down a little.

He raised his right arm and Dragon Flash waved through the air, leaving a white light behind.


Su Xiao cut through two bullets and tried to open a way out of the rain of bullets in front of him.

“Squelch, squelch.”

The sound bullets penetrating hitting flesh emerged, Su Xiao was hit three times in his left arm and chest area.

But even if he was hit, he was close to Black-white now.

Su Xiao waved his sword. Black-white’s arm, which held the white pistol, was cut off.

The light blue energy, which was the special energy of ‘Azure Steel Shadow’, entered Black-white’s body.

Severe pain spread, which caused Black-white to almost lose her consciousness.


With another attack, the other arm was also cut off.


Dragon Flash pierced through Black-white’s busty chest and punctured her heart. Black-white’s Hp were quickly emptied.

After being fatally wounded, the value of the Hp wasn’t all that useful anymore. The Reincarnation Paradise only provided semi-digitalization. When someone was fatally wounded, no matter how much Hp the person still had left, he would die.

“The Higanbana adventurer group will not let you go!”

After saying her final words, Black-white’s head dropped down and she died.

‘Higanbana adventurer group? I have never heard of it, and even if I had, I would not hesitate to kill you anyways.’

After shaking his head with that thought, Su Xiao looked at the only survivor out of the group of three. It was their healer, Leaves.

Leaves wouldn’t be able to do anything without Mana, and she stood right in front of Su Xiao anyways.

“No, don’t come closer!”

Leaves noticed that Su Xiao came closer to her, and when she stepped back, she stumbled and fell down.

Su Xiao just smiled coldly and approached Leaves slowly.

When the group of three people was trying to kill him, Leaves was the one supporting them and healing them, so why would he be feeling merciful.

She was an enemy, so she needed to die.

Even if an enemy’s appearance was exceptional, and she was a woman, Su Xiao would still kill her.

A guy that couldn’t attack women and saved their lives wherever he went was not worthy of entering the Reincarnation Paradise, nor would he be able to survive there.

Women who could survive in the Reincarnation Paradise were not just decoration, they were just as dangerous or even more so than men.

The only good enemy was a dead enemy.

Su Xiao had his own goals, and anyone who blocked his path would have to face him.

Su Xiao silently arrived in front of Leaves, except for the necessary provocations during battle, he rarely talked nonsense.

Leaves was scared witless, her face full of tears.

That was how humans acted. They were very ferocious when they were hurting others, but they were very weak when they were the ones being hurt.

“I will give you everything you want, just let me go.”

The sword waved once more and she fell. In the end, Leaves had been unexpectedly weak.

After killing his enemies, Su Xiao powerlessly sat on the ground.

He could have extorted Leaves and then killed her, but there were many strange skills in the Reincarnation Paradise, like the execution skill Leaves had used. Who knew if Leaves had just been pretending to be weak, waiting for her Mana to recover before finishing him off?

Though Su Xiao was a greedy person, he knew when he couldn’t afford to act like it.

Lying on the cold road, Su Xiao laughed.

This battle could only be described as fierce. A powerful damage dealer, a main tank, and a support, they almost caused him to die several times.

However, in the end, he was the winner.

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