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R.P Chapter 7: Recommendation Letter

Those pedestrians became less because the strong sun hit the ground, burning the earth, the temperature was nearly thirty degrees.

Su Xiao walked on the street under the strong sun, some pedestrian who walked near him all frowned and looked at him with disgust.

The horse carriage was cleaned by Su Xiao, and the horse was sold by low price as well.

After checking the money on his hand, Su Xiao sighed, this is a currency called beli. Selling the horse made him get a hundred thousand, it seemed a lot, but it was only equal to six thousand RMB in the real world.

Please do not overestimate a hundred thousand, the ability of purchase is much lower than your imagination.

After Su Xiao had already attempted to buy things, he found out purchasing nice clothes needed eight thousand beli and having a nice meal needed approximately nine hundred beli.

Su Xiao looked around the surrounding and walked slowly toward a house when he found no one was there.

Though it seemed a random choice, actually he had already observed the house for a while.

The house was not really clean, but there was no plant on the wall which meant someone lived inside the house and it could be used.

The tiny dust on the door handle meant the host of the house seldom went home only came back sometime. This is the best choice for living temperately.

As for why he did not want to live in the hotel and so on, it was because those places are too complicated, he did not want to get any unnecessary troubles.

He was only here for completing the task in one piece world, and there were only sixty hours left for him to complete the task, so he will make contact with too many people except if it was necessary for the task.

Contacting too many people he didn’t know = troubles = unknown danger

Su Xiao took out some simple tool to unlock the door after making sure no one was nearby again.

“ka, ka, kala~.”

The door was opened, Su Xiao had learned the method to unlock doors before, this kind of simple lock in one piece world is just a piece of cake for him.

Su Xiao went into the house seemed, and then closed the door.

After entering the house, it was the same as he predicted, there was no one inside.

This was a house big, there was a photo which hanged on the wall, a family including a man, a woman, and a young girl, and he could notice out that they were happy family from the woman’s warm and true smile.

Su Xiao went to the bathroom then took off his clothes immediately, though his endurance is good, the stinky smell still made him feel disgusted.

The water ran down from his head, flushing out the dirty and stinky smell, after changing the new clothes, Su Xiao felt refreshed.

In Su Xiao’s hand appeared a white treasure chest suddenly when he sat on the sofa.

[Treasure chest (white) open: yes/no.]

After choosing to open it, the treasure chest on his hand opened quietly, there was no shiny light and even no sound.

[You opened treasure chest (white) you got the following items.]

[fifty hundred thousand beli ( only can be used in this world.)]

[the recommendation letter to the leader of the soldier’s team]

[100 paradise coins]

He only got three items, it wasn’t that much, but not bad anyway. It’s after all only a white treasure chest as for the level of items in ‘park’, the white treasure chest is the lowest level of treasure chests.

Su Xiao put the money into storage space because it was not needed now, and took the letter.

[the recommendation letter to the leader of the soldier’s team]

Quality: white.

Type: contacting tool.

Rating: 5. ( Rating tool is equal to rating equipment. 1-10, the item with higher rate has a higher rank.)

Introduction: this is a recommendation letter, the leader abused his right to make anyone he wants to join the soldier team, according to this letter, anyone can be a soldier, the premise is you are a man and have enough money.

After checking the introduction of the letter, Su Xiao was excited because this is what he wanted.

If he cannot kill the king directly, he at least needs to see him, the task difficulty as a nightmare level will not be solved only by brute force.

Su Xiao put all items into the storage space then left the house.

He found a restaurant to have a meal then started noticing some soldiers walking on the street.

The soldiers were supposed to walk on the streets to catch any thief and the likes, though they weren’t that powerful, they were still a power under the Goa Kingdom.

Following some soldiers, Su Xiao discovered the headquarters of soldiers. It was a two floors office with two lazy soldiers stood in front of the gate.

Su Xiao walked into it directly because he got the recommendation letter.

“stop! Here is a soldier team, you cannot get in there.”

A younger soldier was arrogant after checking Su Xiao’s appearance of the ordinary resident.

“I’m a new soldier…”

Su Xiao just wanted to speak out his name, but came out immediately, the name Su Xiao had a bit different with one piece world, so after thinking for few seconds, he kept speaking.

“I’m a new soldier, Byakuya.”

Young guards a glimpse, looking up and down Su Xiao.

“Byakuya? I had not heard about a new one, are you gonna….”

“Rees, remember what leader said before? Don’t ask. Byakuya, follow me.”

An older soldier stared at younger one then brought Su Xiao into the headquarters of the soldiers.

The young soldier stared at Su Xiao and murmured something.

Su Xiao did not care about this insignificant character. He followed the older soldier and arrived in front of the office.

“Cough! Cough!

The older soldier straightened his body and checked his appearance before knocking the door, there was a quick breathing sound coming from the room.

Su Xiao and the older soldier looked at each other. They both understood what was happening in the room, the older soldier put down his hand and waited quietly.

At this time, it was not decent to knock the door, it will interrupt the pleasure of the boss.

The elder soldier smiled apologetically to Su Xiao, Su Xiao is the special person who was taken care by ‘head’, so the older soldier didn’t want to offend Su Xiao.

Su Xiao and the soldier walked to another side, and he took out a box of the cigarette then took one to the older soldier.

“pai” lighten the cigarette, they chatted on the hallway.

Thought it was a cigarette, it can build up some ‘friendship’, so he didn’t have any problem in doing so, why would he?

“You’re so lucky, you had the leader to take care of you, don’t worry, you will not have any problems because someone will take care of you. By the way, I’m Hank, we’ll be coworkers in the future.”

Su Xiao smiled modestly, but there was no change in his eyes.

“My name is Byakuya, nice to meet you.”

When Su Xiao was talking, he put rest of cigarette box into hank’s clothes.

He had already considered the value of those soldiers, he did not understand any situation of the Kingdom, it will be useful to have them.

Hank smiled even more obviously, at that time, there was a deep sound from the room.

They both knew it was the time.

After waiting for few minutes, hank knocked on the door.

“Who is there? Come in.”

A coarse sound came from the office.



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