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R.P Chapter 7: Recommendation Letter (Edited)

The strong sun hit the ground. This made the pedestrians disperse, which in turn made the streets less crowded. The temperature was nearly 30 degrees.

Su Xiao walked on the street under the strong sun, which made his dirty clothes give off a foul smell. The pedestrians who came near him would frown and look at him with disgust.

After cleaning the horse carriage, Su Xiao sold it, although for a rather low price.
After checking the money in his hands, he sighed. He was able to sell the horse for 100,000 Belis, it seemed a lot, but it was only equal to 840 dollars in the real world.[1]

This amount of money wasn’t a lot since the prices were different compared to the real world.
After Su Xiao observed some of the nearby stands, he found out that the price of some nice clothes was 8,000 Belis, and having a nice meal was priced at approximately 900 Belis.

After some searching, Su xiao spotted an empty-looking house. Although it appeared like a random choice at first, he chose this house after careful consideration. He noticed a dead potted plant on the windowsill, and a layer of dust on the door handle, which told him that the owner of the house was not home for a long time. It was perfect as a temporary hideout.
The reason he avoided hotels was that they might require some type of identification or might cause some other types of complications. He only had around 68 hours left in which he had to complete his task. He had no time to be sidetracked. If he were to get into some kind of trouble, he could end up not having enough time to finish his task.

Su Xiao took out a lockpick, and after making sure not to be too suspicious, he picked the lock. Since the lock was very simple, he only needed a moment to finish.
“click, click, clack~.”
The door opened with a cracking sound.

Su Xiao learned how to pick locks back on Earth, but even a complete amateur could pick a lock this simple.

After he entered the house, he was greeted by complete silence. Exactly as expected, the house was empty. This was a somewhat big house. The first thing Su Xiao noticed was a picture hanging on the wall. On the picture were a man, a woman, and a young girl. It seemed to be a picture of a happy family. Su Xiao’s first priority was going to the bathroom to take off his clothes. Although his endurance was good, the smell still gave him a headache. After taking off his clothes, he noticed a shower, and contrary to Su Xiao’s thoughts, the house actually had running water. He decided not to think too much about it and just wash his body. As the water rained down on his head, it flushed out the dirt and grime off him. After drying off and changing into the new clothes he bought, Su Xiao felt refreshed.

Now that he was alone, it was the perfect time to check out the treasure chest he got. As he thought about that, the chest appeared in his hands.

[Treasure chest (white) open: yes/no.]

After choosing to open it, the treasure chest in his hand opened quietly. There was no shiny light nor any kind of sound.

[You opened treasure chest (white). You got the following items.]
[500,000 Belis ( only usable in this world.)]
[The recommendation letter from the leader of the ‘Guard’]
[100 paradise coins]

He only got three items, it wasn’t anything amazing, but it will definitely be helpful. According to the ‘TRP’, white chests were the ones that had the lowest rank.

Su Xiao put the money into the storage space, and he decided to examine the recommendation letter.

[The recommendation letter from the leader of the ‘Guard’]
Quality: white.
Type: contacting tool.
Rating: 5. ( Rating tool is equal to rating equipment. 1-10, the item with a higher rating has a higher rank.)
Introduction: This is a recommendation letter for the ‘Guard’, The leader of the ‘Guard’ abused his authority and gave out this recommendation in exchange for money.

After checking the description of the letter, Su Xiao was excited because this is exactly what he needed. This was a task that couldn’t be solved with brute force. He needed to find a way to get close to the king, or he will never be able to take him down.

Su Xiao put the recommendation letter into the storage space and left the house.
After spotting a restaurant with a nice terrace, he decided to stop by and have something to eat. As he was enjoying his meal on the terrace, he observed the soldiers passing by. They were tasked with catching thieves and the like. Although they were not very powerful, they were the only force keeping order in the Goa Kingdom. After Su Xiao finished his meal, he followed the soldiers, which lead him to their headquarters. It was a two-floor office building with two lazy soldiers standing in front of the door.

Su Xiao took out the recommendation letter and walked towards the door.

“Stop! These are the ‘Guard’ headquarters. What business do you have here?”
A younger soldier asked Su Xiao in a domineering tone.
“I’m a new soldier…”
As he was about to say his name, he stopped. His name is too unusual for this world. He needed an Alias in order not to arouse suspicion.
“I’m a new soldier, Byakuya.”
The young soldier took a better look at Su Xiao as if he was sizing him up.
“Byakuya? I didn’t hear anything about a new recruit coming today. ”
“Rees, remember what the leader said? He has the recommendation letter, so we should let him in. Byakuya, follow me.”
An older soldier stared at the younger one for a second. Afterward, he led Su Xiao into the headquarters of the ‘Guard’.
The young soldier stared at Su Xiao and murmured something.
Su Xiao did not care about such an insignificant character. He instead casually followed the older soldier without a word. Before long, they arrived in front of a door inside the building.
“Cough! Cough!
The soldier straightened his body and checked his appearance before knocking on the door, but he stopped as he heard heated breathing, similar to a dog panting, from behind the door. Su Xiao and the older soldier looked at each other. They both understood what was happening behind the door. The soldier put down his hand and waited quietly. The soldier didn’t knock on the door because he did not want to interrupt the Boss’s ‘fun’ time.

The elder soldier smiled apologetically. Su Xiao was a special person who had a recommendation letter from the Boss, so the soldier didn’t want to offend him.

Su Xiao and the soldier moved away from the door. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered one to the soldier. He accepted it with a simple ‘Thanks’.

They lit their cigarettes and started chatting as they waited. Although it was only a cigarette, it was a great way to appear friendly to the soldiers. Smoking was something most soldiers did as a way of relieving stress after all.

“You’re so lucky to have the Boss give you a personal recommendation. With his help, you will have no problems joining the ‘Guard’. By the way, I’m Hank. Nice to meetcha.”
Su Xiao smiled modestly, but there was no change in his eyes.
“My name is Byakuya. Nice to meet you.”
As he said that, he lightly threw the pack of cigarettes towards Hank.
“Keep it. It’s on me this time.”- said Su Xiao. The soldier replied with a simple “Thanks” and a smile, oblivious to Su Xiao’s true intentions.

He wanted to get on the soldiers’ good side, and who knows, he might need their help in the future. In order to reach the king, you need to first kill his horse.

…, …,
…, …, …,

The panting from the room had stopped.
After waiting for a few minutes, Hank knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
“It’s Hank, sir!”
“Come in.”
A coarse sound came from the office.