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R.P Chapter 8: Ryuma’s Sword!

Hank smiled obsequiously then pulled the door of the office.

“Boss, it’s me, Hank.”

He followed after Hank walked into the office, a smell which mixed a light odor and hormones came into their noses.

“Is it Hank? It’s nice of you not interrupting my interest, say it, what’s wrong?”

A naked man with shiny bald head sat in the office, his strong and violent power made people feel this person was not weak.

“This is a new person, Byakuya, this is the recommendation letter which ‘that person’ recommended.”

The man stared at Su Xiao then took the recommendation letter for glancing it carelessly, then destroyed the letter, put another hand swing on a woman’s body at the same time.

“The price is two hundred thousand beli at that time, but some things changed, so we have to keep it tight, the price will be four hundred thousand beli.”

Su Xiao still smiled because he was still weak now, so he could only hide his real emotions, though he really wanted to shoot the man on his head.

Su Xiao gave four hundred thousand beli straightforwardly without saying anything.

The straight attitude made the man wrinkled.

“You’re so generous, no wonder you are one of those people in ‘that place’, you’re a member of soldier team now, remember to call me boss.”

Su Xiao kept smiling while having some weird feelings.

“Yes, boss.”

It’s big progress for him to finishing the task of killing the king to be a member of soldier team.

Hank stood in other side looked at the ground as if there is something interesting on the ground.

But it was not the truth, Hank was showing an attitude that he did not see his boss’ corruption.

It could be seen from this thing, the atmosphere in one piece world is messy. If people have money, they can even get a higher position, but it is unquestionably good news for Su Xiao.

Money means nothing to him, he only needs time, problems can be solved by Money are not problems.

[Reminder: Hunter became a member of the soldier team, there was a tiny change in the story. You gained 2.1% world’s source.]

Walking out of the office, Su Xiao got standard equipment of soldier team.

In the garage, Su Xiao looked at the simple fire gun with embarrassment and looked at Hank.

“Hank, can I change weapon?”

Hank revealed some confused expression.

“this.. these are all assigned equipment, I…”

This irresolute sound made Su Xiao realize, this person was asking for some benefit.

Su Xiao quietly took out twenty thousand beli and put it in Hank’s pocket, then Hank’s expression suddenly changed, he began to smile.

“We’re coworkers, we can discuss if there were some problems, just pick up any kind of weapon you want, but you can only choose one weapon, it’s the rule which cannot be changed.

Su Xiao just put down the gun he found in the garage, there were various kinds of weapons here. He put his sight on a long sword quickly.

The sword is about one meter long, and the blade width is about three centimeters. The curvature of the blade is very small. Although it is not as good as Su Xiao’s sword, it is also a good weapon.

“That’s it.”

Su Xiao took the knife, when he touched the sword, A notification sounded from the“Reincarnation Paradise”.

“Hey, you can take anything else, but not this one.”

Hank’s face suddenly changed, it seemed like he didn’t receive that thirty thousand beli.

“What are you talking about?”

Su Xiao took the sword and looked at Hank coldly, if he keeps tolerating, it will make other people think he is weak.

After Hank found out the change of Su Xiao’s expression, he was shocked and felt a bit scared.

This person had killed people, not only one person.

Hank was thinking to fight with Su Xiao, but he was also scared when Su Xiao was taking the sword.

“Hank, don’t care about those things, we’re friends, aren’t we?”

The handle in Su Xiao’s hand was aimed at Hank’s chest.

There were only two choices, he could be quiet and receive the money, or Su Xiao killed him on the spot because the sword will have a lot of help for Su Xiao to complete the task.

Su Xiao will never give up the thing he had already gotten in hand because of little threat.

Su Xiao believed even though he killed Hank, he can shit other people’s mouth only for giving enough money to the man.

“This thing is only between us, We’re friends after all.”

Hank patted Su Xiao’s shoulder intimately, and he compromised, and the momentum of the sword in the warehouse dissipated.

“I just got in the capital today, there were some things I need to understand, so as a friend you need to tell me many things.”

Su Xiao sighed in his mind, this is just an ordinary soldier, but he is so hard to deal with, what kind of enemies he will meet when he closer to the king.

This kind of adventurous feeling made Su Xiao feel excited, and heartbeat became quicker, passion ran through his body, he started loving this kind of feeling.

An element of loving to fight in his body was awaked gradually.

The reason why Su Xiao became hard it was because the hint from paradise appeared when he touched the knife.

[Dragon Flash]

Dragon Flash (white • rare)

Origin: One Piece, Steel Furnace Blacksmith Shop

Durability: 35/40-5 (This weapon was seriously damaged, Durability -5)

Attack: 5~16(Calculated according to the strength of the slamming force.)

Requirement: Strength 2 points, Agility 5 points.

Rating:10 (Remark: rating of white equipment from 1 to 10, when the rating of white equipment is 10, it will be marked as rare and attach with a special attribute.)

Additional attributes: The majesty of the dragon, when holding this weapon, will have a deterrent effect on the enemy. (Shocking effect, reducing enemy momentum.)

Introduction: This was a hero’s sword when he was young, but it was damaged seriously, Later, because Samurai Ryuma got the black sword Shusui the blade was always placed in the bedroom of Samurai Ryuma. After the death of Samurai Ryuma, the blade was not enough to accompany the dragon horse.

Master, I am almost rusting, where are you, please wave me down on the dragons!

Price: 1100 paradise coins (This is a rule item, you can bring it out of one piece world.)


Samurai Ryuma was famous. He was a winner in one piece world, even the strongest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk might not be stronger than him.

How strong could this sword be when it wasn’t damaged? Su Xiao even suspected, if it has never been damaged, maybe it will be a green or even blue weapon.

That’s why Su Xiao wanted to get this Sword even if he had to fight with Hank.

It was better that they did not fight, this kind of fake ‘friendship’ can be maintained for a while.

“You’re so lucky, this sword was discovered by a pirate, seldom people know this knife is treasure except for me, if I know how to use swords and there’s a strict rule that people cannot take more than one weapon, I would definitely take out this sword.”

Su Xiao smiled but didn’t talk, he just put the sword on his waist.

Su Xiao felt safer because he got a sword and it also meant his attacking ability increased a lot.

“Let’s go, it will have an event happen after two days, we will be busy then.”

Hank sighed, he seemed concerned about something.

“What’s wrong? I will prepare well if you tell me first.”

“Aristocrat will come to the Goa Kingdom for checking after a half month, so the day after tomorrow we will ‘clean’ the Gray terminal!”



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